Rumyantsev says Russia ready to build nuclear power plant in North Korea 5

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CEP20021129000136 Moscow WWW-Text in Russian 28 Nov 02

[Unattributed report: "Association Established for Restructuring and Integration of Russian Atomic Energy Ministry Nuclear Fuel Cycle Enterprises"]

[FBIS Translated Text]

    Enterprises of the Russian Atomic Energy Ministry (Minatom) Nuclear Fuel Cycle Department and the OAO Tekhsnabeksport have established the Association for Restructuring and Integration of Russian Atomic Energy Ministry Nuclear Fuel Cycle Enterprises.   As Nuclear.Ru was told by Vladimir Korotkevich, head of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Department, the Association charter and memorandum of association were signed by the heads of six nuclear fuel cycle enterprises (the FGUP Siberian Chemical Combine, the FGUP PO Electrochemical Plant, FGUP Angarskiy Electrolysis Chemical Combine, FGUP Mining-Chemical Combine, FGUP PO Mayak, FGUP Uralskiy Electrochemical Combine) and the head of the OAO Tekhsnabeksport.

    According to the charter, the Association is a non-commercial organization whose basic tasks include: development of the restructuring concept of the Minatom nuclear fuel cycle enterprises; development of methodological recommendations for internal reform of nuclear fuel cycle enterprises; development of an optimal model for integration of nuclear fuel cycle enterprises; development of programs and plans for restructuring, reform, and integration measures for nuclear fuel cycle enterprises and preparation of the necessary normative-legal foundation; provision of consultative, methodological, legal, and other assistance to association members for preparation and conduct of restructuring, reform, and integration of nuclear fuel cycle enterprises.

    Aleksandr Bystrov, who for some time worked in the separation department of the Russian Minatom Nuclear Fuel Cycle Department and most recently worked in various entrepreneurial structures, was appointed executive director of the Association.   Anatoliy Shubin, Director of the Electrochemical Plant, was chosen as chairman of the supervisory council.   The supervisory council includes: RF Atomic Energy Minister A. Rumyantsev; First Deputy Minister I. Borovkov; Nuclear Fuel Cycle Department head V. Korotkevich; Tekhsnabeksport General Director V. Smirnov, and the heads of six nuclear fuel cycle enterprises.   According to V. Korotkevich, the procedure for registration of the Association has still not been completed, since it still not registered as a juridical body.   "Basically, organizational work has been done in the first stage," Korotkevich said, adding that "as soon as the Association is registered, a minimal staff of associates will be assembled to complete the primary tasks."

    Korotkevich emphasized that, "as it works under the new conditions, the Russian Atomic Energy Ministry is constantly being reformed," adding that "it is vital that we continue the work carried out in recent years to choose options for restructuring of nuclear fuel cycle enterprises in order to accomplish a whole group of tasks which can be carried out only by uniting efforts, resources, and finances, and orienting enterprises towards implementation of corporate measures required under the new conditions."   Korotkevich says that the chief mission of the Association is to develop and prepare a restructuring concept.   Roughly a year is earmarked for this process.   Next, the concept will be presented to the Minatom leadership and reviewed by the board.   If the proposed, economically sound options are accepted, this will be followed by steps to prepare the appropriate government decrees.

    In response to a question from Nuclear.Ru about whether the formation of a single system of separation plants is likely, V. Korotkevich said: "I don't know about any specific plans which would single out only the separation system from the nuclear fuel cycle enterprises.   If we do this under present conditions, other combines where there are no separation plants will simply die off."   He added, however, that it is still unknown which integration model will be selected, "whether it will be a single GUP, a joint-stock company, or some sort of public enterprise, and all the rest joint-stock companies."   "This will be the task of the association, to propose models and options.   After one option or another is adopted, clearly, some sort of structure will be created in which there will be a controlling company or some other organ," Korotkevich said. "Then the functions of the Association will be exhausted, and it will join some other entity or cease to exist."  

[Description of Source: -- Independent news resource focusing on nuclear energy and related topics.]




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Source-Date: 12/04/2002

Environmentalists claim Russia's Minatom plans floating nuclear power plant

CEP20021204000321 Moscow Interfax in English 1851 GMT 4 Dec 02

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 KALININGRAD, Russia, and MOSCOW. Dec 4 (Interfax-Northwest) - Russia's Atomic Energy Ministry sees the Kaliningrad region as a likely venue for the first ever floating nuclear power plant, environmentalists have said, slamming the alleged plan as the ministry's "most dangerous initiative."
  Kaliningrad environmentalist group Ekozashchita, which makes the allegation in a release, does not name the source of the information or indicate the place in the region where the plant may be located.
  "Floating nuclear power plants are the most dangerous initiative of the Atomic Energy Ministry, comparable to the threat of turning Russia into a nuclear waste dump," the release says.
[Description of Source: Moscow Interfax in English -- non-government information agency known for its aggressive reporting, extensive economic coverage, and good coverage of Russia's regions]
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Source-Date: 07/03/2002

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