Quilting with Hand Pain and Intro to Die Cuts

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March Meeting

March 14, 2006

7:00 p.m.

Fairborn Senior Center

325 N. Third Street



Visitors Welcome

(Guild meetings will be cancelled if Fairborn schools are cancelled because of weather.)

Quilting with Hand Pain and Intro to Die Cuts

Kay Gentry is one of our local teachers. She teaches at the Unique Stitches Quilt Shop in Beavercreek and also works out of her home.

Several years ago she was dealing with pain in her hands. As I’m sure most of us would agree, this could seriously hamper our quilting! Not letting this deter her, Kay focused her attention on figuring out how to be able to continue her love of quilting. This led her on an exploration of trying different tools and techniques to continue to be able to sew and quilt. She will share some of the tips she discovered that worked for her.

One thing she has done is design die cuts for her quilting patterns. Die cutting can greatly help those with hand pain or those of us who don’t have time to cut out 200 or so circles/leaves/etc. If there is a die cut shape for your pattern she can cut your fabric for you. Isn’t this a great time saver for those of us on the go?

She will be demonstrating her die cut machine and sharing the benefits for those with and pain and the time saving cutting technique for those of us who don’t have hand pain.

In 2003, Kay started Noble Needle Quilting and Sewing, quilt pattern design company, and she will be bringing patterns and books along with some precut quilt kits. She will take check and cash only. If you would like to see some of her work, her business website is www.nobleneedle.com. The site has some gorgeous quilts that were made using her die cut machine to cut the pieces. All her patterns also include templates to trace and cut your own design elements.

Susan Hill

Vice President

A Note from the President

Springtime. You can almost feel it coming. Winter retreat has come and gone and the robins are starting to sing. Of course, the wind down on our river valley is still pretty stiff, but the promise is there.

Retreat was excellent! Our retreat committee did a wonderful job and many kudos to Fran Nees for her writing, singing and finagling skills. It amazes me that after sixteen years of retreat planning that a new group of determined women always develop a fresh approach. Heidi Young learned louder is better when announcing door prizes. She hung in there and delivered them all. And, this group certainly likes to talk. I ashamed to say that I was having too much fun to take notes about all of the other women who worked and worked diligently over the past months to give us the finished product. However, we all want to say OOH…AH and HEY! Thank you for giving your all.

In case you’re wondering about your Fons & Porter subscriptions, don’t. Connie Combs has been struggling with the passing of her father this past December and in the day-to-day process of learning to live without her Dad, had not mailed the forms. However, she got together with Carla, our treasurer, and now everything is on its way. Check your mailboxes for what I hear is a new and improved version of Fons & Porter. Our sympathy goes out to Connie and her family.

Now it’s time to turn our attention from fun retreats to fun quilt shows. As with anything this guild does, it requires much work and attention to detail. Please sign up to help. Even if it’s only for a couple of hours on one day, your participation makes just a little less hectic the lives of our quilt show committee. No, I haven’t yet, but yes I will.

We still need someone to handle publicity as far as I know. Call Susan Muldowney if you can help in that department. Another area needing help is selling those raffle tickets. I know some of us just don’t like asking someone else to purchase something; some of us won’t do it on principle. However, this is what provides most of our operating funds for the next two years. We go to all the trouble and expense of making a beautiful quilt, but are reluctant to sell a few pieces of paper. Please try to at least sell two books and even more if you can. Dues don’t begin to pay for just our meeting hall needs let alone cover anything else. I’ve heard that many of us would like some bigger names to visit us. This is how we accomplish a goal of that size.

Speaking of big names sign up for one or both of Roberta Horton’s workshops and don’t forget the lecture on Sunday. We need at least ten per workshop to break even.

