Time: mwf 11: 30-12: 20, mwf 9: 30-10: 20

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Course: 1113 sections 3 and 4 Freshman Composition

Time: MWF 11:30-12:20, MWF 9:30-10:20

Place: Bizzell 104, Kaufman 319

Instructor: Judy Reynolds Office: 314 Gittinger Hall

OU phone: 325 4661 (you will have to leave a message)

Office Hours:

e mail address: reynoldsj@ou.edu

Website: http://www.ou.edu/faculty/R/Judith.R.Reynolds-2

Hello and welcome to English 1113.
COURSE DESCRIPTION Sections 3 and 4 are for international students. The workload and content of these sections are comparable to all other 1113 sections offered by the OU English Department. In this course, you will write several different kinds of essays, one of which will be an essay exam, and make an oral presentation. Besides the essays, you will write frequent homework assignments. In these international sections, you will be required to meet with me for 5 conferences during the semester. Throughout the semester, you will also work to improve your command of English grammar and mechanics.

In class, I try to do as little lecturing as possible! We will do some writing in class. We will also meet in small groups frequently during class to discuss your papers and assigned readings. Both your classmates and I will read and comment on your papers. PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS OFTEN AND AT ANYTIME DURING CLASS AND CONFERENCES.

COURSE GOALS During this semester I hope that your confidence in your own ability to plan, write, revise, and proofread an essay in English will grow. In addition, we will work together to identify your weaknesses in your use of English and try to overcome them. Improvement in your written English work is our goal this semester. I think all of us can improve our writing!

The essays you write for this course will not require much library research. Next semester, your English 1213 course will focus on writing research papers and documenting sources. There are no sections of English 1213 only for international students.

You have the choice of taking English 1113 with other international students or in any other section with American students. This is your choice. If you feel you would benefit more from being in class with American students, please speak to me immediately and I will try to help you change sections right away.

The focus of this course is on writing. If you are interested in studying all aspects of English, consider enrolling in English for Exchange Students, English 1013, instead. See the chart you receive in class today for detailed differences between English 1013 and English1113.

YOUR INSTRUCTOR My name is Judy Reynolds. Please call me Judy or Ms. Reynolds, whichever you are most comfortable with. I like both names. My training is in teaching English as a second language. I received a master's degree in this field in 1981, and I have taught ESL part time since then. Previously, I taught at the San Leandro Adult School in San Leandro, California and at the Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) at OU. This is the tenth year I have taught English 1113. I am also teaching English 1013, English for Exchange Students, this spring.

My office is in Gittinger Hall room 314. I will be scheduling individual conferences with everyone this week. The most efficient way to get a message to me is by e mail since I don't have a phone in my office.

TEXTBOOKS 1. Buy the packet of course materials that has been copied for this class at the Crimson and Cream Copy Shop next to the Post Office in the student union. Ask for the materials prepared for your section of English 1113  instructor, Judy Reynolds. These pages have been punched so that you can keep them in a 3 ring notebook. I have prepared a packet rather than ask you to buy several textbooks that you will only use infrequently. The packet materials are essential to the course. Many of the materials for this course will be available through our website. You can print out these materials from the web. Copyrighted material and sample assignments will not be on the web. You can copy these pages from someone who has bought the packet.

2. Buy Keys for Writers 3rd ed. by Ann Raimes. This book will be your handbook and grammar guide all in one. This is the only textbook you will need to buy at the bookstore for this course. I chose it because I think it will be useful to you in this course and as a reference for any future writing assignments you will have at the university. I have made references to this book on the Error Analysis pages you will be working on.

OTHER REQUIRED MATERIALS 1. Be sure you have a good English/English dictionary. I have several dictionaries that you may look at before you decide which one you would like to buy. I strongly recommend either the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 4th ed. published by Oxford University Press, 1989; the Longman Dictionary of American English published by Longman, 1983; or The American Heritage English as a Second Language Dictionary published by Houghton Mifflin, 1998.

2. Please use a 3 ring notebook for your packet materials. A notebook that has pockets might be especially useful for keeping all of your course materials together.

  1. Always be prepared to write in class. Bring paper to every class.

  2. Have 2 high density 3.5" floppy disks for saving your English assignments. Carry your disks in some kind of box or envelope to minimize the chance of damaging your disks. Be sure to label your disks and your box or envelope so that you won't lose all your hard work. Bring your disks to every class.

OTHER RECOMMENDED MATERIALS  I have put some other English language reference materials on the recommended list for this course.  These materials are available to you if you would like to buy them and use them.  Swan's book, Practical English Usage, is an easy to use reference for grammar problems. You will find these books and the dictionaries mentioned above on the shelf in the bookstore with the required textbook for this course.  In addition, the Dictionary and English Language Skills sections of the University Bookstore have a selection of thesauruses, other dictionaries, and vocabulary building materials.  I encourage you to survey these resources and consider purchasing any that you think will be helpful.
 Trying to communicate effectively is one of the most important efforts that people can make.  This course is about trying to communicate effectively in writing.  My goal is to communicate effectively when I am speaking and writing.  If you ever feel that I have said or written something that seems odd, confusing, or even rude, please ask me about it.  Help me clarify all possible misunderstandings.  Thanks.

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