Report The Brazilian Transcontinental Catfish Expedition overview

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The Brazilian Transcontinental Catfish Expedition

OVERVIEW: A field expedition funded by the ACSI (NSF DEB-0315963) was conducted from July 7th to August 1st in Western Brazil, in the states of Mato Grosso, Rondônia, Acre, and Amazonas. The expedition sampled mainly headwater streams of the Paraguay, Tapajós, Madeira, and Purus rivers.
A total of 159 field stations were sampled and 217 catfish species, belonging to all South American families except the Andean Astroblepidae, Diplomystidae, and Nematogeneidae, were collected. Of these, 36 species were detected as undescribed and are already assigned to one or more ACSI participant scientists who will describe them (see list below). It is likely that several other undescribed species are among this collection, because many species are so far identify only to genus (see list below). Further on the collecting team, John Lundberg, Flávio Bockmann, Osvaldo Oyakawa, Marcelo R. Britto, and Jonathan Armbruster participated in the initial sorting/identification process. Mark Sabaj, Alberto Akama, Carl Ferraris, Richard Vari, and Luiza Soares-Porto helped identifying digital photographs of several species sent via email.
The catfish collection is now being cataloged in MCP Fish Collection and portions of it will be later split and deposited in other relevant collection. A large amount of other “bycatch” fish collected during the expedition is beginning to be worked-up.

ACTIVITIES: Two collecting teams, in addition to a truck, traveled separately each day making regular, diurnal collections (cast-net, dip-net, beach-seine, hook&line). The teams camped most nights by large rivers and fished at night with gill-nets, beach-seine, cast-nets, and hook&line (see the Power Point presentation attached). Tissue samples were collected from all catfish morphospecies identified in the field and for many bycatch fish species. These tissue samples are deposited in MCP Tissue Collection.
Participants were: Roberto E. Reis (MCP, Expedition Coordinator), José F. Pezzi da Silva (MCP), Edson H. L. Pereira (MCP), Vinicius A. Bertaco (MCP), Pablo C. Lehmann (MCP), Alexandre R. Cardoso (MCP), Francisco Langeani (UNESP), Paulo A. Buckup (MNRJ), Flávio C. T. Lima (MZUSP), and Cláudio Gallina (truck driver). Every day ichthyologists were divided up in two 4-person teams that traveled separately. One ichthyologist traveled in the truck each day and was responsible for the infrastructure (buy food and supplies, find safe camping areas, fix nets, etc). The truck usually stopped before dark to set up camping facilities and spread the gill-nets at dusk. The two teams worked until dusk before gathering together for the night. Teams coordinated by 2-way radios, maps, and GPS.

THE ROUTE: Tributaries of the Paraguay, Juruena (Tapajós), Madeira, and Purus Rivers were sampled. The original idea of spending a few days collecting in the upper Juruena River, on the Chapada dos Parecis, was dropped because the pilot trip indicated that the area is severely modified by agriculture. A small portion, better preserved, of the Chapada dos Parecis was indeed sampled. Likewise, the portion of the Acre State west of the Purus River was not collected because of the very bad roads that did not allowed us to pass (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1. Sampling stations of Brazilian Transcontinental Expedition.

The truck was loaded in MCP and departed to Cuiabá on July 4th. Roberto Reis & José Pezzi da Silva flew to Cuiabá on July 7th to rent cars, buy food and supplies, etc. Remaining participants flew into Cuiabá on July 8th and the expedition started on July 9th.
July 9: Cuiabá to Cáceres (MT), collecting in the upper Paraguay River.

July 10. Cáceres to Pontes e Lacerda, collecting in upper Paraguay and Guaporé rivers.

July 11. Pontes e Lacerda to Comodoro, collecting in upper Guaporé River.

July 12. Comodoro to Papagaio River, collecting in upper Tapajós basin.

July 13. Papagaio River to Vilhena (RO), collecting in upper Tapajós and Guaporé rivers.

July 14. Vilhena to Pimenta Bueno, collecting in upper Guaporé and Machado tributaries.

