With microprocessor based control user’s manual me-2566a Issued on June 2000

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Vertical laminar flow cabinet

with microprocessor

based control



Issued on June 2000


F I R S T S E C T I O N 6

S E C O N D S E C T I O N 26


This operating and service manual is integral part of the cabinet.

Store it in a safe place to make sure it is always available till the final dismantling.
Read this manual carefully as soon as you receive the cabinet to be aware of handling procedure.
The cabinets we produce, according to the above statements, are manufactured in compliance with the laws on safety into force.

Particularly, they are manufactured in compliance with Art. 6 Dlgs 626/94 and its modification (Italian law in compliance with European Directive EEC/89/391) on the DUTY OF DESIGNERS, OF MANUFACTURERS, OF SUPPLIERS AND INSTALLATORS.

The cabinets are NOT submitted to the directive EEC 93/42 on Medical Devices, as indicated in the definition of “Medical Devices» reported in art. 1 point 2a of the Directive mentioned.

Steril IS NOT responsible for damages to people and objects due to a non-proper use of the cabinet, and due to a fail to comply with the user instructions and maintenance that are always supplied with the cabinets.

This operating and service manual contains information regarding personnel safety; hence user must read it carefully.
All rights are reserved; this manual cannot be copied or generally reproduced without written permission released by Steril S.p.A.
Steril S.p.A. reserves the right to carry out modification to the apparatus for improvement.
The purpose of the safety symbol is to attract the attention to possible danger.

The symbol and the explanation with it deserve operator’s careful attention and understanding.

The instruction and warning it gives is not a substitute for proper accident prevention measures.
Reference standards
This apparatus has been designed and manufactured according to the following standards:

  • EN 61010-1 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use. Part 1: General requiremets

  • EN 292-1 Safety requirements for equipments.

  • EN 292-2 Safety requirements for equipments.

  • Machinery Directive EEC/89/392 - EEC/91/368 – EEC/93/44 – EEC/93/68 (when applicable).

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive EEC/89/336 – EEC/92/31 – EEC/93/68

  • Low Voltage Directive EEC/73/23 – EEC/93/68.

This apparatus cannot operate in ambient where there is a risk of fire or explosion-proof and in tropical environment.
Should problems arise please contact Steril S.p.A. After Sales Service:


Via A. Grandi 16

20017 Mazzo di Rho - MILANO - ITALY

Phone +39.02.939701.1 - Fax +39.02.939701.21

Do not modify the original configuration of the apparatus.

Apparatus check-in at arrival:

  • Check the packaging and apparatus integrity.

  • Check if the apparatus comply with orders specification.

  • In case of damages inform Steril S.p.A. for survey.



IMPORTANT: The manufacturer shall be saved harmless from any civil and penal liability for faulty operation, tampering and in general for any use not allowed and not conforming to the operating instructions given in this manual.

Unpacking, transport and handling of this apparatus are ruled by the relevant paragraph.

Notices for maintenance/service of this apparatus are described in the second section of this manual.

The safety regulations at the customer’s premises shall include the presence of this apparatus.

Polaris is a vertical laminar airflow cabinet designed for handling substances in a dust free and sterile environment. If cabinet is used in microbiology applications and in a biotechnology applications the biological agents involved do not imply risks for the operators and for the environment.

The class of air cleanliness is obtained by a high rate flow of HEPA filtered air.

Should the cabinet be equipped with germicidal lamps the user shall read the warning notice about the risk due to the exposure to UV rays.

Some precautions have to be followed when the cabinet is equipped with combustible gas line for Bunsen burner, to prevent risk of gas leakage and fire.


Polaris cabinet is designed only for product protection and NOT for personnel and environmental protection thus since is not a biosafety cabinet its use is NOT for handling pathogens products.


Only authorised personnel can carry out the displacement of the apparatus.

The weight of this apparatus is 150 Kg. Therefore is compulsory the use of proper hoisting equipment controlled by skilled operators.
Personnel shall be equipped with personal protective devices.
Never operate in narrow areas; leave enough room around the apparatus during handling to prevent accidents and damages.

The best raising equipment is a forklift truck however a hand pallet truck is suitable. The lifting point has to be central with the pallet.

For rising the apparatus eyebolts are fitted on the top and slings can be used. Ropes or chains with hooks must be handled carefully to avoid dents and scratches.

During transport the temperature must not be less than –5°C.

The cabinet shall be located in an air draft free place as air drafts might influence the air banner at the cabinet front opening.

The cabinet shall also be located far away from air conditioning grills and far from zones with personnel traffic.

Leave a space of at least 200-mm between the top air outlet and any surface over the cabinet.

Leave a space of at least 500 mm on the right side between the cabinet and the wall to allow hanging stainless steel UV kit.

The cabinet may be located on its floor stand that can be supplied on request with relevant assembling instrumentation (see drawing 7.3).

Cabinet may also be located on an existing bench or table with loading capacity not less than 250 Kg.

Check and adjust, in both cases, the levelling of the cabinet.
The site acceptance test is recommended before starting the cabinet for operation.

ind hereafter little instruction for the correct location of LAF cabinets in a laboratory. These suggestions are useful for any kind of cabinet.

(Norm bs 5726: part2: 1992 - recommendations for installation)


Since Polaris is not MSC, these recommendations will be valid.

(Norm bs 5726: part2: 1992 - recommendations for installation)


Since Polaris is not MSC, these recommendations will be valid.

(Norm bs 5726: part2: 1992 - recommendations for installation)


Since Polaris is not MSC, these recommendations will be valid.

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