Uac meeting Minutes of May 8, 2014 Members Present

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Eastern Washington University

UAC Meeting

Minutes of May 8, 2014

Members Present: A. Wetmore, T. Sedor, E. Tipton, W. Repovich, A. Schwendiman, M. Holmgren

Ex Officio/Guests: M. Baldwin, E. Morgan
The meeting was called to order at 3:12 p.m. by A. Wetmore without quorum. Quorum reached at 3:58 p.m.
1. Approval of Minutes of April 24, 2014. M. Holmgren stated his name was left off the 4/24/14 minutes. W. Repovich moved to approve the minutes of April 24, 2014 as amended. E. Tipton seconded. Motion carried.
2. Additions/Changes to Agenda. None.
3. Unfinished Business. None.
4. Committee Reports. a. Academic Appeals Board. E. Morgan presented the latest Academic Appeals log which shows they heard one appeal that was denied.
b. GECC report. M. Baldwin stated there was a question about the catalog under which the gen ed requirements would be assigned however it turns out it was if there was a new gen ed structure put in place. He stated if there is a new gen ed structure put in place they will have an implementation schedule.
5. Chairs Report. a. CPAC Guidelines for Submitting CPAC Proposals. A. Wetmore reported AP 303-35 Program and course Management policy was approved at the last Senate meeting. She stated she will email the CPAC Guidelines document to past CPAC chairs and the current chairs so they can start working on it. M. Baldwin stated the question that will need to be answered is whether these are procedural guidelines or if they will impact the policy. He stated if it impacts policy it will have to be voted on. A. Wetmore stated she sees this as procedure guidelines that will help to create new CPAC proposals. M. Baldwin stated he sees a lot of value to the CPAC Guidelines document and they will use the information for the help bubbles for the Leepfrog program.
6. ASEWU Report. None.
7. Administrative Report. M. Baldwin reported: a. He attended a meeting with the developmental Math working group and wanted to give the council an update. They are using ALEX which is a software tool for developmental Math and it has been so successful they have begun to use it as a placement tool. The students placement shows: 103 at 100%; 104 at 60%; 105 at 67%; and 106 at 0% because there was only one student. He stated he wonders if the placement numbers are a little too high. They believe they could place more students however the placement numbers are very restrictive right now. He stated that overall in 2008-09 the completion rate of students in MATH 103 was 41.5% and with the new strategy of Math 103A and Math 103B it improved to 43% however with the use of ALEX it is now 62.4%. They have used ALEX for two years so they need to have one more year to validate the results. He stated the only anomaly they have seen so far in the fall the success rate was lower than other quarters and they aren’t sure why. There is some indication that this is the success rate in the next class because they took the summer off and the time off hurt their success rate. A. Wetmore asked if a student can test in ALEX off campus and M. Baldwin stated it has to be proctored. E. Morgan: E. Morgan gave a demonstration of the curriculum management software, Leepfrog.

8. Council/Committee/Board Appointments. None.
9. New Business. None.
10. Good of the Order. None.
11. Adjournment. Meeting was adjourned at 4:16 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled on October 9, 2014.

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