Vladimir aleksandrov

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Ufa Russian Federation

Home address and zip code_450 005 Russian Federation Bashkortostan_ Ufa 152/1 Dostoyevsky str., Apt.4

Phone: (home) +7 (3472) 52-71-62

Phone: (work) +7 (3472) 72-29-44

cell-phone 8 9272 3940 87

e-mail: valex@ufanet.ru

ACQ: 369 556 066



September 2012 - OSEC Group– Oxford City School translator

March 2012 - July 2012 Chicago newspaper 7 Days translator

February 2012 – now Egotranslating Moscow

December 2011 – now ZAO KGTC audio file transcription

September 2011 – now Translated.it (Italy) Khodorkovsky trial claim 2004 project.

June 2011 – worked as a translator for Chris Carr’s project, Ufa representative of the International Board of the Southern Baptist Convention (Translation of the Church’s Constitution and Personnel Policy)

November 2010 – now Expat Translation Services (Moscow)

July 2010 – now Alba-longa Translating Agency (St. Petersburg)

June 2010 - now Janus Translator’s Agency (Moscow) – deciphering transcripts of the interviews

December 2010 – the Chairman of the Panel of Judges for the Municipal Stage of the All-Russia English Language Academic Olympics for High Schools (in charge of the English Language curriculum)

September, December 2010 – translating for the American Criminalist (Forensic scientist) during the 6 International Scientific Conference on Criminalistics (Forensics) in the Bashkort State University

October 2009 – freelance translating for Irena R. Gintilas, ATA member, the USA

June 2008 –I administered the Russian State Exam (EGE) as an interlocutor

March 2009 – INFORMNAUKA “Park Media” - translator

January 2009 – now Verbatim Interpreters, London, England

August 2008 - now OOO Translation Bureau “Polyglot” (Moscow)

July 2008 – ALBA Translating Agency (Nizhny Novgorod) – freelance translator

May 2008 – I administered the Russian State Exam (EGE) as an interlocutor

May 2008- SPF-MASTER-2 Translation Agency (St. Petersburg) – freelance translator

April 2008- Nizhfarm Company – freelance translator

March 2008-now Pressto.ru Company freelance translator

October 10, 2007 12 hours Spontaneous (synchronous) translating for UNESCO Conference “Belt Wrestling Championships in Ufa”

September 2007 to January 2008 – freelance translator for PEREVODBY.ru

September 2007 oral translation for VIP Board of Directors KBC Banking group from Belgium with inspection of the Russian acquired Absolut Bank in Ufa

September 2007 freelance translating of the Electric technology training device manual for Edutrade company (Moscow)

June 2007 –free-lance on-line translating for Advice Translating Agency (Moscow)

June 2007 free-lance translating for Association of Professional Translators EN-RUS-EN (Moscow)

(translation of the Specifications for Aricom PLC and State Titanium Research and Design Institute (STRDI) Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine)
During March-April-May-June 2009 I fulfilled a commission of the Ministry of Education for the Republic of Bashkortostan teaching at the Night School for the IELTS test preparation for the members of the President of Bashkortostan Young Leaders in Economics Grant.
1998 to present – permanently fulfilling tasks for different denominations of the Catholic Church members as an individual Russian teacher or consultant for Americans living in Ufa.
1991 to present. Teaching English in an Advanced Secondary Linguistic School 3 in Ufa Russia..
1998 to 2010. Teaching English, History of the English language, American literature, the World literature, the Antique literature to the American-Bashkort Intercollege in Ufa.
2002-2004. Working as a translator oral and written for the American Vineyard Church in Ufa.
1998-2002. Working as a translator oral and written for the American Company Global Net in Ufa.
1994-1996. Working as a translator oral and written for the American Church of the Christ in Ufa.
1992. Working as a translator for the representative of the Caterpillar Company of the USA in Ufa.
1981-1991. Teaching English in a Secondary School 27 in Ufa, also as a microphone equipment engineer.
1998-2002. Teaching English in the Centre for Studying Foreign Languages in Ufa.
1981-1983. Working as the billboard artist for the movie theater in Ufa.
1976-1981. Working as a director of the students’ theatre for the Bashkir State Pedagogical University.
1981-1983. Working as a director in the workers’ amateur theatre for the Ufa Instrument-making factory.
1986-1996. Working as a free-lance salesman of musical cassettes and sound recording engineer.
1976-1982. Working as a Councilor for a Scout-Pioneer camp in the Black Sea coast in the city of Adler.
1976-1996. Working as a DJ for the local district Community Centre in Ufa.

Letter of Reference

I have known Vladimir Alexandrov for about eight months. He worked for me as a translator this past summer for a team of visiting Americans who came to our city of Ufa in the month of July. I have also hired Vladimir to work with me periodically for professional translation.