Finally, thanks to the following volunteers. Our next year’s retreat will be headed up by Diane Mclane. She’s a newcomer to our group, brave too. I’m looking forward to new vision in Block-of-the-Month, chaired by Judy Salyers. Again, I believe that Judy is relatively new to the guild. Thanks also to Lee Peterson who is our new Sunshine chairperson

I talked with someone about something and promised to e-mail her something and of course I cannot find her address or remember what the entire conversation concerned. If you are that lady please e-mail me at lynnhunger@myway.com or call me at 937-969-8700. My apologies. I remember that I would e-mail you on Monday after the retreat, but that’s where my brain cells end.

Anyway, Happy Stitching!

Lynn Hunger


Welcome New Members

Mary Lennard

6584 Kincaid Rd.

Cincinnati, OH 45213




Block of the Month

Hello, my name is Judy Salyers and I am going to try to handle the Block of the Month. However, due to my volunteering late in the month, I am not prepared with information for the March block.

I am asking each participant to bring in a block of their choice. It can be triangles, squares, rectangles, appliqué, paperpiece, etc., using at least two shades of green and a background of white\cream. The block should be 12 1\2" unfinished.

Thank you for your help and I will be well prepared at the March meeting for the April block of the month. See you in March.

Judy Salyers, 878-3958

March 3rd Tuesday Stitch-in

This evening stitch-in held on the third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.

The 3rd Tuesday evening stitch-in will be held March 21st at Helen Stevenson’s home. The address is 48 Lavender Place, Tipp City. Her telephone number is 669-1907.

Please call Helen for directions and to let her know you’ll be coming. Enjoy an evening with friends and get some of your quilting and piecing done!

Don’t Forget the FQBC!

Members who have a birthday during the month of March can participate in the Fat Quarter Birthday Club drawing at the March meeting. To enter, bring a piece of fabric with your name attached. We will draw one name and that lucky person will win all of the fat quarters.

Fabric Selection

• Please bring a fat quarter of spring flowers in yellows, pinks and purples for the monthly drawing.

• For the birthday drawing, bring an all-over floral with any color background.
Sunshine News

If you hear of a member who could use our support, please call Lee Peterson at 439-7298.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Connie Combs whose father passed away in December. If you would like to send a card, her address is:

Connie Combs

3665 Napanee Dr.

Beavercreek OH 45430

Beckie NeuHard’s mother-in-law passed away very recently after being ill and hospitalized. If for you would like to send a card, her address is:

Beckie NeuHard

4246 Scarff Rd.

New Carlisle OH 45344


The Miami Valley Quilters’ Guild Library is getting into the 21st century. The list of books the guild owns will be posted on the guild’s website page or there will be a button to click to go to the book list. This list will be updated in the near future.

You will pick out what book you would like to have from the library. Then either e-mail me or call me with your request, and I will bring it to the next meeting for you to sign out.

The fines also have changed. A late book fee for one month is $.50 with an additional $.50 added for the second month that it has not been returned. The third month will be the cost of the book.

My e-mail address is as follows: _jjacobs915@aol.com_ (mailto:jjacobs915@aol.com). My phone number is 937-236-8305 (please use only if you cannot e-mail me).

Your Librarian,

Anna Jacobs
Mariner’s Compass Taught at April Workshop

We are lucky to have Paula Golden coming to our Guild in April. She will be lecturing to us on Tuesday, April 11. She will also have a ½ day workshop on Wednesday, April 12. The workshop will be “Mastering the Mariner’s Compass”. She does this workshop in Paducah and it fills up fast. So, please pencil April 12 on your calendar now. I’ll be taking names and deposits in March. The cost of the workshop is $35, and I will have more information at our March meeting.

Susan Hill

Workshop Chairperson

Spring Program Schedule


Paula Golden

“A Quilter’s Journey”—a trunk show


  Mariner’s Compass

  Mastering Mariner’s Compass

Quilts Galore, Ltd.

Quiltmaking & Long-Arm Machine Quilting

Gloria Malinovsky

1095 Meadow Lark Drive

Enon, Ohio 45323
(937) 864-7841


hese are 2–3 hour workshops which are always sold out at Paducah.


