The supercritical fluids: from theory up to applications

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3 July

Oral Reports
Section 1 (1130 - 1330) Hall 3

Chairman: Toikka A.M.

  1. Argyrakis P., Vikhrenko V.S., Groda Y.G., Dubinin S.V. (Thessaloniki, Greece; Minsk, Belarus) Effect of Geometrical Peculiarities and Interparticle Interactions on Diffusion Characteristics of Disordered Lattice Fluids.

  2. Mehdi Vadi, Gohare Mashjor (Iran) Comparison of Absobtion Amino Acids with V2O5 and Amino Acids Comlexes on the Carbon Nanotube.

  3. Bushuev Y.G., Davletbaeva S.V. (Ivanovo, Russia) Computer Simulations of the NaCl Melt and Liquid Water Crystallization.

  4. Gusarov А.V., Iorish V.S. (Moscow, Russia) Use of Ideology of Linkage Groups in ab initio Calculations of Thermochemical Values. Dissociation Energies for Zinc Monohalides.

  5. Domracheva-Lvova L., Domracheva E., Domrachev G., Ezequiel Huipe Nava. (Morelia, Mich., Mexico; N. Novgorod, Russia ) The Role of Molecular Dynamics in Carbon Structures.

  6. Petrenko V.E. (Ivanovo, Russia) Representation of Pair Interaction Potential Functions Characteristics in Structure and Dynamics of Water.

Section 4 (1130 - 1330) Hall 1

Chairman: Churagulov B.R.

  1. Kalies G., Bräuer P., Rockmann R. (Leipzig, Germany) Thermodynamic Exploitation of Binary Liquid-Phase Adsorption Isotherms on Nanoporous Solids

  2. Dryga A.Yu., Pukinsky I.B., Smirnova N.A. (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) Micellization in Aqueous Solutions of Ionic Liquids: Experimental Evidence and Modeling.

  3. Rozenberg B.A., Surkov N.F. (Chernogolovka, Russia) Thermodynamics of Inorganic Nanoparticles Formation in Polymer Solutions.

  4. Smirnova N.N. (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) The Thermodynamics of Linear Aliphatic Polyurethanesin the Range from T  0 to 500 K.

  5. Tsarukyan A.B., Buryakina T.Yu., Tonoyan Sh.A., Aslanyan L.L., Mamasakhlisov Ye.Sh., Morozov V.F (Yerevan, Armenia) The Generalized Model of Polypeptide Chain (GMPC) and the Thermodynamics of Helix-Coil Transition in Biopolymers

Section 5 (1130 - 1330) Hall 2

Chairman: Lyashchenko A.K.

  1. De Luca P., Vuono D., B.Nagy J., Nastro A. (Arcavacata di Rende (CS), Italy; Namur, Belgium ) Synthesis and Characterisation of Alumina Supported ETS-4 and ETS-10.

  2. Jackson G.E. (Cape Town, South Africa) Solution Thermodynamics of Metal Ions of Biological Interest – Potentiometric and Biodistribution Studies.

  3. Kiselev V.D., Kashaeva E.A., Iskhakova G.G., Konovalov A.I. (Kazan, Russia) Solvation Effect on the Volume Parameters.

  4. Yukhnevich G.V., Tarakanova E.G., Kepman A.V., Bykov I.V. (Moscow, Russia) Composition of Heterocomplexes and Conditions of their Formation in Binary Liquid System HF–(C2H5)2O Determined from IR Spectra and Solution Density.

  5. Terekhova I.V. (Ivanovo, Russia) Thermodynamic Study on Cyclodextrins Binding Ability to Some Biologically Active Molecules.

  6. Kopylovich M.N., Karabach Ya.Yu., Kirillov A.M., Haukka M., da Silva M.F.C.G., Pombeiro A.J.L. (Lisbon, Portugal; Joensuu, Finland) From Solution to Solid Phase: Synthesis of New Copper(II) Containing Coordination Polymers with Diverse Architectures.

Section 2 (1500-1800) Hall 3

Chairman: Girichev G.V.

  1. Kopylov V.B., Aleksandrov K.A., Sergeev E.V. (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) Features of Chemical Structure and Anomaly of a Thermal Capacity Oxides of p-Elements.

  2. Kudin L.S., Butman V.F., Motalov V.B., Grishin A.E., Kryuchkov A.S. (Ivanovo, Russia) Mass Spectrometric Determination of Affinity to Bromine-Anion of LnBr3 and Ln2Br6 Molecules.

