Publications by individual members of cost action 859 and relevant to the objectives of the Action (2005)

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Publications by individual members of COST Action 859

and relevant to the objectives of the Action (2005)

  • Abdel-Ghany SE, Burkhead JL, Gogolin KA, Andrés-Colás N, Bodecker JR, Puig S, Peñarrubia L and Pilon M (2005) AtCCS is a functional homolog of the yeast copper chaperone Ccs1/Lys7. FEBS Lett. 579, 2307-2312

  • Adriaensen K, Vralstad T, Noben JP, Vangronsveld J and Colpaert JV (2005) Copper-adapted Suillus luteus, a symbiotic solution for pines colonizing Cu mine spoils. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 71, 7279-7284

  • Adriano DC, Bolan NS, Vangronsveld J and Wenzel WW (2005) Heavy metals. In: Encyclopedia of Soils in the Environment, edited by D. Hillel. Elsevier Academic Press. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, pp. 175-182

  • Almas AR, Mulder J, Bakken LR (2005) Trace metal exposure of soil bacteria depends on their position in the soil matrix. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 39 (16): 5927-5932

  • Al-Najar H, Kaschl A, Schulz R, Romheld V (2005) Effect of thallium fractions in the soil and pollution origins on Tl uptake by hyperaccumulator plants: A key factor for the assessment of phytoextraction. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHYTOREMEDIATION 7 (1): 55-67

  • Al-Najar H, Schulz R, Breuer J, Roemheld V (2005) Effect of cropping systems on the mobility and uptake of Cd and Zn. ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 3 (1): 13-17

  • Antosiewicz DM (2005) Study of calcium-dependent lead-tolerance on plants differing in their level of Ca-deficiency tolerance. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION 134 (1): 23-34

  • Anza M, Garbisu C and Riga P (2005) Time course of antioxidant responses of Capsicum annuum L. subjected to a progressive magnesium deficiency. Annals of Applied Biology 146, 123-134

  • Arapis GD (2005) Root and foliar uptake of Cs-134 by three tobacco plant varieties. REVUE D ECOLOGIE-LA TERRE ET LA VIE 60 (4): 333-340

  • Arias CA and Brix H (2005) Initial experience from a compact vertical flow constructed wetland treating single household wastewater. – In: Natural and Constructed Wetlands: Nutrients, Metals and Management (Edited by J. Vymazal), Backhuys Publishers, Leiden, The Netherlands, pp. 52-64

  • Arias CA and Brix H (2005) Phosphorus removal in constructed wetlands: Can suitable alternative media be identified? Water Science and Technology 51(9), 267-273

  • Arias CA, Brix H and Marti E (2005) Recycling of treated effluents enhances removal of total nitrogen in vertical flow constructed wetlands. Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part A -Toxic/Hazardous Substances & Environmental Engineering 40 (6-7), 1431-1443

  • Atkinson D, Black KE, Dawson LA, Dunsiger Z, Watson CA, Wilson SA (2005) Prospects, advantages and limitations of future crop production systems dependent upon the management of soil processes. ANNALS OF APPLIED BIOLOGY 146 (2): 203-215

  • Bacon J and Dinev N (2005) Isotopic characterisation of lead in contaminated soils from the vicinity of a non-ferrous metal smelter near Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Environmental Pollution 134, 247–255

  • Baekgaard L, Fuglsang AT, Palmgren MG (2005) Regulation of plant plasma membrane H+- and Ca2+-ATPases by terminal domains. JOURNAL OF BIOENERGETICS AND BIOMEMBRANES 37 (6): 369-374

  • Baranska M, Schulz H (2005) Spatial tissue distribution of polyacetylenes in carrot root. ANALYST 130 (6): 855-859

  • Baranska M, Schulz H, Siuda R, Strehle MA, Rosch P, Popp J, Joubert E, Manley M (2005) Quality control of Harpagophytum procumbens and its related phytopharmaceutical products by means of NIR-FT-Raman spectroscopy. BIOPOLYMERS 77 (1): 1-8

  • Baranska M, Schulz H, Reitzenstein S, Uhlemann U, Strehle MA, Kruger H, Quilitzsch R, Foley W, Popp J (2005) Vibrational spectroscopic studies to acquire a quality control method of Eucalyptus essential oils. BIOPOLYMERS 78 (5): 237-248

