The First Russian Language and Literature Week in Britain 14-20 April 2008 press release as part of this year’s unprecedented programme of Russian cultural events

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The First Russian Language and Literature Week in Britain

14-20 April 2008

As part of this year’s unprecedented programme of Russian cultural events,

Academia Rossica launches the First Russian Language and Literature Week in the UK.
With more than 100 leading Russian writers, publishers and journalists arriving in London, Russian Literature Week will provide a long-awaited platform for open inter-cultural dialogue and the exchange of opinions between Russian and British intellectuals. It is a rare opportunity for the British public to hear the views of distinguished Russian intellectuals directly.
The central focus of the Week will be the first ever Russian stand at the London Book Fair (14-16 April, Earls Court, London). It will present a continuous 3-day programme of debates on contemporary Russian culture, politics and the future of Russo-British relations. This discussion is particularly current in relation to the Russian presidential elections, and changes in Russia’s development and the country’s standing in the world community.
Speakers include:

  • Vladimir Grigoriev, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications, publisher (Vagrius), founder of the Big Book Prize (second largest cash award, after the Nobel)

  • Dmitry Bykov, writer, winner of the Big Book Prize 2007

  • Sergey Mironenko, historian, Director of the State Archive of the Russian Federation

  • Alexander Ilichevsky, winner of the Russian Booker Prize 2007, editor at Svoboda radio

  • Alexander Drozdov, Director of the First President of Russia Boris Yeltsin Foundation

  • Alexander Arkhangelskiy, writer, Kultura TV presenter (Russian main cultural TV channel)

as well as

and other key Russian and British writers, publishers and intellectuals.
Discussions will focus on 3 main themes:

  • New Heroes of New Russian Literature: a reflection of new Russia in new Russian writing

  • A Recreation of Russian National Identity; through the reassessment of Russian history

  • New Russia - New Hopes: Russia’s standing in the world community

Other events of the Week include:

  1. Translating Russia: a special evening at the Royal Society of Literature – 14 April

  2. Evening talks and discussions at the Waterstone’s Piccadilly – 15-18 April

  3. Programme launch: Grants for Translation of Contemporary Russian Literature into English

  4. Forum of Russian language teachers – 17 April, School of Slavonic Studies, UCL

  5. Screenings of films based on Russian literature – 19-20 April, Apollo Cinema, Piccadilly


The first Russian Language and Literature Week is organised by Academia Rossica, a London based cultural organisation, aiming to strengthen cultural and intellectual links between Britain and Russia. The Week is supported by the Yeltsin Foundation (Moscow), Russkiy Mir foundation (Moscow), Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications and the Russian Embassy in London.

For more information please contact Academia Rossica:

Tel: 0203 326 0522; 020 79337 5001;

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