Work Placement Meeting – 12 May Questions/Areas to consider

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Work Placement Meeting – 12 May
Questions/Areas to consider

  • How many work placements are they looking for?

  • How long does a placement last?

  • Timing of placements? (spread over year or certain times in year – can be inappropriate in Dalkeith)

  • Criteria for selecting students on work placements – any input from SQA?

  • What vocational areas are they looking for SQA to provide/promote via placements?

  • Is it only placements in Dalkeith office or do they want to consider Glasgow?

  • Certain vocational options may be limited in Dalkeith (more of our professional functions are based in Glasgow).

  • How is the placement programme structured?

  • Health and Safety considerations for SQA will need assessed. Liability insurance via Council.

  • Any costs to SQA/students ie travel/lunch costs.

  • Implications of Disclosure Scotland checks?

  • Is there a ‘contract’ agreement between Midlothian Council and SQA?

  • Confidentiality clause will apply. Any material breach will target Midlothian Council.

  • How can work placement be integrated into our apprenticeship scheme in the longer term? We need promotional aspects in schools to position SQA as a local employer, coupled with placements and the formal apprenticeship scheme.

  • Need to discuss options with the Heads of Service to see if they would support/participate in work placement programme.

  • Timelines/next steps moving forward.


May 2010

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