This course is equally split into two sections Heat Transfer with Dr p j jordan 12 Lectures and Heat Exchanger Design with Dr Stephen Drew 12 Lectures

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ENCH 353



Course Content

This course is equally split into two sections - Heat Transfer with Dr P J Jordan 12 Lectures and Heat Exchanger Design with Dr Stephen Drew 12 Lectures.

Relation to Other Courses

It builds on ENCH 253.
Course Requirements:

All assignments are to be completed.

Lectures as follows:

Semester 1


12:00 pm

E10 weeks 1-4 and term 2 (PJJ)


12:00 pm

E10 weeks 1-3 (PJJ) and four of the weeks in term 2 for SD


2:00 pm

3:00 pm

Com101, four of the weeks in term 2 for SD

SD lectures will be given in 4 sessions of 3 hours (12-1 and 2-4pm) on four of the Wednesdays of term 2 starting on a date to be confirmed.


Three assignments worth 20% in total, and a mid-year exam (80%).

Further problems will be provided but not assessed.




Ass 1 PJJ

1 Mar

29 Mar


Ass 2 PJJ

3 May

1 June


Ass 3 SD




Mid Year Exam





Mills, A F, Basic Heat and Mass Transfer, Irwin.

Coulson and Richardson, Chemical Engineering Design, v 6, 3rd edition, Butterworth & Heinemann.


Holman J.P. Heat Transfer, 7th ed, SI units, McGraw Hill

Kern, D.Q. Process Heat Transfer, McGraw Hill

Hewitt G.F. Handbook of Heat Exchanger Design, Eng. Library holds this On Reserve

Supplementary handouts

Dr Pat Jordan – Course Coordinator, Room D461, Level 4 S R Siemon Building

(Telephone: 364-864, email
Dr Stephen Drew, General Manager, Energy Response Pty Ltd,

Level 2 95-99 Molesworth Street, PO Box 12-332, Thorndon, Wellington 6144, New Zealand


Heat Transfer (Dr Pat Jordan) 12 Lectures

Heat transfer from finned surfaces;

Conduction; Unsteady state conduction in one and more dimensions including cylindrical and spherical coordinates; practical analytical and numerical solutions.

Radiation; Classical radiation theory; emissivity and the greenhouse effect; radiation shape factors; the electrical analogy; multi-surface radiation interchange.

Heat Exchanger Design (Dr Stephen Drew) 12 Lectures

Exchanger types and applications; 1 Lecture

Shell and tube exchangers (SHE); 7 Lectures

Thermal design of SHEs; Temperature correction factors, 1shell-2tube configuration; Heat transfer correlations; Pressure drop in SHE; Effectiveness NTU method for sizing; Process design procedure for SHE (liquid / liquid with no phase change); Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE) - Construction, performance, sizing. Evaporator Sizing, Single and Multiple Effect Systems, Vapor Recompression Evaporators.

Pinch Analysis / Heat Exchanger Networks Introduction; 4 Lectures

Heat Exchanger Networks-a systematic approach to energy analysis; Utility targets (steam and coolant) for existing and new processes; Design and optimisation of heat exchanger networks.

Course Notes

Printed notes will be provided which cover the material presented in some, but not all lectures. Copies of the overheads used in lectures will be available.

Students Repeating the Course

Students who have attempted ENCH 353 in previous years should talk with Dr Jordan if they wish to have credit carried forward for previous Heat Transfer assignments.


Students with concerns about the course should contact any of the lecturers listed above, the 2nd Pro Director of Studies (Dr Justin Nijdam), or the Head of Department.

General Policies of the Department

Students may obtain the general policies of the University on matters such as the aegrotat applications, appeals procedures, reconsideration of grades and special provision for students with disabilities from the University Calendar. The Departmental assessment details, Departmental Safety Handbook and Electrical Safety Supplement are distributed to the students at the beginning of the year.

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