Testing # 791 for transponder

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When connecting the #791 for the transponder bypass, make sure that the RED wire from the #791 is connected to 12v constant and the BLUE wire is connected to the WHITE (thin) 16ga wire and the ORANGE wire must be to GROUND. (no other wires on the #791 need to be connected for the TRANSPONDER INSTALLITION) on the 3 pin harness from the relay pack as stated in the manual. The ANTENNA LOOP that is used to transmit the TRANSPONDER key SIGNAL form the #791 to the RECIEVING ANTENNA on the IGNITION SWITCH TUMBLER, comes with 3 LOOPS on the antenna, it is best to have at least 8 to 10 LOOPS on this antenna to get a proper signal to the receiver at the tumble..............When placing the TRANSPONDER KEY inside of the GRAY RIBBON CABLE in the #791 module, make sure that the key is placed in-between the cable without any obstructions, the tape that is sent with the units to hold the key in place, should be attached to the lid to press the ribbon cable tightly against the key do not have tape wrapped around the key as this will interfere with signal from the key.
To test the #781, unplug the WHITE plug from the ANTENNA, that plugs into the P.C. board on the inside of the #781 and run a CONTINNUITY TEST across both of the wires in the end of the WHITE antenna plug on the antenna, THEY should show CONTINNUITY, then test the 2 pins in the plug on the # 781, without the remote starter being activated there should be NO CONTINNUITY on the 2 pins, when you activate the remote starter then the 2 pins should show CONTINNUITY, press the STOP button, and it should again go away the unit tests fine...........
NOTE**** When connecting the # 781 up to GM's PK 3 (PASSKEY 3) connect the YELLOW/BLACK wire from the #781 to 12v constant and connect the WHITE wire from the # 781 to the YELLOW/BLACK(thin) 16ga. wire on the 3 pin harness on the relay pack AND NOT to the WHITE 16 ga. wire as stated in the manual...........

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