Russian ngo shadow Report on the Observance of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment by the Russian Federation for the period from 2006 to 2012 October 2012, Moscow Introduction

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36 Presentation by the Federal Correctional Servicie Director, Colonel General A. Reimer at an extended meeting of the FSIN Board on 9 February 2012 // http://xn--h1akkl.xn--p1ai/news/index.php?ELEMENT_ID=28904&sphrase_id=186817

37 See, e.g., a report of a human rights seminar for personnel of juvenile colonies conducted jointly by prison authorities and the "Man and Law" human rights NGO // info/2012/06/09/%D1%81%D0%BE%D1%82%D1%80%D1%83%D0%B4%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%BA%D0%B8-%D0%B2%D0%BE%D1%81%D0%BF%D0%B8%D1%82%D0%B0%D1%82%D0%B5%D0%BB%D1%8C%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B9-%D0%BA%D0%BE%D0%BB%D0%BE%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%B8-%D1%81/#more-8058

38 Obespechenie prav cheloveka v deiatel'nosti organov vnutrennikh del. Course of Lectures / Andreev S.V., Bainiiazov R.S., Mordovets A.S., Pleshakov A.P., and others, ed.: Mordovets A.S. - Saratov. Publisher: Law Institute of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, 2007 - 248 pages.

39 (

40 From files of the Foundation “In Defense of the Rights of the Convicted”

41 “Rossijskaja gazeta”, 5621 (245) of 01.11.2011, “The prison began its march against death”, V. Kulikov,

42 Now in three regions of Russian Federation as an experiment all medical staff of SIZO and other penitentiary institutions became directly subordinated to the medical administration of the FSIN of the region. FSIN of Russian Federation intends to expand this experience to all the regions. There is no data concerning the results of the experiment, but the doctors themselves do evaluate it positively. Besides, an interdepartmental working group affiliated under auspices of the Department of Justice has been created which studies the possibility of providing medical aid to those held in the penitentiary institutions by medical institutions which do not form part of the system of penitentiary medical care, including private ones, with the use of outsourcing procedures.

43 An independent review evaluating the efficiency of the measures taken by Russian Federation to ensure acceptable confinement conditions of the convicted held in detention facilities (SIZO). 17 of August of 2011.

44 “At an Ekaterinburg`s SIZO a prisoner has died”. “New Region – Ekaterinburg”, 09.07.2011.

45 Rossiiskaya Gazeta (Federal number) №5150 of 6 April 2010, interview with Evgeniy Zabarchuk, assistant of the Prosecutor-General

46 "OVD refuses to release the detainees, and to pass on food and water" //FreeZhuk.Org, 12 May 2012,

47 "Protesters arrested in the fountain of GUM: in the police station we were beaten, not allowed to use the toilet, and called "prostitutes"//«Komsomolskaya pravda», 26 March 2012,

48 In this Chapter we refer to the results of a study conducted by Nikolay Zboroshenko, an activist of the Youth Human Rights Movement and the Team for Legal Security of Activists "Legal Team". The study is based on the surveys conducted in 2011-2012 with persons subjected to administrative detention or administrative arrest in 25 police stations in five regions of Russia, as well as in three reception centers for persons serving a penalty of administrative arrest in three regions of Russia.

49 Statement of the Joint Headquarters of Human Rights Organizations made after monitoring of violations taken place on 10-11 December 2011 // 13 December 2011,

50 Materials available to the Public Verdict Foundation.

51 Materials available to the Public Verdict Foundation.

52 Complaints were received from 36 Russian regions, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Chita, Orenburg, Kemerovo, Kirov, Voronezh, Irkutsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Ulyanovsk, Moscow, Kaluga, Sverdlovsk, Lipetsk, Chelyabinsk, Volgograd, Leningrad, Kostroma, Penza, Pskov, Astrakhan and Orel Oblasts, the Republics of Bashkortostan, Udmurtia, Mari-El, Chuvash, Komi, Khakassia, Karachay-Cherkessia, and Krasnodar, Primorye, Stavropol, Kamchatka, Ussuri, Altai Krais.

53 Materials available to the Public Verdict Foundation.

54 From files of the Foundation “In Defense of the Rights of the Convicted”

55 Report of the Foundation “In Defense of the Rights of the Convicted” of 24 February 2012

56 From files of the Foundation “In Defense of the Rights of the Convicted”

57 Materials available to the Public Verdict Foundation.

58 Judgment of the Constitutional Court of 18 February 2000, № 3-P, and Determination of the Constitutional Court of 6 July 2000, № 191-O.

