Salaries and subsistence of employees; payrolls

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15132915-1329.  Salaries and subsistence of employees; payrolls

A.  The board shall determine the salaries and assign an employee classification of persons it employs, except for the superintendent as provided in section 15 1325.

B.  All salary schedules for employees of the schools shall become operative on July 1 of each year and shall be included in the estimate of expenses submitted by the superintendent.

C.  In addition to the officer's salary, each officer required to live at the school may receive food supplies for the officer's family from the regular supplies furnished to the institution, but such officer's family shall include only such officer's spouse and minor children.

D.  The superintendent shall furnish a semimonthly payroll for the school showing the name of each officer and employee, monthly stipend and time of service.  The payroll shall be audited by the board and a statement of the amount determined due shall be filed with the department of administration and a warrant issued to each individual name therein contained. 151329

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