I am an American who has been living in Russia for five and a half years. In that time, I have lived in two major Russian cities, worked with dozens of translators, have become acquainted with countless other translators and English speakers. However, I can count on one hand the number of English-speaking Russians who have Vladimir’s fine command of the English language, or his dedication to the subject. Not only is he in the top of his field, but he is committed to continual growth in his language skills.

As part of my translator staff this summer, Vladimir was a hard worker who has often the first translator to arrive for work, and the last one to leave. While on his job, Vladimir always handled himself in a professional manner. When spontaneous opportunities would arise on the job, Vladimir was quick to offer help. He would also offer thoughtful, helpful suggestions during problem-solving situations. His skills of a translator are extremely good, and he would sometimes use that skill to offer help to some of the less-experienced translators on my staff.

I highly recommend Vladimir as someone who has a superb understanding, of the English language, a high dedication to the subject, an insatiable desire for further learning, and work ethic that is second to none.
John Clemence, M.S.W., Pastor of the Vineyard Church. Ufa, Russia, Dec 6, 2003. Т

June 12, 2011

Greetings from Ufa! I am writing to lend my personal support and recommendation as a reference on behalf of Vladimir Alexandrov. I have been a resident of Ufa for nearly eleven years.
I have known Vladimir for several years now as a result of his help with various translation needs of mine, both verbal and written. We have also participated together in multiple English Club settings in Ufa for the past several years. Vladimir’s grasp, understanding, teaching, and personal practical application of the English language is excellent and I am honored to know him as a friend and consider him a dependable, orderly, and professional colleague.
I am able to give an unqualified recommendation on behalf of Vladimir regarding his capacities and abilities in English language and believe he is an asset to whatever endeavor in which he is invited to participate, work, and serve. He is always seeking to grow as an individual and professional and that is commendable and serves him well, as well as adding value to whatever English-language project with which he is assisting.


Dr. Chris Carr

Ufa, Russia

(347) 250-6195, 7-927-339-9364

I have, at least, six letters of recommendation of such kind.

First Name:Vladimir.

Last name: Aleksandrov.

Patronymic: Glebovych.

Birth date and birth-place: July, 13 1955 Russian Federation City of Arzamass, Nizhny Novgorod region.

EDUCATION: Bashkir State Pedagogical University in 1981 as a teacher of English and German of languages;

Michael Krauss On-line Course Integrating Computers and the Internet into the Classroom 2004 (USA).

Oxford Professional Teacher Development Program 2004-2006

Business Simulation Games Course 2006 (USA); International Language Workshop 2007 Ufa

Certified expert in administering Russian State Unified Exam (EGE) in the English language (graduated 72 hours of specialized training)


The USA: October-November 2004 International Visitors Program by U.S. Department of State. (Washington DC The Capitol and US Department of State Program, Tucson University Arizona, Portland, Oregon Lewis and Clark College, Iowa, Iowa State University, New York NY New York Times Program)

The Netherlands: 1998 Dutch Universities, Colleges and High Schools.

ACADEMIC STATUS: Teacher Emeritus of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Honorable Educator of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

AWARDS: the Teacher of year of Ufa 2002, the winner the Teacher of year of the Republic of Bashkortostan 2002, the recipient of the bonus of the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Kirov District Administration of the city of Ufa gave me a 2 room apartment as an award, I have been given three computers as a three times semi-finalist in the Russian-American Teachers Awards.


Microsoft Word,Excel, Microsoft Paint, Publisher, Power Point, Sound Forge 8, Fine Reader 8, FAR, Alcohol 120, Html,PHP, Nero 7, Prompt Translator Platinum, have general understanding of TRADOS, Déjà vu, Wordfast, ABBY Lingvo 12. I have teaching experience in local classroom networks, I have my web-page on the Internet where I upload the tasks for my students (sound bits, pictures, texts) valex.on.ufanet.ru, I used to have my page on the TEACHERWEB.COM, I have started three message boards about the English language on the Internet with total attendance almost 12000 people.

MY STUDENTS ACHIEVEMENTS: 6 certified FCE graduates, 8 certified IELTS graduates, 5 certified TOEFL graduates, 1 certified BULATs graduate.

Winners of the School, municipal, Republican English Language Academic Olympics in 1996 (1), 1997 (1) 2002 (1), 2004 (1), 2007 (1), 2009 (1), 2010 (5). All-Russia level 2009 (1), 2010 (1)

A lot of my students took part in the FLEX US Department of State program and spent a year in the USA as exchange students in the high schools (my junior son included)

Students have conducted a lot of research work and prepared presentations and papers for various scientific conferences.

PUBLICATIONS: I have 14 publications on a problem ‘Strategic and Discourse Competence of the linguistic grammar school students in Russia’.
I do not object, if data on my education and operational experience will be checked up.

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