  • Baranski R, Baranska M, Schulz H (2005) Changes in carotenoid content and distribution in living plant tissue can be observed and mapped in situ using NIR-FT-Raman spectroscopy. PLANTA 222 (3): 448-457

  • Behmer ST, Lloyd CM, Raubenheimer D, Stewart-Clark J, Knight J, Leighton RS, Harper FA, Smith JAC (2005) Metal hyperaccumulation in plants: mechanisms of defence against insect herbivores. FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY 19 (1): 55-66

  • Benkova M, Raytchev T, Dinev D, Hajnos M and Jozefaciuk G (2005) Alfalfa growth and heavy metal uptake after addition of lime, peat and ferriferous material to acid soil. In: Physicochemical management of acid soils polluted with heavy metals. Ed. by T.Raytchev et al., Center of Excelence AGROPHYSICS (QLAM-2001-00428- 5th FP-EU), ISBN 83-89969-00-9, pp. 59-73

  • Benkova M, Raytchev T, Dinev N, Sokolowska Z, Hajnos M and Jozefaciuk G (2005) Alfalfa yield and copper uptake after treatment of heavy metal polluted soil with lime, coal powder and ferric oxide. In: Physicochemical management of acid soils polluted with heavy metals. Ed. by T.Raytchev et al., Center of Excelence AGROPHYSICS (QLAM-2001-00428- 5th FP-EU), ISBN 83-89969-00-9, pp. 74-85

  • Bermond A, Varrault G, Sappin-Didier V, Mench M (2005) A kinetic approach to predict soil trace metal bioavailability: preliminary results. PLANT AND SOIL 275 (1-2): 21-29

  • Bernhard R, Verkleij JAC, Nelissen HJM, Vink JPM (2005) Plant-specific responses to zinc contamination in a semi-field lysimeter and on hydroponics. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION 138 (1): 100-108

  • Bhatia NP, Baker AJM, Walsh KB, Midmore DJ (2005) A role for nickel in osmotic adjustment in drought-stressed plants of the nickel hyperaccumulator Stackhousia tryonii bailey. PLANTA 223 (1): 134-139

  • Bhatia NP, Nkang AE, Walsh KB, Baker AJM, Ashwath N, Midmore DJ (2005) Successful seed germination of the nickel hyperaccumulator Stackhousia tryonii. ANNALS OF BOTANY 96 (1): 159-163

  • Bhatia NP, Walsh KB, Baker AJM (2005) Detection and quantification of ligands involved in nickel detoxification in a herbaceous Ni hyperaccumulator Stackhousia tryonii Bailey. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY 56 (415): 1343-1349

  • Bicakci E and Memon AR (2005) An efficient and rapid in vitro regeneration system for metal resistant cotton. Biologia Plantarum 49, 415-417

  • Bilecen K, Ozturk UH, Duru AD, Sutlu T, Petoukhov MV, Svergun DI, Koch MHJ, Sezerman UO, Cakmak I, Sayers Z (2005) Triticum durum metallothionein - Isolation of the gene and structural characterization of the protein using solution scattering and molecular modelling. JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 280 (14): 13701-13711

  • Biro B, Varga G, Hartl W, Nemeth T (2005) Soil quality and nitrate percolation as affected by the horticultural and arable field conditions of organic and conventional agriculture. ACTA AGRICULTURAE SCANDINAVICA SECTION B-SOIL AND PLANT SCIENCE 55 (2): 111-119

  • Bittsánszky A, Komives T, Gullner G, Gyulai G, Kiss J, Heszky L, Radimszky L and Rennenberg H (2005) Ability of transgenic poplars with elevated glutathione content to tolerate zinc(2+) stress. Environ. Int. 31, 251-254

  • Bourgis F, Botha FC, Mani S, Hiten DJ, Rigden DJ and Verbruggen N (2005) Characterisation and functional investigation of an Arabidopsis cDNA encoding a homolog to the d-PGMase superfalimy. Journal of Experimental Botany 56 (414), 1129-1142