July 15. Pimenta Bueno to Ji-Paraná, collecting in Machado River basin.

July 16. Ji-Paraná to Ariquemes, collecting in Ji-Paraná and Jamari River tributaries.

July 17. Ariquemes to Porto Velho, collecting in Jamari and Candeias River basin.

July 18. Porto Velho to Jaci-Paraná River, collecting in southern Madeira tributaries.

July 19. Jaci-Paraná to Rio Branco (AC), collecting in lower course of Madeira tributaries.

July 20. Rio Branco to Senna Madureira, collecting in Acre River (Purus basin) tributaries.

July 21. Senna Madureira to Manoel Urbano. Travel further West aborted… Back to Rio Branco.

July 22. Rio Branco to Xapuri, collecting in Acre River tributaries.

July 23. Xapuri to Assis Brasil and Iñapari (Peru), collecting in Acre River tributaries.

July 24. Assis Brasil to Extrema (RO), no collections this day.

July 25. Extrema to Guajará-Mirim, collecting in lower course of Madeira & Mamoré tributaries.

July 26. Guajará-Mirim to Humaitá (AM), no collections this day.

July 27. Collections to the West and East of Humaitá, on Transamazonic Road (Purus and Madeira).

July 28. Humaitá to Porto Velho (RO), collecting in Madeira and Purus tributaries.

July 29. Travel back to Cuiabá (Porto Velho – Cacoal).

July 30. Travel back to Cuiabá (Cacoal – Cáceres).

July 31. Travel back to Cuiabá (Cáceres – Cuiabá). Truck departed to Porto Alegre

August 1. Collectors departed from Cuiabá.

August 5. Truck arrived in Porto Alegre.

August 9-14. Catfish sorted and identification initiated.

LIST OF CATFISHES COLLECTED: The list below includes all catfish species identified to date among the specimens collected. All non-catfish taxa are still waiting to be sorted and it is likely that a few additional, not previously noticed, catfishes will be found among them.
In most cases, a few characters are listed to diagnose those species to which a specific name was not ascribed. All undescribed species detected to date are marked with “sp. n.” Ichthyologists whose names appear near to the new species, already agreed to describe these taxa, and will start working on them soon. These and other ichthyologists will be studying several other specimens in connection with ongoing revisionary work.
A complete list of catfish lots with identification, locality, and number of specimens will be generated from the MCP collection database, as soon as all lots are cataloged, and will be sent to the ACSI website.

Cetopsis caecutiens

Cetopsis sp. n. “Rio Tapajós” – FERRARIS

Cetopsis sp. n. “st..” – FERRARIS, VARI & PINNA

Denticetopsis sp. A “Rio Purus”

Denticetopsis sp. B “Rio Madeira”

Helogenes marmoratus

Helogenes gouldingi

Ageneiosus sp. 1 “Rio Madeira”

Ageneiosus sp. 2 “Rio Purus”

Auchenipterichthys thoracatus

Auchenipterichthys sp. n. – FERRARIS

Auchenipterus ambyiacus

Centromochlus heckelli

Centromochlus reticulatus

Entomocorus benjamini

Entomocorus sp. n. “Rio Paraguay” – REIS & BORGES

Tatia creutzbergi

Tatia perugia

Tatia sp. A “many black spots”

Tatia sp. B “gray” [young]

Trachelyopterus sp. 1 “Rio Paraguay”

Trachelyopterus sp. 2 “Rio Guaporé”

Trachelyopterus sp. 3 “Rio Purus”

Acanthodoras cataphractus

Amblydoras nauticus

Doras punctatus

Doras cf. punctatus

? Hemidoras stenopeltis

Leptodoras acipenserinus

Physopyxis sp. A

Physopyxis sp. B

Platydoras costatus

Trachydoras brevis

Trachydoras microstomus

Trachydoras cf. microstomus

Trachydoras paraguayensis

Cetopsorhamdia sp. n. 1 “Manchado + área branca abaixo do olho” – BOCKMANN & REIS