Pat and Susan Cauley

The Cauley’s are collectors of museum quality quilts. They have been gracious enough to bring and share them with us.



Take the Bus to Paducah and the AQS Show

Don’t miss the 2006 AQS Show in Paducah this spring! The Quilt Tour Bus is traveling to Paducah, Kentucky, April 26-29 for the AQS Show, The Quilters’ Museum, Hancock Fabrics and lots of fun with fellow quilters. Two local Dayton area pick-up sites are planned. For complete information to reserve your seat, please contact Ann Clutter at 937-433-4354 or email: clutter.10@osu.edu

2006 Board Meetings

The following board meetings for 2006 are as follows:

May 8th

August 14th

November 6th

The quarterly board meetings will be held at 6 p.m. at the Fairborn Senior Center. All officers and committee chairs are asked to attend and any interested guild members are welcome.

Treasurer’s Report

Submitted by Carla Shade, Treasurer

For period January 17 – February 20, 2006

(rounded to nearest dollar)



Library 4.00

Winter Retreat 4,182.00

Door Prizes 55.00

Membership 1,006.00

TOTAL INCOME $5,247.00

Fairborn Senior Center

   Quarterly Board Meeting 16.00

   Monthly Meeting Room* 100.00

Meeting Setup 50.00

Speaker Fee 166.00

Door Prizes for Winter Retreat 120.00

Newsletter, Printing 94.00

Postage, Newsletter 108.00



*Monthly fee includes balance from January.

2006 Miami Valley Quilters’ Guild Quilt Show

So much to do and so little time! Isn’t that how we always feel? But with our quilt show less than three months away it’s especially true. I know you’ve heard a lot about the show at the last few guild meetings, and that won’t change at the next few either! Since the show provides a good portion of the operating revenue for the guild for the next two years, it behooves all of us to make sure it’s a success. How can you help? Glad you asked...

Every member can and should enter an item to be displayed in the show. Isn’t that why we all joined a guild in the first place...to share our work and learn from each other? If you’re up for some positive critiquing, have it judged, too. You’ll definitely learn something and may win a ribbon in the process! Enter online or by contacting Carolyn Uecker (767-7085).

Roberta Horton will be our guest teacher. She has taught in 48 states and 13 countries. She has also received the Silver Star Award at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. Class and lecture space is limited, so sign up early. Registration may be completed online or by contacting Marie Wells (687-4083).

We have a beautiful raffle quilt for one lucky winner. We are asking every member to sell two packs of tickets (6 tickets for $5.00). Any ideas for places to set up the quilt and sell tickets are also welcome. Contact Betty Carano at 427-2280 or ecarano@yahoo.com for tickets or venues.

We’ll be having a live auction during the show. Please consider donating an item for the auction. Any new item is welcome, even unfinished tops. This will give us a chance to advertise our “quilters for hire”. There will be a gift basket of goodies for the item that brings in the highest bid. You may also put a minimum bid on your item to reflect the cost of materials. Contact Sandy Hartz (429-0654).

If you like to make items to sell, helping stock our Boutique may be for you. Ten percent of the sale price goes to the guild, and the seller keeps the rest. Contact Linda Adams (879-4692).

We also need lots and lots of volunteers to put on a show of this size. Set up, tear down, white glove, front desk, demonstrations, boutique sales, or raffle ticket sales—there is truly a job for everyone. Sign up sheets will be at the March and April guild meetings, or contact Susan Muldowney (299-5190).

