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Session 5

Crew Nutrition in Long-Duration Space Missions

Agureyev А.N., Andreychuk P.О., Siniavskiy Y.А.

1. Ways of Optimizing Crew Nutrition in Long-Duration Space Missions

Agureyev А.N.

2. Devising Technologies To Produce Food for Cosmonauts

Dobrovolskiy V.F., Kidalyuk I.V.

3. Recommendations To Establish Food Rations Based on Functional Intestinal Adjustment in Spaceflight Conditions

Sedova Y.A., Afonin B.V.

4. Experience of Using Local Kazakh Food Spaceflight Conditions

Siniavskiy Y.А., Agureyev А.N., Suleymenova J.М., Gurova L.А.

5. New Specialized Foodstuffs That Improve Human Body’s Adaptive Capabilities under the Impact of Adverse Environmental Factors

Siniavskiy Y.А., Tsoy I.G., Li М.V., Suleymenova J.М.

6. Key Principles of Creating Foodstuffs That Increase the Human Body’s Tolerance to Adverse Impacts of Spaceflight Factors

Siniavskiy Y.А., Agureyev А.N., Dinasilov I.А.

7. Approaches to Alimentary Correction of Functional Intestinal Adjustment Caused by Microgravity Effects

Goncharova N.P., Afonin B.V.

8. Urease Respiratory Test To Establish Helicobacter Pylori in the Stomach as an Aspect of Microbiological Safety of Space Missions

Afonin B.V.

Thursday, September 25

14.00 – 17.30
Green Room

Session 4

Biological Life Support Systems in Long-Duration Space Missions (Methodological and Technological Ground-Based Research)

Berkovich Y.A., Ivanova T.N., Trofimov Y.V.

  1. Using Correcting Ionite To Improve Soil Substitute Fertility in a Space Greenhouse

Matusevich V.V.

  1. Using Powerful LEDs of White Emission Spectrum To Provide Light for Plants in a Space Greenhouse

Trofimov Y.V., Tsvirko V.I., Lishik S.I., Pautino А.А., Yerokhin A.N.

  1. Gravitropic and Phototropic Reactions of Wheat Plants in Ground-Based Hemispheric Prototype of Space Greenhouse

Zyablova N.V., Berkovich Y.A., Skripnikov A.Y.

  1. Issues of Researching and Simulating Water Distribution and Transfer in Porous Soil Substitutes in the Context of Existing Gravitation Force Impact on Space Greenhouses

Krivobok N.М., Yerokhin А.N.

  1. Tolerance of Chufa Plants to External Environment Factors with Respect to BLSS

Motorin N.V., Tikhomirov А.А., Velichko V.V.

  1. Functional Activity of Pip Aquaporines – Test for Plants Viability

Reutskiy V.G.

  1. Growth and Photosynthetic Activity of Chinese Cabbage Plants Grown under a LED Lamp in Space Greenhouse Prototype

Smolianina S.O., Berkovich Y.A., Zhigalova T.V., Avercheva O.V.

  1. Influence of Agricultural Water with Low Deuterium Content on Growth and Status of Plants

Smolianina S.O., Krivobok N.М., Korsak I.V.

  1. Assessment of Plants and Methylotrophic Bacteria Symbiosis as a Possible Means of Lowering Light Hydrocarbons Content in Space Greenhouse Environment

Smolianina S.O., Ivanova Y.G., Doronina N.V., Korsak I.V.

Thursday, September 25

14.00 – 17.30
Red Room

Session 6

Microbiological Safety in Long-Duration Space Missions

Ilyin V.K., Tirranen L.S., Novikova N.D.

1. Microbiological Research in Biological Life Support Systems: Issues and Prospects

Gitelzon I.I., Somova L.A., Manukovskiy N.S.

2. Role of Aerobic Microbial Association in Advanced Treatment of Food Waste Biodegradation Liquid Products

Ilyin V.K., Korshunov D.V., Doronina N.V., Ivanova Y.G., Starkova L.V., Mardanov R.G.

3. Electricity Generation from Human Feces with Microbial Fuel Cell

Hong Liu, Zhenglong Li, Lingcai Kong, Jingjie Teng, Xinpin Du

4. Design of Bioelectricity Generation Device

Ilyin V.K., Chumakov P.Y., Safronova S.A., Starkova L.V., Voyeykova T.A., Debabov V.G.

5. Experimental Assessment of Possible Use of Physical Methods To Protect Orbital Station’s Environment from Microbial Contamination at Pre-Launch Stages

Novikova N.D., Poddubko S.V., Sychenikova V.A., Zarubina K.V.

6. Microbiological Safety of Space Station Environment and Testing of New UV Sources To Decontaminate Air and Surfaces

Polikarpov N.А., Novikova N.D., Deshevaya Y.А., Goldshteyn Y.А., Shashkovskiy S.G.

7. Automatic Assessment of Human Microbial Status in Model Research in Pressurized Module

Solovyevа Z.O., Skedina M.A., Ivanova I.A., Verdenskaya N.V.,

Sazonov V.V., Panina Y.F., Ilyin V.K.

8. Microorganisms as Indicators of Higher Plants Status

Tirranen L.S.

Thursday, September 25

14.00 – 17.30
Beige Room

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