Recommendation itu-r sm. 1047-1 National spectrum management

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Rec. ITU-R SM.1047-1


National spectrum management

(Question ITU R 68/1)


The ITU Radiocommunication Assembly,


a) that effective spectrum management is essential to maximizing the benefits drawn from the spectrum resource;

b) that due to the growing demands on the radio-frequency spectrum, there is a need to improve spectrum management;

c) that material is needed to assist spectrum managers in the development and implementation of effective national spectrum management systems;

d) that ITU-R has already developed and published the Handbooks on National Spectrum Management, Spectrum Monitoring, and Computer-Aided Techniques for Spectrum Management as well as the Radiocommunications Data Dictionary (Recommendation ITU-R SM.1413) to aid in establishing efficient spectrum management practices,


that the economic aspects are properly treated as an integral part of an overall spectrum management process, in accordance with general guidance given in the Report ITU-R SM.2012,


1 that the development of national spectrum management programs should address the following subject areas:

– spectrum management fundamentals,

– spectrum planning,

spectrum engineering practices,

– frequency authorization,

– spectrum use (including spectrum efficiency),

– spectrum control (inspection and monitoring),

– automation of spectrum management,

– spectrum economics;

2 the use of formats for recording national frequency assignments, compatible with those used by the Radiocommunication Bureau for electronic notification of frequency assignments;

3 that in addressing subjects specified in recommends 1, administrations are guided by the appropriate sections of the published ITU-R Handbooks;

4 that in addressing the subject specified in recommends 2, administrations are guided by the appropriate sections of the Radiocommunications Data Dictionary, as referenced in considering d).

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