Cetopsorhamdia sp. n. 2 “Escuro + bochecha branca” – BOCKMANN & REIS

Cetopsorhamdia sp. n. 3 “Corpo curto + faixa + l.l. interrompida” – BOCKMANN & REIS

Cetopsorhamdia sp. n. 4 “Pintas pretas” – BOCKMANN & REIS

Cetopsorhamdia sp. n. 5 “Quadriculado” – BOCKMANN & REIS

Cetopsorhamdia sp. n. 6 “Curto + cauda clara” – BOCKMANN & REIS

Gladioglanis sp. n. 1 “Curto” – BOCKMANN & LUNDBERG

Gladioglanis sp. n. 2 “Alongado” – BOCKMANN & LUNDBERG

Imparfinis hasemani

Imparfinis” pristos

Imparfinis sp. n. 1 “Corpo curto” – BOCKMANN

Imparfinis sp. n. 2 “Alongado + sem faixa” – BOCKMANN

Mastiglanis asopos

Myoglanis koepki

Myoglanis sp. ou Leptorhamdia sp. [young]

Nannorhamdia stictonota

Nemuroglanis sp. n. 1 “Corpo curto + cauda bilobada” – BOCKMANN & FERRARIS

Nemuroglanis sp. n. 2 “Corpo curto + cauda lanceolada” – BOCKMANN & FERRARIS

Nemuroglanis sp. n. 3 “Cauda longa + faixa escura” – BOCKMANN & FERRARIS

Phenacorhamdia sp.

Pimelodella cf. mucosa

Pimelodella sp. 1 “strong spine ornamentation + small eye + dusky + vague stripe”

Pimelodella sp. 2 “dusky + slightly different caudal lobes + thin stripe”

Pimelodella sp. 3

Pimelodella sp. 4 “strong spine”

Pimelodella sp. 5 “weak spine ornamentation”

Pimelodella sp. 6 “four stripes”

Rhamdia cf. muelleri

Rhamdia sp. 1 “weak spine + stout body”

Rhamdia sp. 2 “strong spine + long body”


Cheiroceros eques

Hemisorubim platyrhynchos

Iheringichthys labrosus

Pimelodus altissimus

Pimelodus cf. blochii

Pimelodus maculatus

Pimelodus ornatus

Pimelodus sp.

Pimelodus sp. n. “lobe, Amazon” – LUNDBERG

Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum

Sorubim lima

Sorubim elongatus

Batrachoglanis raninus

Batrachoglanis villosus

Microglanis sp. n. 1 “Small spots” – SHIBATTA

Microglanis sp. n. 2 “Large spots” – SHIBATTA

Pseudopimelodus sp. n. 1 “(Thesis Shibatta) – SHIBATTA

“New genus Shibatta” sp. n. “Paraguay” – SHIBATTA, LEHMANN & REIS


Ituglanis sp.

Ochmachanthus sp.

Paracanthopoma sp.

Paravandellia sp.

Pseudostegophilus nemurus

Stegophilus sp. 1 “spotted”

Stegophilus sp. 2 “white”

Trichomycterus hasemani ?

Tridens sp.

Vandellia sp.

Corydoras aeneus

Corydoras aurofrenatus

Corydoras caudimaculatus

Corydoras cervinus

Corydoras concolor

Corydoras haraldschultzi

Corydoras hastatus [Seen on field but not found yet among unsorted, bycatch fishes]

Corydoras ourastigma

Corydoras polystictus

Corydoras sarareensis

Corydoras similis

Corydoras splendens

Corydoras sterbai

Corydoras cf. trilineatus

Corydoras sp. aff. acutus

Corydoras sp. aff. bilineatus

Corydoras sp. aff. elegans

Corydoras sp. aff. leucomelas

Corydoras sp. aff. rabauti (juv.)