59 Materials available to the Interregional Committee Against Torture.

60 Materials available to the Public Verdict Foundation.

61 Official site of FSIN (Federal Penitentiary Service of the RF),

62 From the archive of the Foundation “In defense of the rights of prisoners”

63 Proposals on measures for combating illegal use of violence by the law enforcement agencies and improving the effectiveness of investigations into misconduct by law enforcement officials

64 Order No 20 of 18 April 2012 on Additional Measures to Facilitate the Investigation of Crimes Committed by Law Enforcement Officials,

65 Elizaveta Maetnaya, Ekaterina Kvon, Sadistic Police Detained after Complaints to Bastrykin and Chaika. Izvestia, 27 September 2012

66Bulletin № 1 of the IC Investigations Department in Voronezh Region



69 Materials of the Interregional Committee Against Torture.

70 Court decision on the action filed by Sakovich, published on the website of the Moscow Helsinki Group

71 Materials of the Interregional Committee Against Torture.


73 According to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 540 of September 5, 2006

74 Up to 2016 the Program was supposed to be funded from the federal budget in the amount of 77860,1142 with an allowance for price changes for the indicated period, including capital investments - 77860,1142 million RUR.


76 There are about 2000 Temporary Detention Facilities in the country. Every day about 30 thousand inmates, both suspects and defendants are placed in these facilities. The duration of confinement is limited to 10 days.

77 The Report “On situation in Pre-trail detention centers in Russia”, Moscow Helsinki Group. 2011.

78 The report based on monitoring of conditions of suspects and defendants confinement in the Temporary Detention Facility of the Ministry of the Interior of Chechen Republic.

79 Human rights monitoring in temporary detention centers in Perm regions

80 Report on visiting temporary detention center in the Republic of Komi on December 16, 2010; report on visiting temporary detention center in Chechnya on November 19, 2010; report on visiting of temporary detention center in Altay region on November 19, 2010.

81 The report based on monitoring conducted in Temporary Detention Facilities of Dagestan Republic.

82 Data on 40 regional Temporary Detention Facilities.

83 Wall covering makes it impossible to lean on it without feeling pain

84 The report based on monitoring conducted in Temporary Detention Facilities of Tatarstan Republic

85 The report based on monitoring conducted in Temporary Detention Facilities of Voronezh and Rostov regions.

86 Brief description of the Penal Enforcement System. http://фсин.рф/structure/inspector/iao/statistika/Kratkaya%20har-ka%20UIS/

87 Report on the inspection of Investigative Detention Center No. 1 conducted by the members of Sverdlovsk region Supervising Public Commission V.A. Shaklein and V.A. Bashkov, 31.12.2010

88 Federal Public Institution Investigative Detention Center No. 1 of the Federal Penitentiary Service Department in Murmansk region. Data as of July 20, 2011. Member of the Supervising Public Commission I. Paykacheva

89 From the archive of the Center for Prison Reform

90 Fruit, vegetables, dairy products are banned, for other products the manufacturer’s certificate is required.


92 Regulations on design and construction of regular court buildings СП 31-104-2000*. pravi/sp__31_104_2000/sp__31_104_ 2000.php

93 From the archive of the Foundation “In defense of the rights of prisoners”

94 From the report of Sverdlovsk region Supervising Public Commission, 2011.

95 06.04.2010, "Rossiyskaya gazeta" – Federal issue №5150 (71),

96 In 2008, 276 inmates died in pre-trial detention centers, in 2009 233 inmates died. For more details:



99 From the report of Moscow Supervising Public Commission

100 From the archive of the Foundation “In defense of the rights of prisoners”

101Please refer to paras 403-412 of the Report

102 See information dated 10 November 2008 on the official site of the Chechen leader and government ( reporting that Sulim Yamadayev had personally ordered the abduction of Yunus and Yusup Arsamakovs, who were then shot dead by Sulim's brother Badrudi Yamadayev. Sulim Yamadayev was charged with the abduction on 23 December 1998 (!) and subsequent killing of Usman Batsiev, and with several episodes related to the "mop-up" of Borozdinovskaya in the summer of 2005.


