Qualifications for Teachers and

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Title I, Part A and Title II, Part A Section 1119 Qualifications for Teachers and

Paraprofessionals Verification of Compliance – Principal Attestations and Assurances
The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, states in Title I Section 1119(h) that each local educational agency (LEA) shall require that the principal of each school operating a program under Section 1114 – School-wide Programs or Section 1115 - Targeted Assistance Schools attest annually in writing as to whether such school is in compliance with the requirements of Section 1119. In addition, in accordance with Georgia Implementation Guidelines The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Title II, Part A 13.10, LEAs are required to maintain documentation signed by each principal and the Title II, Part A Coordinator that the current data reflects the highly qualified status of teachers assigned to their respective school (Title I and Non-Title I) and that principals have reviewed their school’s Equity data. Copies of attestations shall be:

  1. Maintained at each school in the district

  2. Maintained at the main office of the school district and

  3. Available to any member of the general public on request.

Requirements of Section 1119 – Teachers

  • Beginning with the first day of school each school year teachers hired and teaching in a program supported with Title I, Part A and Title II, Part A funds must be highly qualified.

  • Plans must be developed to ensure all teachers are highly qualified no later than the end of the current school year. The plan must be updated annually to achieve or maintain the 100% highly qualified LEA status. Components of the plan shall include annual measurable objectives to:

    • increase the percentage of highly qualified teachers

    • increase the percentage of teachers who are receiving high-quality professional development and

    • such plan may include other measures determined by the school and/or district.

Beginning with the 2002-03 school year, progress to meet annual measurable objectives must be

reported to the public. This requirement can be met through reports to the Georgia

Department of Education (Consolidated Application) and used for data posting on the Governor's

Office of Student Achievement (GOSA) website for state, district, and building report cards.

Requirements of Section 1119 – Paraprofessionals

  • All paraprofessionals hired after January 8, 2002, hired with Title I funds or employed in a Title I Schoolwide program and assisting with instruction must meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Completed at least 2 years of study at an institution of higher education

  2. Obtained an associate degree (or higher)

  3. Met a rigorous standard of quality and can demonstrate through a formal state approved assessment the knowledge of, and the ability to assist in instructing, reading, writing and mathematics, or assisting in instructing and the readiness of above named subject areas, as appropriate.

  • Title I paraprofessionals will not be assigned a duty inconsistent with duties outlined in

Section 1119.

  • Paraprofessionals will work under the direct supervision of a teacher consistent with

Section 1119.

Use of Funds 

paraprofessionals in satisfying the highly qualified requirements of Section 1119.

  • Not less than 5 percent or more than 10 percent of Title I funds for the current fiscal year must be used for professional development activities to ensure that teachers (and paraprofessionals) who do not meet the highly qualified requirements meet the requirements of Section 1119.

  • Districts may spend less than 5 percent of their allocation for this purpose if they can demonstrate a lesser amount is sufficient to ensure all highly qualified requirements will be met.

Attestation Statement
For this school year, ______________, I attest

    • that the provisions of Section 1119 - Qualifications for Teachers and Paraprofessionals are met in this school


    • that a highly qualified teacher was not available for hire and placement in the following position(s) or the best candidate was hired and placed in the following position(s):


A remediation plan was developed for each non-HiQ teacher to ensure the teacher will be highly qualified no later than the end of this school year. The plan for each teacher will be monitored and the teacher’s progress toward attaining HiQ status will be documented periodically during the year.
The remediation plan:

  • was developed in collaboration with the teacher at the time of hire,

  • was signed by the teacher and principal,

  • includes a timeline for completing each component of the plan, and

  • includes a target date for meeting requirements to attain HQ Status.

__________________________________________     ________________________________

                          (School Name)                                                      (District Name)
__________________________________________     ________________________________

                       (Principal’s Signature)                                             (Date Signed)                               

Brad Bryant, State Superintendent of Schools

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