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4050 Esplanade Way
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0950
Tel: 850-488-2786 | Fax: 850-922-6149

Rick Scott, Governor

Chad Poppell, Secretary




Main Phone: (850) 488-8440 Main Fax: (850) 414-6122

(850) 414-8331

Purchasing Bureaus

Contract Management
Richard Chatel, Bureau Chief, PMP®

(850) 414-7657, 370A

Category Manager Supervisor– Brenda Wells, CPPB, FCPM, FCPA, FCCN, FCCM

(850) 488-6904, 370.2Z

ID #0002922

Floor Coverings with Related Supplies, Equipment and Services

Library Materials

Contract Manager – Corina Chiorescu, MPA, FCCM

(850) 487-9847, 370.1Z
Furniture: Educational/Institutional

Furniture: Library

Furniture: Office and Files

Mail Processing Equipment

Mail Services

Online Database Investigations

Statewide and Global Courier Services

Contract Manager – Jennifer Hyatt, FCCM

(850) 414-6741, 370.2X
Auto Parts

Boat Motors

Fire Sprinkler System Inspection Services

Fleet Maintenance Services

Medium & Heavy Trucks

Motor Vehicles

Pest Control Services

Tires, Tubes and Services

Contract Manager – Christopher McMullen, JD

(850) 922-9867, 370.2Y

Agriculture and Lawn Equipment

Construction & Industrial Equipment

Floor Maintenance Machines, Commercial

Fuel Card Services

Industrial Equipment and Tool Rental

Lawn Care Maintenance

Mobile On-site Shredding Services

MRO: Facilities Maintenance Supplies (WSCA)

Tools: Hand Held, and Hand Held Power Tools

Category Manager – Vacant

(850) 414-6740, 370.1Y

Audio & Video Equipment and Accessories

Computer Equipment, Peripherals & Services

Equipment Maintenance Management Services (EMMS)

Information Technology Equipment, Software & Services (GSA Schedule 70)

IT Products & Services (US Communities)

Land Mobile FM or PM Communications Equipment

Multifunction Products, Printers, Facsimile Equipment, Scanners, Related Software, Supplies, and Services

WSCA Data Communications Products & Services 14-19

Contract Manager Supervisor – Gregory Bunn, MS

(850) 488-4945, 360.9Z
Body Armor (Protective Vests)

Defense Products

Information Technology (IT) Consulting Services

IT Research and Advisory Services (Gartner)



Uniforms and Clothing Apparel

Contract Manager – Jillian Green, FCCM

(850) 414-6131, 360.8Y
Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Software

Office and Educational Consumables

Contract Manager – Stephanie Wyland

(850) 488-8367, 360.8X
Energy Savings

IT Disaster Recovery Services

Mainframe and Other Software

Microsoft License, Maintenance, & Services

Purchasing Card Services

Contract Manager – Frank Miller, FCCM, SSGB

(850) 488-8855, 360.9X

Commercial Paper and Other Facility Items

Custodial Services

Financial and Performance Audits

Food Delivery Prime Vendor Services

GSA Schedule 84 - ACS

Management Consulting Services

Medical & Dental Supplies

Paper: Office, Virgin and Recycled Content

Potable Water and Food Grade Ice for Emergency Operations

Research Laboratory Supplies

Security Office Services

Telephone Based Interpreter Services

Temporary Employment Staffing Services

Contract Manager – Jessica Koburger, FCCM, SSYB

(850) 922-1214, 370.1X

Bulk Fuel, Gasoline and Diesel

Capacity Management and Acquisition of Natural Gas Supply

Liquefied Petroleum Gas

IT/Special Projects

Jerilyn Bailey, Bureau Chief, FCCN, FCCM

(850) 488-2773, 360F

Category Manager – Sharita Newman, FCCM

(850) 921-4072, 360.3Z

Associate Category Manager – Jason Tuck, FCCM

(850) 921-9231, 360.4X

Associate Category Manager – Joel Atkinson

(850) 487-0758, 360.2Z
Associate Category Manager – Donna Smith, PMP®, CPPO, CPPB, FCPM, FCPA, FCCN, FCCM

(850) 488-4946, 360.1X

Category Manager – Trey Collins, CPPB, FCPA, FCCM

(850) 488-9996, 360.4Z
Rental Vehicles

Associate Category Manager – Justin Boynton

(850) 410-0978, 360.3Y

Associate Category Manager – Jose Montalvan

(850) 488-1985, 360.4Y

Associate Category Manager – Mina Barekat, CPM, CSM, FCCN, FCCM

(850) 487-1463, 360.1Z

Jesse Tillman, Bureau Chief, FCCN, FCCM

(850) 487-3977, 360G

Category Manager – Stephanie Sanford, CPM, FCCN, FCCM

(850) 921-7874, 360.6Z

Associate Category Manager – Leslie Gallegos Williams, MAB, FCCM

(850) 488-8366, 360.5Y

Associate Category Manager – Katherine Ajmeri

(850) 921-0030, 360.6X
Associate Category Manager – Jill Soderberg, MBA, FCCM

(850) 488-7996, 360.9Y

Insurance Coverage Program

Category Manager – Frank Dichio

(850) 487-4196, 360.8Z

Associate Category Manager – Claudia Cooper, CPPB, FCPA, FCPM, FCCM

(850) 488-0050, 360.7Z

Associate Category Manager – George Rozes, JD, CPM, FCCM

(850) 921-0033, 360.6Y

Associate Category Manager – Beverly Butler, FCCM

(850) 410-2426, 360.7Y

Office of the Director of State Purchasing

Roz Ingram, Director of State Purchasing & Chief Procurement Officer, PMP®, CPM, FCCN

(850) 488-3049, 360J

Debbie Burch, Office Manager

(850) 414-6755, 360.7X

Deputy Director - Procurement

Cliff Nilson, Deputy Director, JD, FCCN

(850) 488-7804, 360H

Finance & Customer Service

Leigh Anne Frechette, Chief of Operations

(850) 414-5790, 380I

Daniel Seavey, Data Analyst

(850) 488-7540, 370.4Z

Tammy Clark, Administrative Assistant I

(850) 487-4197, 360.5Z

Governance & Professional Development
Daniel May, Governance and Training Manager

(850) 487-3833, 380H

Leesa Gibson, Curriculum Designer

(850) 488-5900, 380.9Y

Gerard Steele, Curriculum Designer, MS, FCCM

(850) 488-5498, 380.8Y

Sonya Longfellow, Instruction & Education Coordinator

(850) 921-9211, 380.8Z

Lisa Eaton, Instruction & Education Coordinator, PhD, PMP®, FCCN, FCCM, SSGB

(850) 488-8441, 380.9Z

Sonia Taylor, Operations Review Specialist

(850) 487-1462, 380.9X

Vacant, OPS

487-2304, 370.4Y

State Purchasing Operations Team (MFMP)

Judson Freeman, MFMP Program Manager, FCCM

(850) 488-7809, 370.3Z

Vacant, MFMP Business Analyst


Eric Swanson, MFMP Business Analyst, APM, FCCM

(850) 661-4337, 370.3X

Bruce Roberts, MFMP Business Analyst

(850) 597-5809, 370.4X
MFMP Customer Service Desk (866) 352-3776

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