Specific powers of railroad corporations A. Railroad corporations may

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4080940-809.  Specific powers of railroad corporations

A.  Railroad corporations may:

1.  Make surveys and select routes for railroad and telegraph lines, and for that purpose, enter upon private and public lands and waters, subject to responsibility for all damage caused thereby.

2.  Lay out the railroad not exceeding two hundred feet wide, and construct and maintain it with single or double track, with facilities the directors deem necessary for the convenient use thereof.

3.  Construct the railroad and telegraph lines across, along or upon any stream of water, water course, street or highway, or across any railway, canal, ditch or flume which the lines intersect, cross or run along.  The corporation shall restore them to their former state as near as possible in order not to impair their use or injure the franchises of others unnecessarily.

4.  Cross, intersect or unite the railroad with any other railroad theretofore constructed at any points on the route thereof, and upon the premises of the other railroad, with the turn out, sidings, switches and other conveniences necessary to make and complete the intersections and connections.  The railroads shall unite in making the intersections and connections and the facilities therefor upon terms agreed upon between them, but, if they are unable to agree upon the compensation therefor, or the points at which, or the manner in which the intersections and connections shall be made, the compensation shall be ascertained and declared in the manner provided by law relating to eminent domain for taking private property for use of such corporations.

5.  Take lands and materials to be used in the construction and maintenance of railroad and telegraph lines in the manner provided by law relating to eminent domain in the event such lands and materials cannot be obtained by agreement with the owners thereof.

6.  Transport persons and property on their railroad and collect compensation therefor.

7.  Take and enjoy by purchase, donation or condemnation as provided by law relating to eminent domain, natural springs and streams of water, or as much thereof as necessary in operating the railroad, together with the right of way thereto for pipes, ditches, canals and aqueducts for transporting the water thereof.

8.  Regulate the speed of locomotives or other machinery used on the railroad, and establish, execute and enforce all useful regulations for management of its trains and business, and for securing the comfort, safety and good behavior of passengers, employees and agents, and for prevention and suppression of gambling on its cars.

9.  Expel from its cars, using no more force than necessary, any passenger who upon demand refuses to pay his fare or who behaves in a rude, riotous or disorderly manner toward other passengers or the employees of the corporation in charge of the cars, or, upon his attention being called thereto, persists in violating the rules of the corporation against gambling on the cars.

B.  For the purposes of making embankments, excavations, ditches, drains, culverts and similar works, and of procuring timber, stone, gravel and other materials for the construction and security of the railroad, the corporation may take and occupy as much more land as necessary or convenient for such purposes.

C.  If a railroad company's right of way, track or roadbed upon its right of way passes through a canyon, pass or defile, it shall not prevent any other railroad from occupancy and use of the canyon, pass or defile in common with the railroad first located, or the crossing of other railroads at grades.  Necessary expenses shall be equitably divided between the railroads occupying and using the same canyon, pass or defile. 40809

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