  3. Obrosov V.P., Batalov N.N. (Yekaterinenburg, Russia) Thermodynamic Functions of Solids Li5AlO4 and Li3AlN2.

  4. Shugurov S.M., Lopatin S.I., Gunina A.O. (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) Thermodynamics of Gaseous Polimers and Copolymers of Alkali Metal Poshpates.

  5. Kuzmin S.M. (Ivanovo, Russia) Nanostructures Obtained by the Reagents Vaporization Arcing Method.

  6. Kostyanetskaya Z.V., Chudnenko K.V. (Irkutsk, Russia) Calculation of Thermodynamic Properties of Substances in the Area of Low-Temperature.

  7. Zelenina L.N., Chusova T.P., Stenin Yu.G., Bakovets V.V. (Novosibirsk, Russia) Fluororganic Derivatives of Elements II–VI Groups: Phase Transitions Thermodynamics and Growing Semicoductor Films by CVD.

  8. Груба О.Н., Рябухин А.Г. (Челябинск, Россия) Mатематическая модель расчета fН кристаллических бинарных соединений.

Section 3 (1500-1800) Hall 2

Chairman: Anisimov M.P.

  1. Baidakov V.G., Kaverin A.M., Andbaeva V.N. (Ekaterinburg, Russia) Attainable Superheat Boundary for an Oxygen–Nitrogen Solution.

  2. Kaplun A.B., Meshalkin A.B. (Novosibirsk, Russia) Study of Phase Equilibria in Metal, Oxide and Salt Systems by the Oscillation Method of Phase Analysis.

  3. Yashina L.V., Volykhov A.A., Shtanov V.I. (Moscow, Russia) Regularity of Interaction Parameters Change in Quasibinary and Quasiternary Semiconductor Systems.

  4. Zaitsev A.I. (Moscow, Russia) Prospects of Designing of New Materials, Including Alloys with Amorphous, Quasicrystalline and Nanocrystalline Structure, Based on the Thermodynamic Study of High-Temperature Melts.

  5. Durov V.A., Shilov I.Yu. (Moscow, Russia) Models of Supramolecular Branched Aggregates in Liquid Systems and Optic Properties of Alcohols.

  6. Kalliopin I.K. (Vladimir, Russia) Molecular-Statistical Model of Phase Transitions.

  7. Glukhov D.V., Nazmutdinov R.R., Zinkicheva T.T., Tsirlina G.A. (Kazan, Moscow, Russia) Structure of Cryolite–Alumina Melts: a Molecular Dynamics and Quantum Chemical Study.

  8. Zaitsau Dz.H., Paulechka Y.U., Kabo G.J., Strechan A.A. (Minsk, Belarus) Thermodynamics of Ionic Liquids’ Vaporization.

  9. Suntsov Yu. (Voronezh, Russia) The Regularity for Thermodynamic Properties Halogen Benzenes and their Binary Solutions.

Section 4 (1500-1800) Hall 1

Chairman: Shchekin A.K.

  1. Shevchik A.P., Suvorov S.A (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) Equilibrium Vapor Composition above Lanthanum Chromite.

  2. Danilov V.P., Orlova V.T., Frolova E.A. (Moscow, Russia) The Investigation of Stability of Solid Solutions of Potassium Sulfate in Ammonium Sulfate.

  3. Ovchinnikov V.V. (Kazan, Russia) Enthalpy of Combustion of the Neutral, Acidic and Nucleoside Cyclophophates.

  4. Zvereva I.A., Isaeva A.C., Popova V.F., Tugova E.A., Toikka A.M., Gusarov V.V. (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) Processes of Phase Formation and Phase Equilibrium in the System La2O3 – Ho2O3 – SrO – Al2O3.

  5. Sukharev Yu.I., Krupnova T.G. (Chelyabinsk, Russia) Singularity of Nonlinear Dynamics Nonequilibrium of Gels Zirconium Oxyhydrate.

  6. Samujlov E.V., Kortsenshtejn N.M., Lebedeva L.N. (Moscow, Russia) Thermodynamic Researches of Transformation of Trace Elements at Thermal Processing of Coals.

  7. Levchenko V.A., Rakov D.L., Matveenko V.N. (Moscow, Russia) Molecular Self-Assembly of Elc Layers Induced by Surface Highly Aligned Structure of Carbon.

  8. Slobodov A.A., Matuzenko M.Yu., Zubkova M.Yu., Evstrop'eva G.I. (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) Physicochemical Interactions in Superfine Multicomponent Systems – Thermodynamic Research and Calculation.