Corydoras sp. aff. semiaquilus

Corydoras sp. aff. trilineatus

Corydoras sp. n. “branquinha + cromatóforos” – BRITTO & REIS

Corydoras sp. n. “mancha no pedúnculo + focinho longo” (one specimen)

Corydoras sp. n. “pintadinha com máscara” (one specimen)

Corydoras sp. “branquinha madeira”

Corydoras sp. “transamazonica – mancha na dorsal”

Hoplosternum littorale

Lepthoplosternum pectorale

Megalechis personata


Acestridium sp. n. A “plated belly” – REIS & LEHMANN

Acestridium sp. n. B “naked belly” – REIS & LEHMANN

Ancistrinae gen. n., sp. n. – “plated snout + no adipose-fin” – LEHMANN & REIS

Ancistrus cuiabae “Preto + pontos brancos, esp. na barriga” (Paraguay)

Ancistrus sp. B “Barriga lisa + dorso escuro + olho grande + cauda pintada” (Madeira)

Ancistrus sp. C “Barriga lisa + dorso claro + olho pequeno + cauda lisa” (Madeira)

Ancistrus sp. D “Barriga com muitas pintinhas minúsculas + cauda preta lisa” (Madeira)

Ancistrus sp. E “Barriga lisa + dorso liso escuro + olho pequeno + cauda pintada” (Paraguay)

Ancistrus sp. F “Dorsal e caudal com borda laranja”

Ancistrus sp. G “Barriga com muitas bolinhas + dorso com bolas claras” (Purus)

Ancistrus sp. H “Barriga vermiculada + dorso liso + olho pequeno + cauda pintada”(Paraguay)

Ancistrus sp. I “Barriga e dorso com bolinhas + olho grande + cauda lisa” (Paraguay)

Ancistrus sp. J “Todo completamente pintadinho de claro e pontos bem juntos” (Madeira)

Ancistrus sp. K “Bolinhas pequenas na barriga + borda laranja fina na cauda” (Madeira)

Ancistrus sp. L “Preto + pontos brancos, esp. na barriga” (Madeira)

Ancistrus sp. M “Barriga vermiculada + dorso com bolonas claras” (Madeira)

Ancistrus sp. n. N “Sem adiposa” – MULLER, CARDOSO, BERTACO & PEZZI

Ancistrus sp. n. O “Sem adiposa” – MULLER, CARDOSO, BERTACO & PEZZI

Apistoloricaria sp. (Purus)

Crossoloricaria sp. n. ? – THOMAS & REIS

Farlowella sp. 1 “2 pl series abd + rostrum shorter than sp. 2” (Madeira)

Farlowella sp. 2 “2 pl series abd + rostrüm long”(Madeira, Purus)

Farlowella sp. 3 “3 pl series abd + caudal dark above + interorb wider + inconsp color” (M, Pu, T)

Farlowella sp. 4 “3 pl series abd + caudal dark above & below + interob narrow + light above (M, Pu)

Farlowella sp. 5 “3 pl series abd + caudal all black + body short and very dark (Madeira)

Farlowella sp. 6 “3 pl series abd + caudal dark above + rostrum shorter than sp. 3 (Paraguay)

Hemiancistrus sp.

Hemiodontichthys acipenserinus

Hypoptopoma gulare

Hypoptopoma sp. 1

Hypoptopoma sp. 2

Hypoptopomatinae gen. n., sp. n. – bicudinho “Preto Tapajós” – BUCKUP, BRITTO & REIS

Hypoptopomatinae gen. n., sp. n. – “Hypoptopoma-like” + lined odontods– LEHMANN & REIS

Hypostomus unicolor

Hypostomus cochliodon

Hypostomus pyrineusi

Hypostomus hemicochliodon

Hypostomus bolivianus

Hypostomus cf. carionotus

Hypostomus sp. 1 “Big dots + black stripe on lower caudal-fin” (Madeira)

Hypostomus sp. 2 “Dotted all over” (Paraguay)

Hypostomus sp. 3 “Black dorsal fin” – Young (Madeira)

Lamontichthys filamentosus

Lasiancistrus guapore “Caudal slightly forked” (Madeira)