Judging Guidelines

by Barbara S. Brown

1. First impressions (i.e. cleanliness and overall appearance)

2. Shape of quilt (i.e. square corners, straight sides, no rippling, flatness)

3. Design originality

4. Elements of design (i.e. rhythm, colors, balance, unity, focal point, proper scale)

5. Piecing techniques

6. Appliqué techniques

7. Quilting and quilting design

8. Choice of fabrics, and if grain is complementing the design

9. Sashing and borders

10. Binding and backing

Please note: If you have an above area circled, it doesn’t mean that you do not have a beautiful quilt. It means that something was noted to possibly keep your quilt from being a ribbon winner. It may not be a major problem, but it was noted. The intention of the judge is not to be overly critical, but to help the improvement of skills so every person that wanted to put forth the effort may be awarded a ribbon for the quilt
Rules and Procedures

Miami Valley Quilters’ Guild Quilt Show

1. Only members may exhibit. With the exception of the “Quilts by Kids” category, exhibited quilts must be created or owned by the exhibitor-member.

2. Exhibits must not have been shown in the last two MVQG shows.

3. All entries must be constructed of fabric. All must be three layers and contain quilting, except clothing and other.

4. All exhibits must be clean and free of objectionable odors (no pet hairs or strong smoke odors).

5. The Committee reserves the right to exclude entries not meeting these requirements.

6. We will use skirt hangers to hang most exhibits, so a sleeve is not required.

7. Preregistration forms will be available at the March and April meetings, or by

e-mail: UeckersAcres@woh.rr.com

Pre-Registration (deadline: April 11, 2006)

8. A member may preregister as many items as desired. If we have more exhibits than space, the committee may ask exhibitors with multiple entries to reduce the number being shown.

9. Judged Quilts: The member will designate the category for each quilt (each quilt can be entered in only one category). The member may enter multiple quilts in any one category.

10. Judged categories have been increased on the recommendation of the judges (more ribbons!). One significant change: If two or more people work on a quilt (piecer and quilter), it will be entered in the “team” category. This recognizes those who pieced and quilted their exhibit themselves. New “quilting” categories: Hand, Domestic Machine, and Long-Arm Machine (quilter must be a MVQG member).

11. Non-judged quilts need not be placed in a category.

12. Completed forms will be given or mailed to Carolyn Uecker or her designated representative: 945 Dayton Yellow Springs Road, Fairborn, OH 45324 (near intersection with S.R. 235); 937-767-7085 (call first for faxes – need to unhook phone!); UeckersAcres@woh.rr.com.

13. All exhibits must be preregistered by April 11, 2006. No forms will be accepted after that date!

Quilt Turn-In

14. Pre-prepared receipts will be given for each exhibit item.

15. Judged Quilts: Bring to Fairgrounds Coliseum on Wednesday, May 17, between 7:30 and 11:30 a.m. (We will accept non-judged quilts from members exhibiting judged quilts.)

16. Non-Judged Quilts: Bring to Fairgrounds Coliseum Thursday, May 18, between 7:30 a.m. and noon.

Quilt Pick-Up

17. Receipt required for item pickup. If someone is picking up your quilt, be sure they have your receipt.

18. All items must be picked up Sunday, May 21, between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. (no early pickups).
Important Dates

April 11, 2006 — Pre-registration Deadline

May 17, 2006, morning — Judged Quilt Turn-in

May 18, 2006, morning — Non-judged Quilt Turn-in

May 21, 2006, 4:30–5:30 p.m. — Quilt Pick-up


(One item per form)

Member’s Name: (Must be a member to enter) ___________________________

Phone: E-mail: ____________________

Name of Quilt:

Size in inches: across x long Approximate insurance value: $

Made by: _____________________________

Quilted by: How:

Quilt to be: (check one) judged displayed

My quilt’s story: (Description of quilt, including color, predominant techniques, when and why made)

Design / Pattern Source:

Totally original (Not a copy of previous work; new creation; pattern by others not used)

Pattern(s) used: (List pattern source below)

Magazine Issue Year Project Title

Book Title Publisher Project Designer/Author

Other Artwork Title/Type Contact information for artist, publisher or source

Workshop Title Workshop Instructor

Circle Category / Number for Judging: (choose one)

Bed Quilt:

1. Appliqué 2. Pieced 3. Mixed 4. Team

Large Wall:

5. Appliqué 6. Pieced 7. Mixed 8. Team

Small Wall:

9. Appliqué 10. Pieced 11. Mixed 12. Team


13. Appliqué 14. Pieced 15. Pictorial 16. Art 17. Scrap

18. Clothing

19. Other

20. Quilts by Kids

21. Hand Quilting

22. Domestic Machine Quilting

23. Mid/Long Arm Machine Quilting
I wish to enter the above item and agree to abide by the quilt contest rules and decision of the judge. I understand every precaution will be taken to protect my quilt exhibited in the show. I realize MVQG cannot be responsible for the acts of nature or others beyond their control. All entry forms must be received by April 11, 2006.

