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Explanatory Statement
This document provides guidance on the structure and content of an approved maintenance organisation (AMO) exposition as required under CASR paragraph145.030 (1) (a). The content relates directly to the requirements of CASR Part 145 and the Part 145 Manual of Standards (MOS) as applicable to an AMO.
The document is a mixture of requirements and guidance under recommended headings for a AMO’s exposition. It is recommended that AMOs retain the headings (expanded as necessary) and the content of Part 1. All other detail can be amended to suit your organisation.
The content of the sample exposition has been arranged into parts, sections and subsections.

The aim is to collate all the processes and procedures related to a subject under the relevant section in the exposition, irrespective of the location of the legislative requirements either in the CASR Part 145 or in the Part 145 MOS.

The text provided under each section or subsection of the sample exposition provides guidance on the nature of contents to be included. The sections and subsections should be further expanded according to the complexity of the processes and procedures of the AMO. As mentioned above, CASA recommends Part 1 be retained as per the sample exposition as it provides the main administrative information about the organisation, including the organisation’s structure, location, scope of approval, list of key personnel etc.
In some cases specimen text or procedures have been included (in italics) in the sample exposition to expand the guidance and to illustrate the nature of the content required. The organisation should carefully consider the provided content and make necessary changes before including it in their exposition.
It is important for the users of this document to appreciate that no single sample exposition can meet the needs of all types and sizes of organisations or reflect the different organisational structures, policies and procedures. This document is for guidance only and the structure and content of the AMO’s exposition should reflect their structures, policies and procedures. CASA suggests the organisation correlates the content of the exposition with a compliance check list/matrix to demonstrate to CASA that they have fully addressed all applicable requirements of CASR Part 145 and Part 145 MOS.
Where the content of the exposition requires processes and procedures to be provided, these may be included in other documents provided they are referred to in the exposition. However, in that case, the other documents form part of the exposition and are subject to the same requirements and controls as the exposition. Processes and procedures included or referred to in the exposition should be of adequate depth and include enough details to demonstrate they establish compliance with the applicable requirements of CASR Part 145 and the Part 145 MOS. An accurately completed compliance matrix may benefit the AMO as a component of their QMS for checking and conducting audit compliance requirements.
Duties and responsibilities of individuals as mentioned in the exposition should relate to the obligation of the organisation or the individual under CASR Part 145 and Part 145 MOS, and are not meant to cover employment conditions, performance criteria or administrative functions. Where content of the exposition requires identifying the individual responsible for an action or a decision that is part of a process, it is intended that the individual will be identified by their position title (such as ‘quality manager’) or if applicable, by means that describes their function (such as ‘Safety Manager’ or ‘data entry clerk’).
Where content of the exposition deals with records to be created or kept by the organisation, the relevant procedures in the exposition should take into account the following:

  • legibility of the record;

  • retrieval of records; and

  • protection of the records from loss, damage or accidental alteration.

CASA recommends worksheets, checklists, forms, lists of items and personnel etc. required under the exposition or associated with the processes or procedures required by the exposition should be included as appendices at the end of the exposition. However, as mentioned above, they may be included in other documents that contain the processes and procedures or in any other document if it is convenient for the organisation to do so.

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This exposition has been developed to meet the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR) Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organisation exposition requirements
AMO approval certificate reference number

Anybody’s Aerospace Limited

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Table of Contents


PART 2Maintenance Procedures 19

PART l2Additional Line Maintenance procedures 26

PART 3quality and safety managment 28

PART 4Operations 32

PART 5Training and assessment 33

PART 6appendices 35

6.6 COMPLIANCE MATRIX …………………………………….……………………………...…38
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