104 The UAE charged and convicted the caretaker of Kadyrov's racehorses Mahdi Lournia and the Tajik national Maksudzhon Ismatov. Police in Dubai believed that Adam Delimkhanov, Russian State Duma member for Chechnya (earlier, deputy prime minster of Chechnya responsible for the law enforcement), was behind the murder, and declared him on the international wanted list. In July 2012, the UAE government lifted the charges against Delimkhanov. Earlier in Moscow, Sulim Yamadayev's younger brother Isa "made peace" with Kadyrov and withdrew his earlier statement that Kadyrov had orchestrated an attempt on his life.

105 This type of public statements have been repeated. On 7 April 2010, the Chechen TV (Wainakh TV Channel; the video is posted on the "Memorial" Society's website). Note that the Chechen Ombudsman N. Nukhazhiyev was present at that meeting, but he chose not to respond to what was said.


107 Letter from V. G. Makeyev, Deputy Head of the 2nd Department for Procedural Supervision of the Investigative Committee's Department in Chechnya, No 96-216/2-572-12 of 29 June 2012.

108 The Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers as a body entrusted with monitoring the implementation of the ECtHR's judgments maintains a list of judgments based on applications from Chechen residents, where the Court has found Russia in violation of the applicants' rights. There are currently 181 judgments in the list, but we should note that in 2012 the ECtHR has adopted another 11 judgments on applications from Chechnya, which have not yet been added to the list.

109 N. Estemirova: Strel'ba na Povyshenie (Shooting for Promotion): In Chechnya, police are convicted who forced civilians to "play" terrorists and then shot them // Novaya Gazeta, 29 December 2007, N. Estemirova: Chechnya is replete with falsified cases on participation in illegal armed formations // Caucasian Knot. 2007, May 29th.

110 The official response is available from CAT NGO.

111 The official response is available from CAT NGO.

112 Reply from the UGA prosecutor's office of 21 April 2006 to State Duma MP Gennady Zyuganov

113 See


115 The judgment became final on 6 July 2005

116 The judgment became final on 6 July 2005.

117The Abuyeva... judgment became effective as of 11 April 2011.

118 Abuyeva and Others v. Russia (no 27065/05, Dec. 2, 2010), paragraphs 212-214.

119 Response from the North Caucasian Military District military prosecutor's office of 21 April 2000 to a letter from the Memorial Human Rights Centre.

120 Letter no 362-201/2-42-10 of 29 March 2010 signed by Senior Investigator S-Kh. Gayrbekov of the Second Division for Investigations of Particularly Important Cases, Investigations Office, Investigative Committee of the RF Prosecutor's Office in Chechnya.

121 In a meeting with the Memorial Human Rights Centre on 30 October in Nazran, on the premises of the RI Prosecutor's Office.

122 In a meeting with the Memorial Human Rights Centre on 30 October in Nazran, on the premises of the RI Prosecutor's Office.

123 See Amnesty International, “Russian Federation: Preliminary briefing to the UN Committee against Torture,” AI Index EUR 46/014/2006, pages 4-5.

124 See decisions in: Velkhiyev and Others v. Russia (34085/06), Isayev and Others v. Russia (43368/04), Ruslan Tsechoyev v. Russia (39358/05), Khambulatova v. Russia (33488/04), Gisayev v. Russia (14811/04), Sadykov v. Russia (41840/02), Dzhabrailov and Others v. Russia (3678/06), Iriskhanova and Iriskhanov v. Russia (35869/05), Khadisov and Tsechoyev v. Russia (21519/02), Medov v. Russia (1573/02), Musayeva and Others v. Russia (74239/01), Chitayev and Chitayev v. Russia (59334/00).

125 In the majority of the cases cited above, a violation of torture was found in addition to violations of the right to life.

126 See Sadykov v Russia, inter alia paras. 246, 173.

127 The crime of excruciation (Art. 117) is often equated with the crime of torture. However, “the use of torture” appears as a mere aggravating circumstance to the crime of excruciation. Currently, Russian law does not criminalize torture per se. On this point see the recent NGO submission to the Committee Against Torture: Russian Federation Fifth Periodic Report on the Implementation of UNCAT, Submission from TRIAL (Swiss Association against Impunity) to the Committee against Torture, April 2012, available at:

128 Article 286 (3) CC.

129 Art. 33 CC sets out the modes of participation in a crime. Mr. Z. was charged under subparagraph 1 (accomplice liability) and subparagraph 5 (accessory liability).

130 The decrees of the investigators containing the charges against the suspect are on file with the applicant’s representative, as part of the majority of the case materials. The suspect’s full name is also indicated in the case materials.