Lasiancistrus castelnaui “Caudal strongly forked” (Purus)

Limatulichthys griseus (Purus)

Loricaria sp. 1 – MATHEW THOMAS

Loricaria sp. 2 – MATHEW THOMAS

Loricaria sp. 3 – MATHEW THOMAS

Loricaria sp. 4 – MATHEW THOMAS

Loricariichthys platymetopon

Nannoptopoma sternoptychum

Otocinclus caxarari

Otocinclus vittatus

Otocinclus mariae

Otocinclus bororo

Otocinclus hoppei

Otocinclus sp. n. “giant spot on caudal peduncle” – REIS & LEHMANN

Panaque sp. A “short + transverse bands” (Purus)

Parotocinclus aripuanensis

Parotocinclus rongirostris

Parotocinclus sp. n. “Humaitá” – LEHMANN

Peckoltia sp. A “Pedunculo longo + muitas faixas” (Madeira)

Peckoltia sp. B “Pedunculo curto + muitas faixas” (Madeira)

Pseudohemiodon sp. 1 “finely granulated + big eye” (Madeira)

Pseudohemiodon sp. 2 “creamy + tiny eye” (Madeira)

Pseudohemiodon sp. 3 “finely granulated + small eye” (Purus)

Pseudohemiodon sp. 4 “coarsely granulated + small eye + flat snout” (Purus)

Pterygoplichthys litturatus

Pterygoplichthys punctatus

Pterygoplichthys sp. n. (similar to P. multiradiatus) – ARMBRUSTER

Rineloricaria fallax

Rineloricaria lanceolata

Rineloricaria parva

Rineloricaria sp. 1 “black caudal fin”

Rineloricaria sp. 2 “long snout + short upper filament’(Madeira)

Rineloricaria sp. 3 “short snout + long upper filament + small size” (Madeira, Purus)

Rineloricaria sp. 4 “long snout + big eye + long upper and lower filament + variagated” (Madeira)

Rineloricaria sp. 5 “light color w/ lat spots + big eye + upper and lower filament” (Madeira, Purus)

Rineloricaria sp. 6 “very long snout + small eye + small upper filament”(Tapajós)

Rineloricaria sp. 7 “short snout + upper filament + dorsal w/ distal spot” (Paraguay)

Spatuloricaria sp. A

Spatuloricaria sp. B

Sturisoma barbatum

Sturisoma rostratum

Sturisoma sp. 1 “Acre” (da tese da Miriam) – GHAZZI

Sturisoma sp. 2 “Purus” (da tese da Miriam) – GHAZZI

Scoloplax dicra [Seen on field but not found yet among unsorted, bycatch fishes]

Amaralia hypsiura

Bunocephalus amazonicus (“Pseudobunocephalus”)

Bunocephalus aleuropsis (“Pseudobunocephalus”)

Bunocephalus doriae

Bunocephalus verrucosus

Pterobunocephalus dolichurus

FINANCIAL REPORT: Detailed expenses account is appended as an Excel file. Summary expenses are as below. Original receipts are attached for all expenses except food and meals. Of the US$ 23,000.00 initially requested, a total of R$ 66,227.58 (approx. US$ 22,603.00) was spent. Balance not yet spent is R$ 5,052.97 (approx. US$ 1,724.56). The large remaining balance is due to the excellent exchange rate we got when we received the money transfer last May…
Expenses in Brazilian Reals:

Initial credit from ACSI $ 71,280.55 +

Exchange fee & tax $ 367.04 -

Air Tickets $ 16,112.00 -

Vehicle rentals $ 23,860.52 -

Hotels $ 5,246.37 -

Fuel truck, boat & coll vehicles $ 9,327.09 -

Equipments & supplies $ 2,882.51 -

Food & meals (approximately) $ 7,770.00 -

Other items $ 662.05 -

Total $ 65,860.54
Balance $ 5,052.97

Porto Alegre, 22 October, 2004

Dr. Roberto E. Reis
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