Section: community title: relations with special interest groups

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No. 913


ADOPTED: March 11, 2003


1. Purpose

Any requests from civic organizations or special interest groups that involve activities such as patriotic functions, contests, exhibits, sales of products to or by students, scholarships, fundraising, or disseminating literature/materials must be examined to ensure that such activities primarily promote student interests, rather than the special interests of any particular group.

2. Authority

SC 775

Pol. 707

It is the policy of the Joint Operating Committee that school facilities be used in accordance with the guidelines established in policy.
The Joint Operating Committee prohibits the use of students and staff members for advertising or promoting nonschool organizations.

3. Delegation of Responsibility

All materials or activities proposed by outside sources for use by, participation in, or distribution to students or staff members shall be subject to prior review by the Director or designee on the basis of educational value to the school program and benefit to students.

4. Guidelines

Community Activities Involving Students

The Joint Operating Committee recognizes the social and educational values that may be derived from student participation in various activities sponsored by community organizations but specifies that unreasonable demands on the time and energies of students and staff be prevented.

Requests for student participation in community sponsored activities must be made in writing to the Director or designee.


Fundraising by outside groups is prohibited on school property or in the name of the school unless it is fundraising for school-sponsored activities.

Staff members shall not release the names, addresses, or telephone numbers of students or staff members to any outside individual or agency.


The Joint Operating Committee is appreciative of the generosity of organizations that offer scholarships or awards to deserving students; but in accepting such offers the Joint Operating Committee directs that established guidelines be observed.

No information, either academic or personal, shall be released from a student's record for the purpose of selecting a scholarship or award winner without the permission of the student who is eighteen (18), or the parents of a student who is younger, in accordance with the Joint Operating Committee's policy on student records.

Dissemination of Literature/Materials

Only literature and materials directly related to school activities or which contribute significantly to instructional programs may be disseminated to or through students and staff members.

The school shall not be used to publish or disseminate literature or survey forms of partisan, sectarian or political organizations of any type.

The Joint Operating Committee prohibits posting and distributing on school property any literature or material that:

  1. Is political in nature.

  1. Promotes or denigrates a particular religion or religious practice.

  1. Is derogatory toward any ethnic, religious or racial group.

  1. Promotes or encourages hostility, disorder, violence, or disregard for violation of legal obligations.

  1. Primarily promotes commercial enterprises.

  1. Is libelous, or interferes with or advocates interference with the rights of any individual or the operation of the school.

  1. Promotes use of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, illegal substances or paraphernalia.

  1. Is obscene or pornographic in the context of being inconsistent with prevailing community standards.

  1. Is not in the best interest of the students, staff or school, in the opinion of the Director or designee.

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