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Session 4

Biological Life Support Systems in Long-Duration Space Missions (General and Theoretical Issues)

Gitelzon I.I., Nelson M., Sychev V.N.

  1. Current Status of Efforts To Create Biotechnical Life Support Systems for Manned Long-Duration Missions

Morozov G.I., Malozemov V.V.

  1. Development of Technologies To Improve the Closure of Mass Exchange Processes in Bioregenerative Life Support Systems

Tikhomirov A.A., Degermenji A.G.

  1. Conceptual Design of Bioregenerative Life Support System (BLSS), involving Soil-Like Substrate for Plant Growing

Manukovskiy N.S., Kovalev V.S., Gurevich Y.L.

  1. Use of Greenhouses with Photosynthetic Plants for Life Support Systems of Autonomous Space Mission Crews

Berkovich Y.А.

  1. Photoreactor with Algae as a Universal Hydrobiological Filter To Clean the Pressure Facility’s Atmosphere

Sychev V.N., Levinskikh М.А., Guryeva Т.S., Nefedova E.L.

  1. Chemoautotrophic Link’s Potential To Optimize the LSS Structure

Volova T.G.

  1. Possible Ways of Including Exometabolites in the Mass Exchange of Bioregenerative Life Support Systems

Ushakovа S.A., Tikhomirova N.A., Kudenko Y.A., Anishchenko O.V.

8. LED Light Unit for the “Greenhouse-Mars” Project

Ivanova T.N., Sychev V.N., Levinskikh M.A., Ilieva I.I., Naydenov Y.N.

Thursday, September 25

10.00 – 13.00
Red Room

Session 2

Gaseous Environment Regeneration Systems Based on Physical and Chemical Processes in Long-Duration Space Missions

Putin S.B., Farafonov N.S., Zaytsev S.N.

1. Adaptation of Low-Temperature Method of Trace Toxic Contaminants Regeneration to Toxic Contaminants Removal Systems in Pressure Facility Atmosphere

Guzenberg A.S., Yeremeyev S.I., Krychenkov D.A.

2. Theoretical and experimental test of Oxygen Electrochemical Concentrator

Demidova N.S., Shangin I.А.

3. Promising Means of Protecting Human Respiratory Organs in the Event of Fire

Dorokhov R.V., Gladysheva T.V., Gladyshev N.F., Simanenkov E.I.,

Mavliutova О.S.

4. Ways of Improving the Solid Oxygen Source Cassette for Spacecraft Cabins

Kopytov Y.F., Bulayev N.A., Skvortsov A.F.

5. Development of Atmosphere Revitalization System in the Descent Module of BION-M Biological Satellite

Laverov V.A., Usov V.N.

6. Development of Carbon Dioxide Absorption Cartridge with Extended Protection Time (LP-10М).

Matveyev S.V., Usov V.N.

7. Fibrous Composite Material To Remove Moisture from the Air

Ulyanova M.A., Gurova A.S., Yurkina N.P., Ragulina Y.S.

8. Fluoro-Tetramethylammonium Hydrates as New Carbon Dioxide Sorbents

Ferapontov Y. А., Ulyanova М.А., Andreyev V.P.

9. Adsorption-Based Oxygen Accumulation in Ultrananoporous Adsorbents

Fomkin А.А., Smirnov I.А.

10. Carbon Dioxide Absorbent on Elastic Substrate

Gladyshev N.F., Gladysheva T.V., Simanenkov E.I., Arkhipova M.P.

Thursday, September 25

10.00 – 13.00
Green Room

Session 4

Biological Life Support Systems in Long-Duration Space Missions (Results of On-Board and Ground Biological and Technological Research)

Levinskikh M.A., Morozov G.I., Tikhomirov А.А.

  1. Peculiarities of Viscera Development in Japanese Quail Nestlings That Grew in Zero Gravity Conditions

Guryeva T.S., Dadasheva O.A., Mednikova Y.I.

  1. Analysis of Radiation Factor Impacts on Biological Payload in Orbital Space Station Modules in the Context of Environmental Hazard Assessment

Guryeva T.S., Tsetlin V.V.

  1. Impact of Contaminant Gases in the Orbital Space Station Atmosphere on Growth and Evolution of Plants

Levinskikh M.A., Sychev V.N., Podolskiy I.G., Mukhamediyeva L.M.

  1. Bioluminescent Monitoring of Plants in Stress Condition in Closed-Circuit Life Support Systems

Kratasyuk V.A., Yesimbekova Y.N.

  1. Productive Operation of a Conveyor Belt Growing Vegetable Plants at Different со2 Concentrations

Velichko V.V., Tikhomirov A.A., Ushakovа S.A.

  1. Studying Oxygen Diffusion Processes in Substrates in Spaceflight Conditions

Podolskiy, I.G. Strugov О.М., Bingham G.E.

  1. Use of Halophyte Plants To Involve nacl from Human Mineralized Urine in the BLSS Cycle of Matter

Tikhomirova N.A., Ushakovа S.А., Gribovskaya I.V., Shklavtsova Y.S.

  1. Possibility of Utilizing Zoogenic and Phytogenic Waste in LSS, Using an Environmentally Friendly Physical and Chemical Method

Kudenko Y.A., Zolotukhin I.G.

  1. Desalination Method as a Means of Resolving the NaCl Impasse in “Human Beings-Plants” LSS

Kudenko Y.A., Zolotukhin I.G.

Thursday, September 25

10.00 – 13.00
Beige Room

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