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Best Buy to enter used video game market

After watching video-game stores do a booming business in second-hand games at the local mall, Best Buy Canada has decided to follow suit. Starting with a test at six of its Future Shop stores in Calgary, the country’s largest electronics retailer plans to expand its second-hand games offerings to all 133 Future Shop outlets by late summer, putting it head to head against the sector leader EB Games.

Pillar Data Systems Selects Baxter Planning Systems for Service Parts Planning

Baxter Planning Systems, the premier provider of aftermarket parts planning solutions, announced today that Pillar Data Systems, the leading provider of Application-Aware storage systems, has selected Baxter’s industry-leading On-Demand Planning solution to support their global service parts planning requirements.

Green Hardware Reuse Can Fatten Your Bottom Line

Green IT is about much more than virtualization and saving energy in the data center. Reuse and redeployment of existing equipment pays off very big financial dividends as well, while helping to fatten an enterprise’s bottom line. In touch economic times, it can be good for the environment, and good for a company’s financial health.

EU governments looking to increase RoHS enforcement

The governments of EU countries are building plans to work together to better enforce the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) regulations in Europe that ban hazardous substances from electrical and other household and commercial products.

CLS MedTurn Launches Enhanced Web-based Returns Management Capabilities

CLS MedTurn, an industry-leading provider of Returns Management solutions for the healthcare industry, recently launched enhanced Web-based Returns Management and Reporting capabilities through net-link Rx Corporate Reporting II. The application utilizes highly intuitive functionality to increase clients’ visibility to their supply chain, recall participation, policy management and more.

ModusLink Global Solutions introduces Aftermarket Suite of Solutions for complete post-sales supply chain support
ModusLink Global Solutions, Inc., a leader in supply chain business process management, is combining its various aftermarket, reverse logistics and repair services into a complete Aftermarket Suite of Solutions. With the integrated offering, ModusLink will provide expertise in the areas of returns management, repair and remanufacture, value recovery and service parts management. The Solution is designed to improve efficiency and asset value retention, while reducing costs and increasing customer service for ModusLink clients.

Money Talks

What Makes An M&A Deal Work?

Companies buy other companies for a variety of reasons. Whatever reasons drive a particular deal, mergers and acquistions (M&A) are considered successful when multiple synergies are realized and when the business combination increases the net cash flow of the merged business beyond what each entity could have achieved on its own. Here we’ll examine what makes a successful acquisition and take a look at three companies that have pulled it off.

Philips Reports Higher Q3 Profits

Philips Electronics NV reported a higher net profit corporately, but reported further restructuring involving its consumer electronics business. Net profit for the company for the quarter was up 7.8 percent to $479 million, from $444.1 million in the previous year’s third quarter. Sales were $8.49 billion, down from the previous year’s $8.67 billion.

Assurant acquires GE Consumer & Industrial's warranty management group

Assurant, a provider of specialized insurance and insurance-related products and services, has completed its acquisition of the warranty management group business from GE Consumer & Industrial, a unit of General Electric.

Technology Spotlight

A Robot In Every Home?

Observers like Bill Gates believe that by 2025 we could have robots in every home. In labs across Europe, researchers are creating designs that could become the robo-butler of the future.

A computer 55,000 times faster than your PC

How fast is the new supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory? If everyone in the world performed one mathematical calculation per second, it would take 650 years to do what this machine can do in one day.

Lenovo Turns the Lights Down Low with Power Manager on New ThinkCentre PC

Lenovo today announced its greenest, most secure and most manageable ThinkCentre desktop PC yet, the M58/M58p, with Power Manager(1), a ThinkVantage technology that allows PC users to control their electricity consumption remotely, and available for the first time ever on a ThinkCentre PC.

Seven real-world technologies from Agent 007
James Bond returns to the big screen in "Quantum of Solace," the latest movie in a franchise that regularly features high-tech spy gadgets and technologies. Some of Agent 007's make-believe gizmos have inspired real-life gadgetry, according to Peter Earnest, who worked for the Central Intelligence Agency for 35 years, including 25 years in its Clandestine Service. "There are very creative people working in Hollywood," said Earnest, who is now executive director of the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C.

UPS First in Industry to Purchase Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles

As part of a public-private partnership to increase the commercial availability and use of alternative fuel vehicles, UPS today announced its first purchases of a little-known technology - the hydraulic hybrid vehicle - that promises dramatic fuel savings and environmental benefits.

Online Customer Service: Mixing Live Talk With Automated Tech

Live chat can be an effective way to give customers a hand in finding just what it is they're looking for, writes Robert Williams, CEO of Conversive. However, an automated system that doesn't have the answers or one that uses poorly trained service reps can work against you.

Wireless News

Argos Selects Regenersis for Mobile Phone Repairs

Leading retailer, Argos, has selected Regenersis (AIM: RGS) as their mobile phone repair partner. This new contract further strengthens the relationship between the two companies. Regenersis has been supporting Argos with repair services for other high-end electronic products for over a year. This contract builds on other successes from Regenersis who have contracts with several other major retail chains, network operators and manufacturers.

Verizon Unveils Touchscreen 3G BlackBerry

Research In Motion's first touchscreen BlackBerry, which will be available later this fall through Verizon Wireless, will be Verizon's first phone to operate in 3G mode in the U.S. and globally.

The Storm might also become the U.S. industry's first BlackBerry to operate globally in 3G mode if it goes on sale before the delay-plagued BlackBerry Bold, which operates globally in 3G mode but doesn't come with touchscreen. Bold sales are planned through AT&T.

Sony Ericsson Greens Warranty and Phones

Sony Ericsson is launching green initiatives with an environmental warranty and GreenHeart phones.

The Sony Ericsson’s environmental warranty ensures that when any Sony Ericsson product is taken to a designated collection point, Sony Ericsson will recycle this product in an environmentally sound way.

Verizon and Circuit City launch computer repair service with monthly membership fees.

Call it the digital nightmare: Your laptop freezes in the middle of creating a critical document. Your expensive, flat-panel TV stops working the day before the Super Bowl. Your equipment warranty has expired, and although the phone directory is full of repair shops, you don’t know whether you can trust any of them. If only one company could just make it all right!

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