Wine: marker of social change

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A project investigating the role of wine as a significant marker of societal, and market, change in societies which are not traditionally wine drinking.

conducted by

Tim Beal and Michel Rod

Research Assistant: Aaron Gazley
Advice, Cooperation, and Participation

During the course of this project we have received valuable advice and assistance from a number of people in New Zealand, Japan, and Singapore. We are particular grateful to the NZTE offices in Tokyo and Singapore for their contacts, and to our focus group organisers in Tokyo, Osaka, and Singapore. Special mention must be made of Kaori Takeda, representative in the Kansai. Dr Aaron Gazley, then a PhD student, worked on the project as a research assistant, providing invaluable support in setting up interviews

This list will be updated periodically. It was last amended on 1 June 2009.


Andrew Butcher

Director, Policy and Research, Asia:NZ Foundation

Steve Cochran

Multimedia Technician, ITS Teaching Services

Mariko Fukui

Cross-cultural psychologist

Mark Loo

NZTE, Singapore

Charles Mabbett

Media Adviser, Asia:NZ Foundation

Evan Maehl

CFO, Villa Maria Wines

Alex Matheson

Trade Commisioner, Singapore

Jonny Mole

MarkITable Limited

Craig Pettigrew

NZTE, Tokyo

Peter Bodnar Rod

13th Street Winery, Ontario, Canada

Shin Saito

Director, New Zealand

Rochelle Savage

Flexible Distance Learning, SMIB, VUW

Jim Tait

Business Services Manager, NZTE

Kaori Takeda

New Zealand in Osaka

Paul Vaughan

Trade Commissioner, India

Brenda Watson

Transcriber, Nelson

Focus Group Organisers

Akari Kano


Takunori Shiomi


Mala Suppiah Retna


Kaori Takeda


Gopal Varutharaju


Yasuko Yumisaki



(Affiliation is only mentioned where appropriate. The other interviewees spoke to us in their private capacity)

Ayako Chujo

Eat Creative

Shigeo Fujita

Bonsai Box, Ebisu

Yumi Fujiwara

Kate Garton

Marketing Executive – Asia, NZ Winegrowers

Noriko Hada,

Online Wassy’s

Jason Hill

Regional Manager Japan, Tourism New Zealand

Takehashi Ishiguro,

AoteaRangi, Ebisu

Motoko Ishii

Tomonori Iwao

Alison Jambert

Eat Creative

Akari Kano

Yuki Kimura

Maiko Kubo

Hiroyuki Kusuda

Wine maker, Kusuda Wines, Martinborough

Evan Maehl

CFO, Villa Maria Wines

Kaye McAuley

Wine maker, Vynfields, Martinborough

Futaba Mizuno

Kenichi Ohashi

Craig Pettigrew

NZTE, Tokyo

Shin Saito

Director, New Zealand

Yoshiji Sato

Shuhan News

Kai Schubert

Wine maker, Schubert Wines, Martinborough

Mika Shigemoto

Miki Shimatani

Takunori Shiomi

Mala Suppiah Retna

Mieko Takahara

Kaori Takeda,, Kansai

Takakiyo Tanimizu

Yuri Umeda

Masashi Umeda,

Gopal Varutharaju

Akiko Watanabe

Yasuko Yumisaki

Organisations, Companies, and Wineries


Asia:NZ Foundation

Eat Creative

Kinoshita International

Kusuda Wines

Misha’s Vineyard

New Zealand (Japanese) (English)

NZ Trade & Enterprise (NZTE)

NZ Winegrowers

Online Wassy’s

Schubert Wines

Tourism New Zealand

Victoria University of Wellington (FCA)

Victoria University of Wellington (SMIB)

Villa Maria Wines


Principal funder: Asia:NZ Foundation


School of Marketing and International Business

Faculty of Commerce and Administration, Victoria University of Wellington

PO Box 600, Wellington, New Zealand.; tel +64 4 463 5080; tel +64 4 463 5152

Fax: +64 4 463 5231


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