  • Bouwman LA, Bloem J, Romkens PFAM, Japenga J (2005) EDGA amendment of slightly heavy metal loaded soil affects heavy metal solubility, crop growth and microbivorous nematodes but not bacteria and herbivorous nematodes. SOIL BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY 37 (2): 271-278

  • Bovet L, Feller U, Martinoia E (2005) Possible involvement of plant ABC transporters in cadmium detoxification: a cDNA sub-microarray approach. ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL 31 (2): 263-267

  • Brazier-Hicks M and Edwards R (2005) Functional importance of the family 1 glucosyltransferase UGT72B1 in the metabolism of xenobiotics in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Journal 43, 556-566

  • Brix H and Arias CA (2005) The use of vertical flow constructed wetlands for on-site treatment of domestic wastewater: New Danish guidelines. Ecological Engineering 25, 491-500

  • Brix H and Arias CA (2005) Danish guidelines for small-scale constructed wetland systems for onsite treatment of domestic sewage. Water Science and Technology 51(9), 1-9

  • Broadley MR and White PJ eds (2005) Plant Nutritional Genomics. Oxford, UK: Blackwell, 321 pp

  • Buddhawong S, Kuschk P, Mattusch J, Wiessner A and Stottmeister U (2005) Removal of arsenic and zinc using different laboratory model wetland systems. Engineering in Life Sciences 5(3), 247-252

  • Caille N, Zhao FJ and McGrath SP (2005) Comparison of root absorption, translocation and tolerance of arsenic in the hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata and the nonhyperaccumulator Pteris tremula. New Phytologist 165, 755–761

  • Cakmak I (2005) The role of potassium in alleviating detrimental effects of abiotic stresses in plants. JOURNAL OF PLANT NUTRITION AND SOIL SCIENCE-ZEITSCHRIFT FUR PFLANZENERNAHRUNG UND BODENKUNDE 168 (4): 521-530

  • Chandra Sekhar K, Kamala CT, Chary NS, Balaram V and Garcia G (2005) Potential of Hemidesmus indicus for phytoextraction of lead from industrially contaminated soils. Chemosphere 58, 507-514

  • Chaney RL, Angle JS, Mclntosh MS, Reeves RD, Li YM, Brewer EP, Chen KY, Roseberg RJ, Perner H, Synkowski EC, Broadhurst CL, Wang S, Baker AJM (2005) Using hyperaccumulator plants to phytoextract soil Ni and Cd. ZEITSCHRIFT FUR NATURFORSCHUNG C-A JOURNAL OF BIOSCIENCES 60 (3-4): 190-198

  • Chen H, Mendelssohn IA, Lorenzen B, Brix H and Miao S (2005) Growth and nutrient responses of Eleocharis cellulosa (Cyperaceae) to phosphate level and redox intensity. American Journal of Botany 92(9), 1457-1466

  • Chrysafopoulou E, Kadukova J, Kalogerakis N (2005) A whole-plant mathematical model for the phytoextraction of lead (Pb) by maize. ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL 31: 255-262

  • Citterio S, Prato N, Fumagalli P, Aina R, Massa N, Santagostino A, Sgorbati S and Berta G (2005) The arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus mosseae induces growth and metal accumulation changes in Cannabis sativa L.. Chemosphere 59(1), 21-29

  • Clark LJ, Gowing DJG, Lark RM, Leeds-Harrison PB, Miller AJ, Wells DM, Whalley WR, Whitmore AP (2005) Sensing the physical and nutritional status of the root environment in the field: a review of progress and opportunities. JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE 143: 347-358

  • Clemente R, Walker DJ and Bernal MP (2005) Uptake of heavy metals and As by Brassica juncea grown in a contaminated soil in Aznalcóllar (Spain): The effect of soil amendments. Environmental Pollution 138, 46 -58

  • Colcombet J, Lelievre F, Thomine S, Barbier-Brygoo H, Frachisse JM (2005) Distinct pH regulation of slow and rapid anion channels at the plasma membrane of Arabidopsis thaliana hypocotyl cells. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY 56 (417): 1897-1903

  • Cooke JEK, Weih M (2005) Nitrogen storage and seasonal nitrogen cycling in Populus: bridging molecular physiology and ecophysiology. NEW PHYTOLOGIST 167 (1): 19-30

