Returns; canvass by election commissioners

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48171548-1715.  Returns; canvass by election commissioners

A.  The board of election commissioners shall appoint members of the election board and shall provide the board with official ballots and supplies, but the election shall be conducted substantially in compliance with the general election laws, and no departure from the proceedings required by this chapter shall affect the validity of the result unless it is shown that the intent of the electors was not fairly expressed.  If an election is set aside, the board of election commissioners shall call and conduct another election.

B.  The election board shall count the votes and make returns to the board of election commissioners who shall on the fifth day after the election meet at the voting place most centrally located in the district, and at two o'clock in the afternoon shall canvass the returns and report the result within five days to the board of supervisors with whom the petition for organization of the district was filed. 481715

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