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No. 616


ADOPTED: November 12, 2002


1. Purpose

It is the Joint Operating Committee's intent to direct prompt payment of bills but at the same time to ensure that due care has been taken in the review of the school's bills.

2. Authority

SC 439, 607, 1155

Each bill or obligation of the Joint Operating Committee must be fully itemized, verified and passed upon by the Joint Operating Committee before a check can be drawn for its payment, except that the Supervisor of Business Operations is permitted to draw payment orders for:

SC 427, 439

  1. The prompt payment of items that will accrue to the school's advantage.

  1. Progress payments to contractors specified in a contract approved by the Joint Operating Committee.

  1. Orders to cover approved payrolls and agency account deposits.

  1. Utility bills in months the Joint Operating Committee does not meet.

3. Delegation of Responsibility

It shall be the responsibility of the Supervisor of Business Operations or designee upon receipt of an invoice to verify that the purchase invoice is in order, goods were received in acceptable condition or services were satisfactorily rendered, funds are available to cover the payment, the Joint Operating Committee had budgeted for the item, and invoice is for the amount contracted.

Should the invoice vary from the acknowledged purchase order, the Supervisor of Business Operations shall document on the invoice the reason for such variance.

SC 607, 687

If funds are not available in the account to which a purchase was or will be charged, the Supervisor of Business Operations shall determine the overage and request the Joint Operating Committee make a legal transfer to cover it.

All claims for payment shall be submitted to the Joint Operating Committee and recorded in the minutes of the Joint Operating Committee meeting.

The list of bills shall include for each:

  1. Check number.

  1. Check date.

  1. Vendor name and comment.

  1. Amount of remittance.

SC 427, 433,


All checks approved by the Joint Operating Committee shall be signed by the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Joint Operating Committee Secretary, and Treasurer.

4. Guidelines

Act 276 of 1974

Signatures of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer and Joint Operating Committee Secretary may be engraved on a signature plate or stamp.

No check shall be made out to cash.

Sales Tax

72 P.S. 7204(12)

The school is exempt from sales tax on the purchase of tangible, personal property or services that are sold or used by the school. The school shall control use of its sales tax exemption number issued by the Department of Revenue, in compliance with established regulations. The exemption number shall be used only when buying property or services for use by the school.

The school shall obtain a sales tax license number for school organizations who purchase items to be resold.

In order to monitor these activities, the Supervisor of Business Operations shall develop procedures to assure coordination and accumulation of information and proper reporting and remittance to the Department of Revenue.

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