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VDFR 635-1

Virginia Defense Force


Virginia Defense Force Headquarters

5001 Waller Road

Richmond, Virginia 23230-2915

May 2013



5001 Waller Road

Richmond, Virginia, 23230

Telephone (804) 225-4051; Fax (804)-225-4065

Office of the Commanding General
VDF-HCG 28 March 2013
SUBJECT: VDF Regulation 635-1
1. The attached revised VDF Regulation 635-1, Retirement, is effective 28 March 2013.
2. POC is the Chief of Staff, COL Carlitti.





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The Virginia Defense Force

5001 Waller Road

Richmond, Virginia 23230
VDF Regulation 635–1 28 March 2013

Proponent: The proponent of this regulation is the Assistant Chief of Staff, G–1. The Adjutant General of Virginia has the authority to approve exceptions or waivers to this regulation that are consistent with state statutes and regulations.
Supplementation: Supplementation of this regulation and establishment of command and local forms are prohibited without prior approval from the Assistant Chief of Staff, G–1, 5001 Waller Road, Richmond, Virginia, 23230



ACoS, G1

VDF Regulation 635-1 XX June 2013

Contents (Listed by paragraph and page number)

Chapter 1

Introduction, page 1

Purpose • 1–1, page 1

References • 1–2, page 1

Supplementation • 1-3, page 1

Definitions • 1-4, page 1

Responsibilities • 1-5, page 1

Chapter 2

Eligibility, Grade Determination and Procedures, page 2

Eligibility • 2-1, page 2

Grade Determination • 2-2, page 2

Procedures • 2-2, page 2

Appendix A (Sample Retirement Request) • 2-2, page 3

Chapter 1

Section I
1–1. Purpose
This regulation prescribes policy, eligibility requirements, and administrative procedures for the retirement of personnel in the Virginia Defense Force (VDF).
1–2. References
a. Code of Virginia Title 44: Military Laws of Virginia.
b. Permanent Order 1-1 (VDF) TAG, VA 1 March 1988.
c. AG Form 1-1 #031396, Dated: 22 March 2013
1-3 Supplementation
Supplementation of this regulation by other than Headquarters, Virginia Defense Force, is prohibited.
1-4 Definitions
Unless otherwise defined herein, the following terms used in this regulation mean the following:
“TAG”: The Adjutant General of Virginia.

“Commanding General”: the Commanding General of the Virginia Defense Force.

“TIS”: Time in service.
“Retired list”: The retired list of the Virginia Militia, unorganized.
“Exemplary service”: Service to the Commonwealth at a consistently high level of performance, integrity and character exceeding that of one’s peers.
1–5 Responsibilities
a. The Assistant Chief of Staff, G–1 will establish personnel policies relating to personnel retirements and will conduct and supervise all prescribed personnel administrative functions. All such polices shall be in writing, shall specifically refer to this regulation, and shall be attached to and become a part of this regulation at the time such policies are published.
b. Requests to division Headquarters for retirement action by it shall be sent to the Assistant Chief of Staff, G–1. The format for such requests is at Annex A to this regulation.
c. Unit Commanders or their designated representatives will verify and certify the applicant’s TIS as described in the eligibility portion of this regulations.
d. VDF OIC will prepare AG VA form 1-1 as required
e. VDF G-1 will publish retirement orders IAW reference “c”

Chapter 2

Eligibility, Grade Determination and Procedures
2-1 Eligibility
a. All VDF officers, warrant officers and enlisted personnel who have completed at least ten years satisfactory service are eligible to request placement on the retired list of the Virginia Militia, unorganized. TIS for inclusion on the retired list may include periods of active service in the Virginia Defense Force, the Virginia National Guard and/or the Armed Forces of the United States.
b. Time spent in the VDF auxiliary does not qualify for the TIS requirement for placement

on the retired list.

2-1 Grade Determination
a. Warrant officers and enlisted personnel shall be placed on the retired list with the highest rank held by them in the VDF.
b. Officers shall be placed on the retired list in their respective grade, or in the highest grade held by them in military service to the Commonwealth; except that officers who have to their credit fifteen or more years of exemplary service may, at the discretion of the Adjutant General, be retired with the commission of the next grade higher to the highest grade held by them in the military service of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
2-2 Procedures
a. A request for retirement action shall be in memorandum format signed by the requesting individual and sent through command channels for submission to the Adjutant General for his consideration. The format for such requests is at Annex A to this regulation. Requests will be submitted to the Commanding General no later than 30 days prior to the effective date of retirement unless exigent circumstances are involved. Brigade or equivalent level commanders are required to include an endorsement to any exigent circumstance.
b. While an officer may request placement on the retired list in a grade one grade higher than that which they have held, the standard for such placement is “exemplary service”. All commanders reviewing such a request are required to present their recommendation regarding such service to the Commanding General. The Commanding General will make a final recommendation to the Adjutant General as part of the retirement request.
ANNEX A: Sample Retirement Request

123 Main St

Anytown, VA 12345

XX June 201x

MEMORANDUM THRU: Commander, xx BN, (street address).

MEMORANDUM THRU: Commander, xx BDE, (street address).
MEMORANDUM THRU: Commanding General, Virginia Defense Force, 5001 Waller Road, Richmond, VA 23230-2915.
MEMORANDUM FOR: The Adjutant General of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
SUBJECT: Request for Placement on the Retired List of the Virginia Militia, Unorganized, Major (VA) John Q. Public, Virginia Defense Force.

  1. Reference: Commonwealth of Virginia Code §44-199, Retired list of officers warrant officers and enlisted persons.

  1. I request placement on the Retired List of the Virginia Militia, Unorganized in the grade of Major, effective 1 September 201x.

  1. I certify that I have x years and y months of qualifying service.



Virginia Defense Force

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