Variance between rule and published notice of proposed rule

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41102541-1025.  Variance between rule and published notice of proposed rule

A.  An agency may not submit a rule to the council that is substantially different from the proposed rule contained in the notice of proposed rule making or a supplemental notice filed with the secretary of state pursuant to section 41 1022.  However, an agency may terminate a rule making proceeding and commence a new rule making proceeding for the purpose of making a substantially different rule.

B.  In determining whether a rule is substantially different from the published proposed rule on which it is required to be based, all of the following must be considered:

1.  The extent to which all persons affected by the rule should have understood that the published proposed rule would affect their interests.

2.  The extent to which the subject matter of the rule or the issues determined by that rule are different from the subject matter or issues involved in the published proposed rule.

3.  The extent to which the effects of the rule differ from the effects of the published proposed rule if it had been made instead. 411025

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