  9. Polikhronidi N.G., Stepanov G.V., Batyrova R.G., Rasulov A.R. (Makhachkala, Russia) The Thermal and Caloric Properties of the Hydrocarbone-Aqueous Solution Including the Surface Active Substance.

International Russian-French Bilaterial Seminar

"The Supercritical Fluids: from Theory up to Applications"

(Hall 4)
(1130 - 1330)

Chairman: Kiselev M.G.

  1. Gorbaty Yu.E., Bondarenko G.V. (Chernogolovka, Russia) A Percolation Model for Transition of Liquids into the Supercritical State.

  2. Idrissi  A. (Lille, France) Nearest Neighbor Assessments of Spatial Distribution in Sub and Supercritical CO2:A Molecular Dynamics Analysis.

  3. Valyashko V.M. (Moscow, Russia) Phase Trasformations of Supercritical Fluids in Ternary Systems.

  4. Damay P.L. (Lille, France) Structure and Dynamics of Supercritical Ethane (C2D6): A Neutron Scattering Investigation.

  5. Taissaing T. (Bordeaux, France) On the Solvation in Supercriticals Fluids from Combined ab-initio and Vibrational Spectroscopic Investigations.

  6. Oparin R.D., Fedotova M.V., Frolov A., Kiselev M.G. (Ivanovo, Russia) Self Organization of Carbon Dioxide Structure at Isothermal Compression and Isobaric Heating Conditions.

(1500 - 1800)

Chairman: Valyashko V.M.

  1. Lemenovskii D.A., Yurin S.A., Timofeev V.V., Popov V.K., Bagratashvili V.N., Brusova G.P., Gorbatii Yu.E., Lunin V.V. (Moscow, Russia) New Possibilities for Reactions of Ozone with Organic Compounds.

  2. Mercury L. (Orsay, France) Water and Some Aqueous Solutions Close to the Spinodal (Critical) Limit.

  3. Shmulovich K.I., Mercury L., Ramboz C., El Mekki М. (Chernogolovka, Russia ) Vapour Phase Nucleation in Aqueous Solutions at Negative Pressures.

  4. Bondarenko G.V., Gorbaty Yu.E. (Chernogolovka, Russia) Experimental Spectroscopic High-Temperature High- Pressure Techniques for Studying Liquid and Supercritical Fluids.

  5. Polezhaev V.I., Gorbuniov А.А., Nikitin S.A., Soboleva Е.B. (Moscow, Russia) Equilibrium and Convection in a Near Critical Fluid.

  6. Dmitrievskiy A.N., Skibitskaya N.A., Vul'fson A.N., Zekel' L.A., Pribylov A.A (Moscow, Russia) The Modification Henry Law and Sorption of Methane and Ethane High-Molecular Tars at Supercritical Temperatures and High Pressure.

  7. Kaplun A.B., Meshalkin A.B, (Novosibirsk, Russia) The Thermal Equation of State of Real Gases Including of Critical Region (Regular Part).

  8. Soetens J-C., Andanson J-M. (Bordeaux, France; London, U.K.) Investigation of Hydrogen-Bonding in Supercritical Alcohols by Molecular Dynamics Simulations.

  9. Kiselev M.G., Frolov A.I., Ivlev D.V., Dyshyn A.A. (Ivanovo, Russia) Structural and Dynamical Properties of Low Alcohols at Supercritical Parameter of State as Calculated from MD Simulation using Polarizable Models.

Poster Session
Section 2 (1130 - 1330)

  1. Damay P.L. (Lille, France) Structure and Dynamics of Supercritical Ethane (C2D6): A Neutron Scattering Investigation

  2. Motalov V.B., Butman M.F., Kudin L.S., Markus T. (Ivanovo, Russia; Juelich, Germany) Equilibrium Attainment and Activity Determination in Al2O3-Dy2O3 System.

  3. Abramov S.V., Serebrennikova A.L., Leskiv M.S., Spiridonov F.M., Knot’ko A.V., Chilingarov N.S., Sidorov L.N. (Moscow, Russia) Potassium Hexafluoroplatinate(IV): the Composition of Saturated Vapor and the Heat of Vaporization.

  4. Адамсон С.О., Белов Г.В., Деминский М.А., Иориш В.С., Окунь М.В., Токарь П.М., Ширабайкин Д.Б. (Москва, Россия) Pасчет термодинамических функций газообразных веществ с использованием результатов квантовохимических вычислений.

