Scenario Challenge Allison Robinson Great Aunt Mildred’s Birthday Surprise Challenge

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Scenario Challenge

Allison Robinson

Great Aunt Mildred’s Birthday Surprise


Your eccentric Great Aunt Mildred has always been one to come up with the most interesting birthday presents. Remember when you were six and she gave you the snake charmers kit with the 50 foot python included? Well, she has out done herself this time. This year for your birthday, Great Aunt Mildred has given you and three of your friends a 15 day trip to visit every country in South America. Great Aunt Mildred expects something from you in return; she would like you and your friends to show her the documentation of where you went and what you did on the trip. While in each South American country the topics she would like for you to address are events you attended, landmarks and major cities that you visited, foods you tried, and some other topic like maybe a famous person that you met that are unique to that country. Also keep in mind that your Great Aunt Mildred is eccentric, so find really creative, interesting, even crazy things that she might like. Since there are many ways you might choose to document your trip (home movie, scrapbook, etc), she would like to meet with you and your friends before you go to hear about how you plan on documenting your trip, she wants to be sure that she will get the whole travel experience. She’ll be looking forward to your visit when you return from your 15 day trip.

8 in class days (including today)will be devoted to research and production for your challenge (you will have 7 more out of class days to work as needed). Although each of you are responsible for putting forth your best effort, you might want to take on different roles each day to keep the project moving, like a time keeper to watch the clock to make sure you have time to clean up, a task master to figure out what you have accomplished and what you still need to, a secretary to organize your information, quality controller to make sure what you are doing is of the “excellent” standard on your rubric.

This challenge is created for my 7th grade geography class to use during their unit of study on South America which occurs about mid year (Jan- Feb). This is a high stakes assignment which will count as 20% of their unit grade on South America, the students will be given 15 days (including weekends) to complete the challenge, with 8 days of in class time devoted primarily to research and production (this can be negotiable). My learning objectives for this challenge are for student to be able to get a feeling for the cultural aspects of South America and the diversity that exists there. I decided that the students would work in groups of four and have suggested roles that they might take to ensure that they work together, stay focused and organized, and create a quality product.


Because this challenge lends itself to a variety of products (home movie, journal, scrapbook, powerpoint, etc), “Great Aunt Mildred” will be meeting with each group of travelers to find out how they intend to document their trip. They will use rubistar (thus have a generic template which they can modify) to create a rubric that they need to propose to “Mildred” and together we will decide if it is challenging enough for them. The product itself will be worth 50%, the information presented will be worth 50% and be based on the rubric below, which will be incorporated into each rubric the travelers propose.







Information on every country in S.A. is included



Information on any one country in S.A. is missing.

The following will be assessed for each of the 13 countries in South America

Amount of Information

All topics are addressed for the country.

Missing 1 of the topics for the country.

Missing 2 or 3 of the topics for the country.

Missing more than 4 topics for the country.

Quality of Information

Information is creative and unique to the country.

Information is unique to the country but is not creative.

Information is given about the country but is not creative or unique.

Information has little or nothing to do with the country.

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