Wjej 1240-am advertising Analysis

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WJEJ 1240-AM -- Advertising Analysis

Many companies find the whole business of advertising confusing and frustrating. Often we are just not getting the right kind of advice. Good advertising choices begin with clear, concise analysis of your business and your goals. Only then can you make correct decisions about how and how often you should be advertising. We hope this advertising analysis is helpful.
Section One: Let’s look at your business.

1) What is the exact trade name of the business / service you are focusing on? (e.g. American Airlines / Bangkok Thai Seafood Restaurant / Bob’s Shoe Store)

2) What kinds of product service do you sell / provide?

3) Who do you think are the customers you would like to do business with? (Please circle all that apply)

  • Others (specify:) _________________________________________________

  1. Are there any special traits / activities / hobbies / lifestyle elements your customers need to have to do business with you? (Please be specific).

  1. Why do you think people choose to do business with you more than once? Why would a customer recommend you to a friend or colleague? (Try to list at least three).

  1. _____________________________________________________

  2. _____________________________________________________

  3. _____________________________________________________

WJEJ 1240-AM -- Advertising Analysis (continued)
  1. Can you name ONE thing that separates you from your competitors? Can you find something you do better than all your competition?

  1. How many employees do you have?

Section Two: Let’s analyze your Self-Promotion.

  1. Have you advertised before? If yes, which media have you tried? (Please circle all that apply).

  • Others (specify):_____________________________________________________

  1. Would you say that you (please check all that apply)

  • ______ Advertise regularly (at least once per month) in more than one media.

  • ______ Advertise regularly (at least once per month) in just one media.

  • ______ Advertise irregularly (less than once per month) in different media.

  • ______ Advertise irregularly (less than once per month, but always in the same media.

  • ______ Advertise irregularly and change media often, depending upon results.

  • ______ Tend to advertise with a media for constant periods of more than six months.

  • ______ Have never advertised with any media for longer than three months per campaign.

WJEJ 1240-AM -- Advertising Analysis (continued)

  1. What kinds of experiences have you had with your advertising? (Please check all that apply):

  • _______Great! Constant advertising is crucial to my business success

  • OK. I’ve had some good results and some not so well.

  • I think _____________________ (media type/s) is/are really good, but don’t much like others.

  • I really don’t think that _______________________(media types) work for me.

  • _______Advertising in general has been frustrating and unpredictable for me.

  • _______I do enough business through word of mouth without advertising

  • _______I tried radio a few times before and I was disappointed

  1. When I have advertised, I have always included the following information: (could include specific product information, slogan, telephone number etc. etc.)

WJEJ 1240-AM -- Advertising Analysis (continued)

  1. What are you hoping to achieve through your advertising efforts? (Please check all that apply).

Thank you for your input. Using the information you have given, we can create an advertising analysis for you that could help you to focus your advertising objectives to achieve better results. A representative will be back in touch within 48 hours.

Your Info:

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Please fax this back to WJEJ Radio 1240-AM. Our Fax Number is: (301) 797-7408

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