Temporary relocation of logos and tods signs during construction

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Section 630 of the Standard Specifications is hereby revised and shall include the followings:

The Contractor shall cooperate with CDOT’s LOGOS and TODS contractor Colorado Logos Inc. to arrange for signs listed in this spec to be temporary reset and stay visible from the same direction of travel during construction.
The Contractor shall coordinate with the Engineer and Colorado Logos, Inc. to establish temporary locations for the mainline and ramp signs. The Contractor shall submit a plan to the Engineer for approval. The plan should include a method to minimize relocation during the construction phase and to insure that relocated signs meet all MUTCD and CDOT Standards for typical ground sign placement S-614-1 and breakaway requirements for installation. Upon approval, the Contractor shall give two weeks written notice to Colorado Logos Inc. to relocate signs. If the signs are not reset within the two-week period, the contractor may remove the signs and not be held responsible for their condition or final disposition.
Temporary sign posts when required, removal and relocation of TOD and LOGO signs is the responsibility of Colorado Logos Inc. Signs may be reset onto skids if approved by the engineer and placed outside the clear zone or protected by concrete barrier or guardrail. If the Logo Signs are damaged by Construction Operations, the Contractor will be required to repair or replace, otherwise Colorado Logos shall be responsible for damage to the signs. The Colorado Logos will reset the signs to the final locations as specified in the plans.

List of Logos signs for this project:
2 Northbound (Eastbound) Logo Signs:
MP xxx Food sign Size 10’x12’

MP xxx Gas sign Size 10’x 12’

2 Southbound (Westbound) Logo Signs:
MP xxx Lodging 10’x 15’

MP xxx Food sign Size 10’x12’

Colorado Logos Inc.

Mr. Brian P. Sauber, Manager

303-462-2320 or


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