Russia 090922 Basic Political Developments

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RIA: Five police officers injured in mortar attack in south Russia

MOSCOW, September 22 (RIA Novosti) - At least five police officers were injured when their vehicle came under mortar attack in the southern Russian republic of Ingushetia, police said on Tuesday.

The incident occurred on Monday afternoon in the republic's largest city of Nazran.

"As a result of the blast, five police officers, including two brothers, were injured and later hospitalized," the spokesman said.

Attacks on troops, police and other officials have been reported almost daily in Ingushetia and Russia's other North Caucasus republics in recent months.

On August 17, Ingushetia was hit by a suicide bombing which killed at least 20 police officers.

Ingush President Yunus-Bek Yevkurov survived a suicide car bomb attack on his motorcade in June.

Zee News: Russia expects flu vaccine production to reach 40 mn doses

Updated on Tuesday, September 22, 2009, 14:12 IST

Moscow: The population will be vaccinated against flu caused by A/H1N1/ virus in November-December 2009. Staffers of medical establishments are to get the vaccinate first, says Deputy Health and social Development Minister Veronika Skvortsova. "We plan to produce 40 million vaccine doses by January," she said. Preliminary tests of the vaccine have already been made, the vaccine will be produced at pharmaceutical centres in St. Petersburg, Ufa, Tomsk and Irkutsk, Skvortsova said.

First, personnel of medical establishments are to be vaccinated. They will account for some ten million doses of vaccine. The World Health Organisation looked into the results of clinical tests of the vaccine made in the United States, France and China, which showed that the vaccine is effective even if taken once, the deputy minister said yesterday. She expressed hope that the Russian-made vaccine would be as effective and require a single use only.

If the epidemic grows a total of 30 million teachers of institutes and schools will be vaccinated. Schoolchildren and teenagers are the next group to be vaccinated, Skvortsova added. If the pandemic flu reaches its peak the vaccination will involve some 30 percent of the population, she said.

Bureau Report

RIA: Russian businessman Chichvarkin confident of fair London trial

LONDON, September 22 (RIA Novosti) - London's Westminster court will on Tuesday begin a hearing into an extradition request by Russia for businessman Yevgeny Chichvarkin, wanted on kidnapping and extortion charges.

The former co-owner of Russia's largest mobile phone retailer, Euroset, was arrested in London on September 7, but released on bail the same day awaiting an extradition hearing. During Tuesday's hearings, the judge and lawyers are to decide on the dates for the following court sessions.

The fugitive businessman has been on the wanted list in Russia since late January on suspicion of involvement in the 2003 abduction of the firm's shipping agent, who had allegedly stolen large quantities of mobile phones, as well as the extortion of money from him.

"I am not expecting any infringement of the law, as has always been the case when the law enforcement agencies operate in Russia," Chichvarkin said in an interview with the Russian daily Vedomosti. "As I am innocent before the law, I am not afraid of anything unlawful."

Russia sent a formal extradition request to the U.K. for the businessman in June.

Last September, Chichvarkin and his business partner Timur Artemyev sold Euroset to the ANN investment company for $1.25 billion. Euroset runs over 5,000 outlets in 1,464 cities in Russia and some of the former Soviet republics. The company's sales reached $5.61 billion in 2007.

AFP: Business in Russia impossible: exiled tycoon

(AFP) – 39 minutes ago

MOSCOW — Doing business in Russia is impossible due to the state's interference in the economy, a former top tycoon who has fled to Britain to escape legal proceedings said on Tuesday.

Yevgeny Chichvarkin, founder of the country's largest mobile phone retailer Evroset, faces charges of kidnapping and extortion in Russia which has asked Britain to extradite him to face justice.

Chichvarkin, who vehemently denies the charges, was until last year one of the most recognisable business figures in Russia with his trademark mullet haircut and outrageous dress sense.

He told the Russian business daily Vedomosti in an interview that since arriving in Britain he had become used to "doing nothing" after his 16-hour days in Moscow.

"I am on strike against the impossibility of doing business in Russia," he said.

"I cannot understand under what circumstances it is possible (to do business in Russia). Because of the restrictions on business, the destruction of free competition, the lack of motivation and the interference of the state."

Chichvarkin was reportedly briefly arrested in Britain on September 7 before being released on bail.

A Westminster court is due on Tuesday to begin hearing the extradition case and decide on dates for the following court sessions.

Russia has stepped up legal action against businessmen deemed to have violated the law following the 2003 arrest of former Yukos chief Mikhail Khodorkosvky, who was sentenced to eight years for fraud and tax evasion.

A number of Russian businessmen have fled to Britain in recent years and London's refusal to extradite them until now has been a subject of major tension between Moscow and London.

Chichvarkin told the New Times weekly in a separate interview that if he was extradited back to Russia "they will try to kill me in prison".

Itar-Tass: Six Iranian migrants detained in Nakhodka

22.09.2009, 10.34

VLADIVOSTOK, September 22 (Itar-Tass) - Six citizens of Iran have been detained in Nakhodka in Russia’s Far East while trying to illegally go to Japan on board a Russian vessel, the press service of the Primorsky territory coast guard department, told Itar-Tass on Tuesday.

At night coast guards found four men who tried to go on board of Russia’s Ivan Polzunov freighter.

All the detainees are Iranian citizens who arrived in Moscow 45 days ago, took a train to Khabarovsk and then went to Nakhodka. “The Iranians hid in the town for almost a month waiting opportunity to illegally go to Japan,” the press service said.

During the operation another two Iranian migrants were detained. All of them will be deported after necessary documents are processed.

Russia Info Centre: Tu-204 made an emergency landing in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk


An aircraft Tu-204 of the air company Vladivostok Avia, making flight from Vladivostok made an emergency landing in the airport of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The transport prosecutor’s office of Sakhalin has initiated an investigation of the causes of the accident.
      The line aircraft has landed with one engine inoperative, having 95 passengers and 5 crew members on board. Happily, nobody was hurt.
      According to one of the versions of the prosecutor’s office, the cause of the accident was an incorrect equipment examination before beginning of the flight.
      Tu-204 is a medium-range aircraft, taking 210 passengers on board. The model complies with European and Russian airworthiness standards and is being exploited since 2005.
      Russia-InfoCentre offers fast transfer service to and from any Moscow airport, railway station and bus station.
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