Tuesday 28th February 2006 University of The Arts London Apologies

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Minutes of ASRA South East Regional Meeting

Tuesday 28th February 2006

University of The Arts London
1. Apologies
Celine McCarney, Kay Morrison, Hilary Morris - Middlesex University
Carol Thomas – Thames Valley University
Ron Barber - Queen Mary, University of London
Barbara Lockhart and Ruth Lucas-Levitt - Brunel University
Vivien Insull - University of Essex
2. Minutes of the Last Meeting

Proposed: Jonathan Chandler, University of Greenwich

Seconded: Penny Warren, Thames Valley University
3. Matters Arising

  • Fiona Damp’s suggestion for a staff training project has been discussed at committee meeting & at regional meetings, it has been decided that such a large range of training would be difficult to arrange, therefore a focus on key areas may be more suitable for a national training day

  • Chair elect proposal was also discussed at committee meeting and a motion will be put forward at the AGM for the outgoing chair to be available to the new chair for 6 months for support & advice.

Hilary Morris will circulate motions for the AGM in due course

  • National Training Days: Edinburgh is fully booked; London – unable to book a suitable venue – a central location to seat approx 30 is required, please let Terence know if anyone has anything available & he will pass the details on to Bryan Carroll

  • Code of Practice: Terence hopes all found the morning’s presentations useful

the ODPM website: www.odpm.gov.uk is a good website for reference giving an overview & FAQs
The codes have been approved, it is thought that the UUK code needs some minor changes

Terence attended a meeting at the ANUK committee of management

FE institutions are excluded from the UUK code although some want to sign up, these institutions can only sign up to the ANUK code

Also highlighted were the different complaints procedures: ANUK have a tribunal system whereas UUK have a procedure which will go through the office of an independent adjudicator, the government would prefer the tribunal procedure

Jonathan Chandler (Greenwich) was also present at the meeting which he found to be useful as it filled some gaps in his knowledge, he felt it showed that the UUK code had been rather rushed in putting together and there had been some pressure to sign up, he found that the ANUK code had been put together by housing professionals, this is the preferred code for Greenwich, although it was felt that a single code would be preferred

4. Executive Committee meeting update

  • The main focus of the meeting was Conference 2006 & all items have been agreed, there is a good selection of training options & all members should have received the pack

  • ASRA’s vat status: exempt due to non-profit making & training role

5. AOB

  • Ron Cooper (BCUC) stated that although he has chosen his training options at conference, he asked if it would be possible to have copies of the presentations of those he is unable to attend, Terence will ask Bryan Carroll to make the notes available on the website

  • Ron has a landlord with properties in 2 boroughs, the landlord is being asked to adhere to different sets of rules re. HMO; suggested consistency is needed

Jonathan stated that this will be the case in time as the rating system will impose uniformity

  • Melanie (London Southbank) asked if any members were experiencing problems with Chinese students subletting – suggested to put the question out on the mailbase as members present had not experienced this particular problem

  • Ian (LSE) spoke to Terence regarding the codes of practice & suggested that interested members could form groups according to which code they sign up to, for support & advice, Terence will contact Ian & discuss a way to put members in touch with each other for this purpose & feedback before conference

Next Meeting: 14th November 2006
volunteers required for hosting the next meeting, if interested please contact Terence within the next week
Thanks to all for attending the meeting
Thanks to Terence for the pancakes!

ASRA South East Regional Meeting 28/02/06

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