Signature Date

Miami Valley Quilters’ Guild

2006 Quilt Show Boutique Inventory Sheet






# Sold


Total Dollars Sold

Minus 10% to Guild

Amount to Guild Member

Each Item Must Have A Tag



Item #


Turn in one copy with your boutique items to Priscilla Avery

Thursday, May 18, 10 a.m. at Fairgrounds Coliseum

Please Keep A Copy for Your Records


     June 8th – 10th

     37th Annual NQA Quilt Show

Held at the Batelle Hall at Greater Columbus Convention Center. New this year, all activities—classes, events, lectures—will be located in their host hotel, the Hyatt Regency at the Convention Center. The exhibits and vendor mall will be located in Battelle Hall, adjacent to the Hyatt Regency Ballroom. Nearly 400 quilts plus 100 vendors will be available for your viewing and shopping pleasure. Plan to arrive on June 7 and have dinner at the Preview Party, followed by two hours to view the Show and shop the vendors without all the crowds.

Special Note

Maria Elkins is going to be lecturing at the NQA show in Columbus on June 10 at 10:30 a.m. She will be showing all of her quilts and talking about how and why they were made. The lecture fee will be $10. For further information contact Marie at me@mariaelkins.com

     March 8th – 12th

     12th Annual A Mountain Quiltfest

Show welcomes the best quilters and crafters to Eastern Tennessee to compete in the multi-category quilt show. Learn from the world’s top quilters teaching more than 70 instructional sessions and master classes for quilters of all levels. Everyone is welcome, from beginning quilters to seasoned quilt masters. Experience the best in quilting along with the down-home hospitality of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee! For more information, contact www.mypigeonforge.com. or call 865-429-7350.
     March 22nd – 25th

     6th Annual Amish

Country Quilt Show

Show held at Berlin Christian Fellowship, 5382 County Road 201, Berlin, OH 44610. Hours are Wednesday–Saturday, 10 a.m. –

5 p.m. Admission to the show is $5. Located in Holmes County, the show features hand stitched and machine stitched quilts. Pepper Cory will be at the show this year, author of 6 books including Mastering Quilt Making and Quilting Designs from the Amish. Classes and lectures will be offered all weekend. Also the 2005 Amish Country Shop Hop quilts will be on display.

Deadline for the April issue is Monday, March 20th

Quilting stories, ideas, news?

Send to:

Chris Garcher

MVQG Newsletter Editor

6258 Gander Road East

Dayton OH 45424


E-mail: DJGarcher@compuserve.com


Please contact:

Staci Hogan

1417 Muirfield Ct.

Centerville, OH 45459


E-mail: SHogan9211@aol.com

for fees and contracts.

Classified Ads

We accept classified ads for $5.00 per issue. Items must be of interest to quilters and collectors, and may be submitted by anyone, including nonmembers.


All articles are subject to editing and approval by the editor. Materials received after the published deadline date will be considered for publication only if space and time permit.

Need to reach us?

Please send all guild correspondence to our post office box address. That way our officers will receive it. Our address is:

Miami Valley Quilters’ Guild

P.O. Box 340141

Beavercreek, OH 45434
Quilters’ Quotes is a copyrighted publication of the Miami Valley Quilters’ Guild. No one may reprint this newsletter in any form, in part or in whole, without the written permission of the editor. Our guild is a member of the National Quilting Association (NQA).

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