131 Sadykov v Russia, judgment of 7 October 2010, Para. 248.

132 A copy of the decision of 12 December 2011 is on file with the applicant’s representatives.

133 See Russian Government’s Submission of 15 May 2012, part 1, page 6, available at:

134 Russian Justice Initiative, one of the signatory NGOs.

135 The full name of the suspect is indicated in the case file.

136 See Russian Government’s Submission of 15 May 2012, part 1, page 4.

137 Temporary detention facility (Изолятор временного содержания).

138 See Sadykov v Russia, para. 13.

139 For example, under Art. 117 (excruciation); Article 111(intentional infliction of a grave injury); Article 302(2) (coercion to testify through use of torture).

140 See Chitayev and Chitayev v Russia, para.19.

141 Ibid., para. 96.

142 For details, see Russian Justice Initiative, Submission to the Committee of Ministers of November 2010, at paras. 15-16, available at:

143 Ibid. at paras. 25-32.

144 in June 2006 a formal separatist leader, Abdul-Khalim Sulayev, who successed to Aslan Maskhadov a year earlier, was killed. In July 2006 an informal leader of the armed underground, Shamil Basayev was killed. A year later, on October 7, 2007, Sadulayev’s successor, Doku Umarov, has announced the formation of Imarat Caucasus, thus bringing the separatist project to a close.

145 The attack on Ingushetia (on the night of June 21-22, 2004); the Beslan terrorist attack (September 1—3, 2004); the fighting in Nal’chik (October 13—14, 2005)

146 In the subsequent years, Moscow – St. Petersburg trains were blown up several times. There was a terrorist attack in the Moscow metro (March 29, 2010) and the Moscow Domodedovo airport (January 26, 2011).

147 which is partially due to the lack of human rights organizations resources to monitor the situation in Dagestan where the work went underway as the Chechen conflict became less intensive.

148 Report of the Supervising Public Commission of Moscow on visiting of OVDs in Moscow after mass arrests on the Bolotnaya square on 6 May 2012 //

149 "Brutalised: one step from dispersal of peaceful protest to shooting" //, 8 May 2007,

150 "Rally against the elections on the Triumfalnaya square on 4 December 2011" // Echo Moskvy, 5 December 2011 г.,

151 Statement "On the events in Moscow the day before inauguration of the new president" //

152 Report of the Glasnost Defense Foundation on the monitoring of respect for the rights of mass media, December 2011 //

153 "OMON acted brutally on the Pushkinskaya square: broken arms and "a thousand" of arrests" //, 6 March 2012,

154 Report of the Public Monitoring Commission of Moscow on visiting of OVDs in Moscow after mass arrests on the Bolotnaya square on 6 May 2012 //

155 Report of the Human Rights Watch "Russia: Protests Go on Peacefully // 10 December 2011,

156 Report of the Committee Against Torture on the monitoring of the civil rally on 10 March in Nizhniy Novgorod // 11 March 2012,

157 As reported by Sergey Konstantinov, an arrested activist // 25 June 2007,

158 "Brutalised: one step from dispersal of peaceful protest to shooting" //, 8 May 2007,

159 "The 'pearl ensign' sentenced to imprisonment, suspended" //, 26 December 2011,

160 "A man arrested on 31 December at the Triumfalnaya square sentenced to two and a half years" //, 9 June 2010,

161 "Are your children at home?" // Noviye Izvestiya, 16 August 2010

162 "A policeman from Ekaterinburg becomes famous for the second time for attacking artists", UralPolit.RU, Expert Information Channel //

163 "Police officer found guilty of rape of a minor girl" //

164 "Sobering-up facilities – illegal! The analysis of the situation for the for the Public Chamber of Russia" // Human Rights Association "Agora", 30 April 2010,

165 "The case concerning death in a sobering-up facility is reopened" // Rossiyskaya Gazeta, 22 March 2012,

166 "Investigative Committee: the cause of death of a Tomsk journalist was cerebral edema" //, 25 January 2010,

167 Decree of the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation of 23 December 2011 no. 1298 Moscow // Rossiyskaya Gazeta, 29 Feburary 2012,

168 "Closing down sobering up facilities has lead to the increase of crime rate" // Siberian News Agency, 23 March 2012,

169 "A video concerning a new "doctors' case" is made public: a resident of Saint-Petersburg died after ill-treatment by nurses" //, 25 April 2012,

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