The Eighth Santa Fe Conference on Rock Magnetism

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The Eighth Santa Fe Conference on Rock Magnetism

St. John’s College, Santa Fe NM

Thursday June 24 – Sunday June 27, 2010


The conference, sponsored by the Institute for Rock Magnetism with support from NSF, will feature a format promoting in-depth discussions centered on the following themes: 1) Successful Developments in Paleointensity; 2) Extra-terrestrial Magnetism; 3) Environmental Magnetism; and 4) Quantitative Modeling of Mineral Magnetic Data.

A small number of speakers (invited by the session chairs) will begin each session with critiques of particular relevant issues, to serve as starting points for discussion. All participants are encouraged to come armed with a few overhead transparencies or Powerpoint slides to contribute to the discussion as time permits and at the discretion of the session chairs. No abstract submission is required, but participants are encouraged to discuss potential presentation materials with the session chairs (listed on following page) in advance.

Thanks to the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation, there is no conference registration fee, and no cost for on-site accommodations (double-occupancy dormitory room, meals in the cafeteria and coffee breaks). For accompanying spouses or other nonparticipant guests, $205 will cover room and meals. An optional pre-meeting field trip to the Valles Caldera National Preserve will be held Thursday June 24, and field trip participants will be able to check in at St John's on Wednesday.

Registration Instructions

1. Fill in the information in the spaces provided and then save the file.

2. Non-participating spouses or other guests must be registered and pay room and board costs if staying on campus.

3. Submit your application in one of the following ways: A) e-mail the completed registration form to; B) fax to the IRM at 612-625-7502; or C) if you will be accompanied by a nonparticipating spouse or other person, send a printout of your completed application form and a check for accompanying nonparticipant.

4. Field-trip registration and fee payment must be done separately online (

Institute for Rock Magnetism

University of Minnesota

291 Shepherd Labs 612-624-5274

100 Union St SE fax 612-625-7502

Minneapolis MN 55455

Tentative Schedule and Session Summary

Wednesday, June 23

2:00-5:30 pm: Registration and room check-in for field-trip participants. Evening free.
Thursday, June 24

8:30 am – 3:00 pm (approx): Field trip to Valles Caldera (John Geissman, leader)

2:00-5:30 pm: Registration and room check-in

7:00 pm: Welcome and Opening Comments
(Bruce Moskowitz, IRM, U. of Minnesota)

7:10 pm: Evening Session: Keynote lecture on dynamos and planetary magnetism:
Title TBA
(Peter Olson, Johns Hopkins University)
Friday, June 25

9:00 am: Morning Session: Successful Developments in Paleointensity
(Joshua Feinberg and Yohan Guyodo, coordinators)

1:30 pm: Afternoon Session: Extra-terrestrial Magnetism: Materials and Processes
(Mike Fuller and Kristin Lawrence, coordinators)

7:00 pm: Evening: free

Saturday, June 26

9:00 am: Morning Session I: Keynote lecture on Iron Chemistry, Mineralogy and Analytical Techniques
Title TBA
(Brandy Toner, Dept. of Soil, Water, and Climate, University of Minnesota)

10:45 am: Morning Session II: Environmental Magnetism
(Ghristoph Geiss and Richard Reynolds, coordinators)

2:00 pm: Afternoon Session: Quantitative Modeling of Mineral Magnetic Data
(Andrew Newell and Aleksey Smirnov, coordinators)

7:00 pm: Evening: free

Sunday, June 27

7:30-9:00 am: continental breakfast, Junior Commons

9:00 am: Morning Session: Teaching Paleomagnetism
(Bruce Moskowitz and Laurie Brown, coordinators)

noon: check-out and departure

Santa Fe 8 Registration Form

Participant Information




Field Trip (check one of the following)

 I intend to participate (and will register and pay $110 fee online). Includes Wednesday night lodging, meals and field trip transportation.
 I do not intend to participate.

Housing Preference (check one of the following)

 Standard (no cost, thanks to the sponsorship of NSF). Includes three nights lodging (room shared with another conference participant), all meals and coffee breaks.
Roommate Preference(s):     
 Accompanied ($205). Includes three nights lodging (room shared with spouse or other nonparticipating guest), all meals and coffee breaks for participant and guest.


Payment Information

Payment for accompanying persons must be made by check (US dollars only), payable to the University of Minnesota (mail to IRM).

Payment for the field trip (participants and accompanying persons) must be made online (follow link from

Return this form by May 31, 2010 to:

Institute for Rock Magnetism, University of Minnesota, 291 Shepherd Laboratories, 100 Union Street S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455-0128

fax: 612-625-7502


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