What: al-mu’minah Day

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Al-Mu’minah Day at Masjid As-Saber
Saturday, April 18th

What: AL-Mu’minah Day

Where: Masjid As-Sabr (Basement)

When: Saturday, April 18

From 1:30-8:15 p.m.

Who: All girls ages 13 and up

Why: To worship Allah, learn Islamic values, and have fun with other Muslimat!

Please do not bring your electronic devices, cameras, or candy. Do not bring food or snacks unless requested by the organizers.

Sister Halah

(971) 732-9941

Osama Alattar

(503) 841-2282

For any questions, please call:

Al-Mu’minah Day Activities

at Masjed As-Saber

Saturday, April 18th

Event Schedule

1:30 Thuhr Prayer

2:00-3:00 Lecture by the Imam

3:00-3:25 Tea Break

3:30-4:30 Islamic activities

4:30-5:00 Quraan and Hadith Session

5:15 Asr Prayer

5:30-6:30 Presentation

6:30-7:15 Dinner Break

7:15-8:05 Q &A

8:15 Maghrib Prayer

Al-Mu’minah Day

at Masjed As-Saber

Program Statement and Rules
Al-Mu’minah Day at Masjed As-Saber is a full day of Islamic and social activities for high school and college aged girls (minimum age is 13 years).
Al-Mu’minah Day activities allow the girls to spend more time at the Masjed where they have an opportunity to advance their Islamic knowledge, plus build stronger social ties with each other.
Program rules and guidelines:
Audience and Setup

  • Target audience is girls 13 years of age through college age.

  • In order to maintain a suitable learning environment, anyone under 13 years old will be asked to leave the basement—including infants and young children.

  • Lectures and activities are tailored to the target audience’s needs.

  • The setup is lecture style seating in the Masjed’s basement.


  • Main speaker with be the Imam of Masjed As-Saber or a guest scholar.

  • Experts in social, health, and professional fields will be invited to give presentations within their field of expertise.

  • Local knowledgeable sisters/brothers may be invited to give Islamic lectures.

  • Participants may be invited to present and share their special experiences.

  • Creative sisters will design Islamic activities that are educational and fun.


  • Participants will register with the Organizers at the door.

  • The Organizers will keep a participation log.

  • The Organizers will maintain an Islamic learning environment.

  • The Organizers will remove any person disrupting the event.

  • There will be male Organizers helping in managing the event.

  • All volunteers must be under the leadership of the Organizers.

Electronic equipment

  • All phones must be turned off or set to silence mode.

  • Cameras and photography are NOT allowed during the event.

  • All electronic devices must be turned off during the event.


  • Cookies and tea will be provided during the tea break.

  • Dinner will be provided during dinner break.

  • Food, snacks, and drinks are NOT allowed during lectures.

  • Please, do not bring food or snacks unless pre-arranged with the Organizers.


  • Free admission.

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