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250 HMI 475 Top Drive

The HMI top drive system is the most compact offering in the TESCO top drive line.

TESCO powers the HMI using industry proven prime movers and its own series of hydraulic pump drives and filtration system.

The HMI top drive is rated for 250 ton casing loads.

Alternate quill performance (torque and speed) can be configured using optional gear ratios and hydraulic motor displacements.

A mud saver/safety valve is incorporated into the system design.


  HMI (250 ton integrated swivel)

  Rated Capacity

250 ton

227 tonne

  Rated Power

475 hp

336 kW

  Weight (with swivel)

8,000 lbs.

3 628 kg

  Operating Length (incl. 8’ links & elevators)

173 in.

4 390 mm


33 in.

838 mm

  Max. Drill Torque

21,000 ft-lb.

2 847 daN-m

  Make-up Torque

21,000 ft-lb.

2 847 daN-m

  Breakout Torque

23,500 ft-lb.

3 195 daN-m

  Max. Speed (with 2.19:1gears)

170 RPM

170 RPM

  Quill ID

2.25 in.

57 mm




  Power Unit (475 HP)

  Weight (approximate)

16,200 lb.

7 370 kg

  Length (c/w hose reel)

281 in.

7 200 mm


56 in.

1 400 mm

Top Drive Notes:
Weight includes top drive, integrated swivel and torque bushing.
The top drive can be fitted with an optional 1.64:1 gear ratio.


Yüklə 14.87 Kb.

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