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No. 907


ADOPTED: March 18, 2008




1. Authority

SC 510

The Board welcomes and encourages visits to school by parents/guardians, adult residents and interested educators. To ensure order in the schools, it is necessary for the Board to establish policy governing school visits.

2. Delegation of Responsibility

The Superintendent or designee and building principal have the authority to prohibit the entry of any individual to a district school, in accordance with Board guidelines.

3. Guidelines

  1. Individuals wishing to visit any school within the district shall make arrangements through the principal’s office a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours in advance. The visit shall be limited to only the specified purpose in order to minimize disruptions and to protect the confidentiality of children in the classroom. Visits will be limited to no more than forty-five (45) minutes per semester per child, unless the principal approves alternative arrangements.

  1. Upon arrival at the school, approved visitors shall enter the designated entrance and report to the area office where they will register and receive a visitor badge. The badge shall be displayed at all times during the visit. At the conclusion of the visit, the visitor shall sign out in the area office before leaving the building.

  1. Staff members shall be expected to require a visitor’s pass, confirming they have registered at the school office and received proper authorization.

  1. The classroom teacher shall have the right to terminate any classroom visitation if the visitation is substantially affecting normal classroom procedures or is disruptive to the instruction of the children.

  1. Visitors shall refrain from interacting with staff or students or intervening with the instruction unless invited by the principal or teacher to do so.

  1. If the visitation is terminated by the classroom teacher and the visitor is asked to leave, the teacher shall immediately notify the principal’s office.

  1. Should an emergency require that a student be called to the school office to meet a visitor, the principal or designee shall be present during the meeting.

  1. Visitors who arrange for a classroom visitation shall be given instructions in written form or, if the visitor is visually impaired, the instructions will be presented verbally. Visitors shall be required to sign and date a statement verifying that they have received, understand, and agree to follow the classroom Visitation Procedures and Confidentiality Guidelines. Visitors shall not be permitted to visit the classroom until they sign the verification statement.

Student Visitors
The parent/guardian of a minor child who is not currently enrolled in the district may contact the appropriate building administrator to schedule a school visit for the purpose of touring the school and/or observing one or more classes. A minor child who is not enrolled as a student in the district will not be permitted to attend or visit a school in the district unless:

  1. The child’s parent/guardian has obtained the approval of the building administrator at which the visit will occur.

  1. The building administrator has determined, prior to granting approval, that the nature and length of the visit will not disrupt the school’s classroom activities or academic programs.

  1. The parent/guardian of the child accompanies the child to school on the date(s) of the scheduled visit.

4. Both the parent/guardian and the child follow the registration and other visitor procedures described in this policy.

No such minor child is permitted to ride a district school bus or other transportation facility to or from a district school absent special circumstances approved by the Superintendent.

School Code – 24 P.S. Sec. 510

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