  5. Aksenova T.V., Gavrilova L.Ya., Voronin V.I., Proskurnina N.V., Cherepanov V.A. (Ekaterinburg, Russia) Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Complex Oxides in the Ln-Ba-Co-O Systems (Ln= Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho).

  6. Antina E.V., Guseva G.B., Rumyantsev E.V. (Ivanovo, Russia) Thermal-Oxidative Degradation Appropriateness of Linear Oligopyrroles.

  7. Antonava Z.A., Maksimuk Yu.V., Krouk V.S., Fiasko V.V. (Minsk, Belarus) Enthalpies of Formation for Fatty Acid Esters in Crystalline State.

  8. Antsyshkin D.V., Dunaeva A.N., Kuskov O.L. (Moscow, Russia) Thermodynamic Modeling of Phase Transitions in Ice-VI – Ice-VII – Water System.

  9. Arapova AV., Smirnova N.N., Bubnov M.P., Abakumov G.A. (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) Thermodynamics of o-Semiquinonic Complexes of Cobalt.

  10. Asabina E.A., Kir'yanov K.V., Zaripov A.R., Rovny S.I., Pet'kov V.I., Pavlov E.V. (Nizhniy Novgorod, Ozyorsk, Russia) Synthesis and Thermodynamic Properties of the Phosphate CsMgPO4.

  11. Badelin V.G., Venediktov E.A., Barannikov V.P. (Ivanovo, Russia) Investigation of Interaction of Pyridoxal Phosphate Coferment with Lysine in Aqueous Buffer Solution by Absorption and Luminescence Spectra and Calorimetry.

  12. Badelin V.G., Girichev G.V., Tyunina E.Yu., Krasnov A.V., Pelipetz O.V. (Ivanovo, Russia) Enthalpy Characteristics of Sublimation of the α-Amino Acids and Dipeptides and Their Connection with Descriptors of Molecular Structure.

  13. Bazyleva A.B., Kabo A.G., Blokhin A.V. (Minsk, Belarus) Formation Enthalpies of Some Adamantane Derivatives.

  14. Balantseva E.V., Antina E.V., Berezin M.B., Krasnov P.O., Vjugin A.I. (Ivanovo, Russia) The Thermochemical Approach in Studies of Intermolecular Interactions of Tetrakis(3,5-di-t-Butylphenyl) Porphirinats with Pyridine in Solutions and Solid Phase.

  15. Bessonov A.A., Morozova N.B., Semyannikov P.P., Trubin S.V., Gelfond N.V., Irumenov I.K. (Novosibirsk, Russia) Thermal Properties of Dimethylgold(III) Carboxylates.

  16. Bolotnikov M.F., Neruchev Y.A., Ryshkova O.S. (Kursk, Russia) Research of the Temperature Dependence of the Densities and Viscosities of 1-Bromoalkanes.

  17. Borovskikh L.V., Mazo G.N., Leonova L.S. (Moscow, Chernogolovka, Russia) Complex Cobalt Oxides: Synthesis, Transport and Catalytic Properties.

  18. Burakova E.N., Emeljanenko V.N., Pisarev P.N., Roganov G.N. (Mogilev, Belarus) Thermodynamics of Isomerization and Polymerization of Valerolactones.

  19. Vedmid L.B., Yankin A.M., Golikov Yu.V., Fedorova O.M., Balakirev V.F., (Ekaterinburg, Russia) Thermodynamic Characteristics of TmMnO3 Compound.

  20. Vedmid L.B., Jankin A.M., Golikov J.V., Fedorova O.M., Balakirev V.F. (Ekaterinburg, Russia) P-T-X Diagram of State for Tm-Mn-O System.

  21. Vishnyakov D.A., Zaitsev D.D., Kazin P.E., Tretyakov Yu.D. (Moscow, Russia) Phase Relations in the Systhem SrO-Fe2O3-GeO2.

  22. Gamburg Yu.D. (Moscow, Russia) The Amorphous Iron - Tungsten-Hydrogen Alloys Obtained by Electrochemical Synthesis.

  23. Garifzianova G.G., Shamov A.G. (Kazan, Russia) A Theoretical Study the Mechanism of Monomolecular Decomposition of the Some Alkyl Benzene and its Cation Radical.

  24. Гришин А.Е., Крючков А.С. Бутман М.Ф., Кудин Л.С., Моталов В.Б., Наконечный С.Н. (Иваново, Россия) Tермодинамика сублимации некоторых трибромидов лантанидов.

