Three Sheets to the Wind XVII

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Three Sheets to the Wind XVII

Katrin Ast 1

Martin Bisse 5

Evelin Börner 8

Martin Brieger 10

Katharina Dargie 14

Claudia Dziekan 17

Anja Giersch 20

Annemarie Jahn 23

Susann Kaboth 27

Adrian Keilbart 29

Carolin Krahl 32

Wiebke Krause 34

Benjamin Luft 35

Christian Nordmann 37

Franziska Nürnberger 39

Tobias Orobko 42

Martina Peter 46

Nadine Quaas 47

Silvana Steinbach 50

Juliane Tenner 52

Daniela Wappler 56

Mandy Wiersig 58

Lauren Wollmann 60

Katrin Ast

Dialogue with a Mirror

Last morning, I had a strange talk with my mirror. Usually, I just look inside and think: “Yeah, that’ll have to do…Let’s go.” But yesterday I dared to ask:

I: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

Mirror: Stefanía Fernández from Venezuela.

I: Who’s that?

M: Miss Universe 2009.

I: Miss Universe? Did they also invite women-or whatever they are-from other planets?

M: No.

I: So, maybe there are women from other planets who are more beautiful….

M: That’s rather unlikely.

I: How do you know? Don’t they say that the universe is endless?

M: Yeah, but if there were other intelligent beings, they probably wouldn’t match with our ideal of beauty.

I: Ha! Leave that to the interplanetary judge! I guess they’d think the same about us.

M: However, as we don’t know whether there are any other intelligent beings in the universe, it is rather senseless to lead discussions like this.

I: Intelligent beings…how do you know these Miss Universe bitches are intelligent.

M: Well, I have to disappoint you. Scientists found out that intelligence often relates with beauty. So, it is rather likely that they are intelligent beings.

I: And what about Einstein- why didn’t he win a beauty contest?

M: There are exceptions.

I: So, do you want to tell me that ordinary beautiful people are not intelligent?

M: No, I don’t. Probably they are ordinarily intelligent.

I: Hm.

M: Anyway, what are you up to?

I: Nothing….So if I’d kill Miss Universe…who’s second?

M: Miss Universe 2008. There are a lot of Ex Misses Universe. They have this contest once a year since 1952. Additionally, there are many other contests. For example: Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth, Miss Europe… and a lot of other national contests and intra national contests…..

I: Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth? That’s all the same!

M: Yep….

I: Hm….so how many people would I have to kill to be first? At least in Germany….

M: Men or Women?

I: Women….!

M: I’m calculating…You are number 20.067.675 on the list- right behind Mrs. Meyer from next door. So you’d have to kill 20.932.325 women.

I: Wow. That’s too many murders!

M: Do you want me to calculate how many years in prison you would get?

I: No, thanks…Hmmmm

M: Was there something else?

I: Hmmmmm. But doesn’t beauty lie in the eye of the beholder? I mean, often you find people who you like beautiful. Don’t you? We know each other for a very long time- am I beautiful in your eyes?

M: Yeah. Ordinarily beautiful.

I: Don’t you like my little peculiarities? The right corner of my mouth hanging down, my snub nose, my chubby face, my overbite….? Don’t they make me special? Come on, we don’t need to take part in this obsession with beauty….I mean, true beauty comes from within. Doesn’t it?

M: Ordinarily beautiful!!!

I: Hmmm.

M: Look…I’m not your lover- so, I don’t need to lie my head off to tell you how beautiful you are. As long as you find yourself beautiful, my opinion doesn’t count.

Anyway- Seems like YOU are part of this obsession with beauty…I mean. Why aren’t you just satisfied? You’re ordinarily beautiful…there are people who would be happy if they were! Go and get yourself some confidence. I can’t help you. I’m just realistic.

I: Hmmmmmm.

I left the room without saying goodbye. I had to think about that. Was it right? I should look less into that mirror! Or buy a new one? Then I left the flat and saw Mrs. Meyer from next door, who was smiling and cheerfully wished me a good morning. Maybe she has a better relationship to her mirror(image). However, she’s too nice, I couldn’t kill her.

(Katrin Ast)

For the Love of my Life

Good Times are Bed Times

You are my secret hiding place

You give me super powers,

You lay beauty upon my face

And put a spell on me after hours,

Of daydreaming about you.

You show me a peaceful light

From a secret door it gleams

I wonder: how can I go through?

And then you push me inside

My magical world of dreams.

(Katrin Ast)

Martin Bisse

/Barriers/ ... and Beyond

Blue came from the sewers, glowing,

Fog that wandered through the lane.

Rising high the shapes dissolving

Scratched against the window pane.

On the glass a head was resting,

Clownish, weary, dark and spent.

Slowly to him time was passing

Looking at the ornament.

Different eyes looked at this scenery;

Different eyes turned to the hall.

Sheep in wine-quenched ecstasy

Lost themselves at carnival.

Over their heads, amidst this din,

No one cared about the clock.

Yet, he saw it; felt himself drowning in

The infinite sound of tic and toc.

What am I against infinity?

- Not even existent, technically!

If there are no borders, where am I?

My thoughts and deeds dissolve in π…

A sudden shudder brought him back.

Athena joined the masquerade!

He saw her and his mind so slack

Revived and ceased to contemplate.

Her movements showed him peace so sublime.

She knows it. She has the answer to time!

The borders blurred in brightest shine.

Her knowledge is forever, and she should be mine!

If you saw me, we would see each other.

We would look and smile at one another.

We would talk – if I could make you hear my voice.

We have to flee; out and away from the noise.

In freedom let us walk the streets and dance to music no one hears.

Spinning and spinning until we can see no more what in front of us appears.

Our shadows dance on the clock to mock the movement of its arms. But look! Oh, behold their shapes turn into one! I kiss you, but it’s not the same; our bodies will diverge again. Never to be one, never to reach the core…

We kiss until our lips are sore and bleed to feed our hunger for the other. Not enough! Still there is something in between us – skin and hair and flesh and bones … I squeeze you tightly in my arms and feel your teeth sink into me. Goddess of wisdom, you know the answers! I will devour you like you devour me! I will be you and you will be me…

Our bodies reject the divine meal. But look! Oh, behold our shapes turn into one… in the vomit that flows down the gutter and into the sewer; the home of the fog.

Sachets of lust are not enough…









in the aisle of the forgotten, the rejected … there we will be free to taste fruits untouchable … experience unthinkable … unity beyond barriers … together we will flow down the river that diverges into five and we will be everywhere at the same time …

where am I?...

(Martin Bisse)


The rain made us hide

Inside, where it could not touch

A budding secret.

(Martin Bisse)


Ernest Miller Hemingway

Was sitting in a nice café.

He wrote and drank until, at last,

The paper to him was spinning too fast.

(Martin Bisse)

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