Russia 090811 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 090811

Basic Political Developments

  • Halonen to Meet with Russian President Medvedev Tuesday - President Tarja Halonen is expected to once again bring up the sticky issues of wood tariffs and the Baltic natural gas pipeline when she meets with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev today. European security policy is also believed to be high on the list of discussion topics.

  • Finnish President to Russia

  • President Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin continue working visit to Sochi, until Aug 15

  • Medvedev blasts 'anti-Russian' Ukraine - President Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday furiously attacked Ukrainian counterpart Viktor Yushchenko, saying his administration was anti-Russian and had caused the worst crisis in ties since the Soviet collapse.

  • Medvedev delays arrival of new RF ambassador to Ukraine

  • Russia says Ukraine putting gas to Europe at risk - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev accused Ukraine on Tuesday of seeking to disrupt economic ties with Russia and putting at risk the safety of gas supplies to Europe.

  • Medvedv: 'Kiev risks Europe's gas supply'

  • “No new Russian ambassador to be sent to Ukraine” – Medvedev: President Dmitry Medvedev reveals the reasons behind refraining from sending the new Russian ambassador to Ukraine just yet, as well as the roots of strain in Russia-Ukraine relations in his new video blog message.

  • No hope for normalizing relations with Russia under current leadership - Party of Regions leader Viktor Yanukovych said that there is no hope today for an improvement in the Ukrainian-Russian relations.

  • NATO's secretary-general, Russia's envoy to discuss improving ties: Dmitry Rogozin will be received by Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former Danish premier, who replaced his Dutch predecessor Jaap de Hoop Scheffer on August 1 as NATO's 12th secretary-general.

  • Vladimir Putin to visit Poland, but only for a few hours

  • Coveted Russian Market Becomes Battleground In GM-Opel Talks: GM fears a deal with Magna International Inc. (MGA), the German government's favored suitor, would essentially hand over advanced engine and transmission technology to Russia and stymie the auto maker's ability to compete there down the road.

  • Russian Proton-M carrier rocket set to orbit Chinese satellite - A Proton-M rocket with a Chinese telecommunications satellite will be launched on Tuesday from the Baikonur space center in Kazakhstan, the Russian Federal Space Agency said.

  • Bangladeshi N-power team to visit Russia in Oct: official - A government delegation is awaiting the final nod from the prime minister's office to visit a Russian nuclear power plant, an official of the science ministry told on Monday.

  • Russia, Belarus sign off on nuclear power station draft agreement - The governments of Russia and Belarus signed off on a draft agreement that would see Russia build a the first nuclear power station in Belarus, reports Interfax.

  • Turkey: Nuclear plant tender to be finalized in September - A joint venture composed of AtomStroyExport -- which has constructed nuclear energy power plants in Russia for Rosatom -- Inter Rao UES JSC and the Ciner Group's Park Teknik was the sole bidder in a tender held in September 2008 for the construction and operation of the nuclear plant for 15 years.

  • Russia on Pace to Meet Chemical Disarmament Deadline, General Says - "We will meet all deadlines," said Gen. Nikolai Abroskin, head of the Russian Federal Special Purpose Construction Agency. "There will be no delays in the implementation of the international convention. Today, the state authorities regard the federal program 'Destruction of Chemical Weapons Stockpiles in the Russian Federation' as one of the most successful programs in the country."

  • Secret cargo aboard missing ship? - The “Arctic Sea” ship which disappeared in the Atlantic was carrying a cargo of timber worth nearly $2 MLN and, perhaps, a “secret” cargo says Mikhail Voytenko, editor-in-chief of the Russian maritime bulletin Sovfrakht.

  • Thai court rejects US request to extradite Russian - Tuesday's ruling marks a setback for the United States, which used an elaborate scheme to lure Viktor Bout to Bangkok in March 2008.

  • Thai court refuses to extradite "Merchant of Death" to U.S. - The United States wanted to try Bout, dubbed the "Merchant of Death," for conspiracy to sell millions of dollars of weapons to rebels from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), which it said could be used to kill Americans.

  • Thai court has ruled against extraditing Bout to the US

  • Russian FSB services helped Hizbullah bust spy ring – report

  • Two workers of non-gvnmtl organization found dead in Grozny

  • Humanitarian group leader, husband found killed in Chechnya - The bodies of the head of a humanitarian organization and her husband were found in Grozny early on Tuesday, a spokesman for Chechen investigators said.

  • Charity head found dead in Chechnya -- report

  • Memorial: kidnapped Chechen activist found dead

  • Human rights activist abducted in Chechnya: activists - "Today, towards two o'clock, unidentified armed men got into the offices of Let's Save the Generation and abducted its leader, Zarema Sadulayeva, and her husband," said Alexander Cherkasov of Memorial, the Interfax news agency and Moscow Echo Radio reported on Monday.

  • Human rights activist murdered in Caucasus region -    Sadulayeva and her husband were both found dead, relatives told the German Press Agency dpa from the Chechen capital Grozny. The couple was abducted by gunmen on Monday.

  • Hospital Releases Recovering Yevkurov - Ingush President Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, who was badly injured in a suicide bombing in June, was released from a Moscow hospital on Monday and said he might be back to work in a week.

  • Recovering Ingush leader targets return to work in month - "I would like to return to work right away, but it looks as though I will have to wait for about a month. But I hope to return home in a week. Upon arrival in the republic, I will gather an extended session of the government and hear reports on who worked how," Yunus-Bek Yevkurov told government daily Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

  • Kudrin: Russian economy will need 4-5 years to recover -"I think it could take four to five years to return to the previous level of GDP in real terms and for the economy to recover from the decline of about 8.5% to be seen this year. Growth of 1% is already planned for 2010. This means that we will have less revenue in real terms over these four to five years. This means that we should calculate our programs for a period of four to five years and not for one year," Kudrin said.

  • Regional Leaders Criticized for Overspending - Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Monday scolded regional leaders for spending too much and urged them to borrow carefully as the federal government faces its first budget deficit in a decade.

  • Medvedev Submits Troops Bill - President Dmitry Medvedev sent a bill Monday to the State Duma that would allow for the deployment of the Russian military virtually anywhere abroad, although a senior lawmaker brushed off the announcement as a gimmick to intimidate Georgia.

  • Hate crimes rate in Moscow down somewhat – prosecutor

  • City of Moscow to borrow 241.1 bln roubles in 2010-report

  • Russian Hunger Strikers Demand Overdue Salaries, Severance - Workers at RegionAvtoTrans-Kurgan in the Russian city of Kurgan have resumed a hunger strike after the transport company's management reportedly failed to make good on a pledge to catch up on overdue payments, RFE/RL's Russian Service reports.
    What People of the Russian Far East Looked for in July - Top Yandex Searches

  • MT: Putin’s Team Relies on Familiar Faces - Many officials appointed by Putin “occupy their posts exclusively by Putin’s grace and often to the detriment of professionalism,” said Alexei Mukhin, an analyst with the Center for Political Technologies.
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