  25. Grosheva A.A, Bykov M.A., Emelina A.L., Kiskin M.A., Dobrokhotova J.V. (Moscow, Russia) The Investigation of Complex Pivalates of Samarium, Gadolinium and Ferrum (III) Thermolysis by the Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Thermogravimetry.

  26. Gulyaeva R.I., Selivanov E.N. (Ekaterinburg, Russia) The Study of the Thermodynamic Equilibria in CaZnSO-O2 and CaZnSO-CO Systems.

  27. Gurevich V.M., Kuskov O.L., Smirnova N.N., Gavrichev K.S. (Moscow, Russia) Thermodynamic Functions of Eskolaite Cr2O3(cr) in the Range 01800 K.

  28. Демидов В.Н., Савинова А.И., Пахомова Т.Б., Александрова Е.А. (Санкт-Петербург, Россия) Проявление сольватационных и внутрисферных лигандных эффектов в эсп тетраазахромофоров нового класса – 2,9-диметил-1,10-фенантроцианинов Pd(II) и 1,10-фенантроцианинов Pt(II).

  29. Dibrivnyi V.M., Melnyk H.V., Rayevsky Y.A. (Lviv, Ukraine) Equilibrium Liquid – Vapour and Excessive Thermodynamic Function of Benzene - 3 Metyl 3-Tret.Hexylperoxy-1-Trimethylsilyl-1-Butin.

  30. Druzhinina A.I., Varushchenko R.M. (Moscow, Russia) Saturated Vapor Pressure for the Entire Range of Liquid Phase for Some Perfluoric Bicyclic Compaunds and Their Hydrogen Derivatives.

  31. Efimova A.A., Druzhinina A.I., Varushchenko R.M. (Moscow, Russia) Saturated Vapour Pressure and Low-Ntemperature Heat Capacity of 1-Bromoperfluorooctane.

  32. Efimova Yu.A., Abakumov G.A., Petrov B.I., Khamylov V.K., Pochekutova T.S. (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) Regularities of Evaporation Process Thermodynamic Characteristics for Alkaline Earth -Diketonate Complexes Depending on the Ligand Structure and Central Metal Atom.

  33. Zherikova K.V., Morozova N.B., Zelenina L.N., Sysoev S.V., Semyannikov P.P., Gelfond N.V., Igumenov I.K. (Novosibirsk, Russia) Synthesis and Thermal Properties of the Volatile Hafnium(IV) and Zirconium(IV) Compounds.

  34. Журавлёв В.И., Гринева О.В., Лифанова Н.В., Усачёва Т.М. (Москва, Россия) Kластеры в органических жидкостях и их описание на основе диэлектрических данных.

  35. Zaitsau Dz.H., Blokhin A.V., Kabo G.J., Petrusevich I.I. (Minsk, Belarus) Thermodynamic Properties and Diffusion Parameters for Pheromones.

  36. Zyuzin I.N., Lempert D.B., Prokudin V.G. (Chernogolovka, Russia) Enthalpies of Formation of Alkoxy-Nno-Azoxy Substances in the Gas Phase.

  37. Ivanov D.A., Kudin L.S., Vorobiev D.E., Sliznev V.V., Butman M.F. (Ivanovo, Russia) Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Structure and Thermodynamic Properties of Saturated Vapor Constituents in the System NaBr-LaBr3.

  38. Ivanov D.Yu. (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) Coexistence Curve of Quantum Liquids.

  39. Kon’kova T.S., Matyushin Y.N., Miroshnichenko E.A., Vorob’ev A.B. (Moscow, Russia) Thermochemistry of Complex Salts of Transitive Metals of a Chloric Acid with Tetrazols of Ligands.

  40. Kopylov V.B., Sergeev E.V. (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) Experimenal and the Thermodynamic Analysis of Processes of Carry of Oxygen in Oxides and Oxides Ceramics.

  41. Krasnov A.V., Girichev G.V., Zyabko I.O. (Ivanovo, Russia) Thermodynamics of Sublimation of Copper Phtalocianine(CuPс) and Dichlorotin Phtalocianine (SnCl2Pс).

  42. Krasnykh E.L., Leolko A.S. (Samara, Russia) Enthalpies of Vaporization of Esters. Analysis of Prediction Methods.

  43. Krol O.V., Druzhinina A. I., Varuschenko R. M., Dorofeeva O. D. (Moscow, Russia) The Heat Capacities and Thermodynamic Function of Some Derivatives of Ferrocene.

