Study Questions Chapter 2 Organization Renewal

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Mgmt 445

Study Questions

Chapter 2 – Organization Renewal

E. West

  1. What do the authors mean by “organizational renewal?” Why is it important?

2. What kind of challenges does a “hyperturbulent environment” present to an organization? What is it like to work for an organization that has this kind of environment. Any examples from your group members?

3. Be able to explain Figure 2 on page 36. Where would you put PSU in this model of “adaptive orientation”? What about the field of technology? Banking/finance? Health care? Your group’s organization? Be able to justify your decisions.
4. What is a system? Give an example and explain why it qualifies. (b) From your classroom experience thus far in Mgmt 445, explain two ways in which this class operates as a system.
5. Give examples of feedback utilized in the classroom. (b) Explain the “interconnectedness” between this class and the larger university system.
6. Why is systems thinking helpful when studying organizations? Families? Cities?

(b) Explain the quote, “The entire ocean is affected by a pebble.”

7. The authors refer to an organization as “an open sociotechnical system of coordinated human and technical activities.” What does this mean? What are the various subsystems of this model? Are some subsystems more important than others? Explain.
8. The authors suggest that “planned change efforts” (or OD) can focus on individual, group, or organization behavior. Give an example of each and explain why each one qualifies.

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