  44. Курлов А.С., Гусев А.И. (Екатеринбург, Россия) Фазовые равновесия в системе вольфрам-углерод, связанные с низшим карбидом W2C.

  45. Litvinenko V.Э., Lytkin А.I., Chernyavskaya N.V. (Ivanovo, Russia) The Standart Enthalpies of Formation Crystalline Diethylentriamine– N, N, N, N, N- Pentaacetic Asid and Products of its Dissociation.

  46. Lopatin S.I., Shugurov S.M. (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) Thermodynamic Properties of Gaseous Alkalyearth Metal Silicates.

  47. Malkerova I.P., Alikhanyan A.S., Kuzmina N.P. (Moscow, Russia) Mass-Spectrometric Ivestigation of Volatile Mixed Complexes of Barium and Calcium β-Diketonates.

  48. Medvedeva A.S., Timoshkin A.Y. (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) Thermodynamic Characteristics of Borazine Complex Formation with Lewis Acids and Bases.

  49. Miroshnichenko E.A., Kon’kova T.S., Inozemtcev J.O., orob'eva V.P., Paschenko L.L. Matyushin Y.N. (Moscow, Russia) The Formation Enthalpies оf Nitroethyl Radicals.

  50. Moiseeva N.F., Dorofeeva O.V. (Moscow, Russia) Thermodynamic Properties of Organophosphorus Compounds: Group Additivity Values from Quantum Chemical Calculations.

  51. Николаев В.Ф., Николаев И.В., Исмагилова Г.И., Султанова Р.Б., Катаев В.Е. (Казань, Россия) Kвазикристаллическая модель описания физико-химических свойств индивидуальных неэлектролитов и их гипотетических гомоморфов.

  52. Onufriev S.V., Petukhov V.A., Chekhovskoi V.Ya. (Moscow, Russia) Thermal Expansion of Molibdenum and Niobium in the Range of High Temperatures.

  53. Papina T.S., Lukyanova V.A., Didenko K.V.(Moscow, Russia) The Standard Enthalpy of Formation of Silver Pivalate.

  54. Paukov I.E., Kovalevskaya Yu.A., Kiseleva I.A., Shuriga T.N. (Novosibirsk, Moscow Russia) Natural Micas: Thermodynamic Properties at Low Temperatures.

  55. Pimerzin A.A., Verevkin S.P. (Samara, Russia) Strain and Entropy of Isomerization in Hydrogenated Phenalenes, Acenaphthenes, and Fluorenes from Experiment and ab initio Calculations.

  56. Pisarev P.N., Volkova E.S., Petrova-Kuminskaja S.V., Roganov G.N. (Mogilev, Belarus) Thermodynamic Properties of Some Derivatives of Aromatic Six-Member N-Heterocycles in the State of Ideal Gas.

  57. Pogrebnoi A.M., Pogrebnaya T.P., Kudin L.S. (Ivanovo, Russia) Thermodynamic and Structural Characteristics of Ionic Associates in Vapors Over Sodium Fluoride and Chloride.

  58. Pokrasin M.A., Roshchupkin V.V., Mozgovoy A.G., Sobol N.L. (Moscow, Russia) The Pressure of Saturated Vapors of Liquid Bismuthin a Wide Temperature Range.

  59. Prokaeva M.A., Pushkin D.V., Serezhkina L.B., Serezhkin V.N., Kudryashov S.Y., Onuchak L.A. (Samara, Russia) The Interpendence of Absorption Heat and Molecular Shapes of Hydrocarbons.

  60. Raevsky Yu. , Van-Chyn-Sian Yu. Kochubey V., Sergeev V.,Galatyn I. (Lvov, Ukraine) Thermodynamics Properties of Some Aldehydes, Acids and Ethers of Acrylic Line.

  61. Ratkova Е.L., Kochergina L.А. (Ivanovo, Russia) Thermodynamic Parameters of Complex Formation of D,L-Threonine in Aqueous Solutions.

  62. Ремпель С.В., Гусев А.И (Екатеринбург, Россия) Фазовые равновесия и фазовая диаграмма тройной системы Zr – Nb – C.

  63. Kaplun A.B., Meshalkin A.B. (Novosibirsk, Russia) The Thermal Equation of State of Real Gases Including of Critical Region (Regular Part).

  64. Vodenkova N.N., Verevkin S.P., Della Gatta G. (Samara, Russia, Turin, Italy) Determination of the Vaporization Enthalpies of a Homologous Series of Linear Alkane-α,ω- Dinitriles by the Transpiration Method.

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