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  • Dal Corso G, Borgato L, Furini A (2005) In vitro plant regeneration of the heavy metal tolerant and hyperaccumulator Arabidopsis halleri (Brassicaceae)PLANT CELL TISSUE AND ORGAN CULTURE 82 (3): 267-270

  • Davies LC, Carias CC, Novais JM, Martins-Dias S (2005) Phytoremediation of textile effluents containing azo dye by using Phragmites australis in a vertical flow intermittent feeding constructed wetland. ECOLOGICAL ENGINEERING 25 (5): 594-605

  • Deckers P, Craciun AR, Azmi A, Witters E, Laukens K, Verbruggen N, Van Onckelen H (2005) Plant responses to cadmium stress: a proteomic approach. FEBS JOURNAL 272: 461-461

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  • Del Buono D, Scarponi L, D'Amato R (2005) An analytical method for the simultaneous determination of butachlor and benoxacor in wheat and soil. JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY 53 (11): 4326-4330

  • Delfine S, Loreto F, Pinelli P, Tognetti R, Alvino A (2005) Isoprenoids content and photosynthetic limitations in rosemary and spearmint plants under water stress. AGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT 106 (2-3): 243-252

  • Del Río-Celestino M, Font R, Fernández-Martínez JM and De Haro-Bailón A (2005) Uptake of lead and zinc by wild plantas growing on contaminated soils. In: Industrial Crops and Rural Development, edited by MJ Pascual-Villalobos, FS Nakayama, CA Bailey, E Correal and WW Schloman Jr. , published by IMIDA, Murcia, Spain, ISBN: 84-689-3363-5, pp. 245-255

  • De Maria N, de Felipe MR and Fernandez-Pascual M (2005) Alterations induced by glyphosate on lupin photosynthetic apparatus and nodule ultrastructure and some oxygen diffusion related proteins. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 43(10-11), 985-996

  • Dercová K, Makovníková J, Barančíková G and Žufa, J (2005) Bioremediation of soil and wastewater concentration with toxic metals. Chemical Letters 99, 682-693

  • Diara C, Castagna A, Baldan B, Sodi AM, Sahr T, Langebartels C, Sebastiani L, Ranieri A (2005) Differences in the kinetics and scale of signalling molecule production modulate the ozone sensitivity of hybrid poplar clones: the roles of H2O2, ethylene and salicylic acid. NEW PHYTOLOGIST 168 (2): 351-364

  • Di Baccio D, Kopriva S, Sebastiani L, Rennenberg H (2005) Does glutathione metabolism have a role in the defence of poplar against zinc excess? NEW PHYTOLOGIST 167 (1): 73-80

  • Dickinson NM, Pulford ID (2005) Cadmium phytoextraction using short-rotation coppice Salix: the evidence trail. ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL 31 (4): 609-613

  • Diez J, Kidd P and Monterroso C (2005) Plants from the serpentinic area of Tras-Os-Montes (Ne Portugal) as potential species for phytoextraction technologies. Catena, Advances in Geoecology, 36

  • Di Gregorio S, Lampis S and Vallini G (2005) Selenite precipitation by a rhizospheric strain of Stenotrophomonas sp. isolated from the root system of Astragalus bisulcatus: a biotechnological perspective. Environment International 31, 233-241

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  • Fediuc E, Lips SH, Erdei L (2005) O-acetylserine (thiol) lyase activity in Phragmites and Typha plants under cadmium and NaCl stress conditions and the involvement of ABA in the stress response. JOURNAL OF PLANT PHYSIOLOGY 162 (8): 865-872

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  • Fusco N, Micheletto L, Dal Corso G, Borgato L, Furini A (2005) Identification of cadmium-regulated genes by cDNA-AFLP in the heavy metal accumulator Brassica juncea L. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY 56 (421): 3017-3027

  • Gahoonia TS, Ali O, Sarker A, Rahman MM, Erskine W (2005) Root traits, nutrient uptake, multi-location grain yield and benefit-cost ratio of two lentil (Lens culinaris, Medikus.) varieties. PLANT AND SOIL 272 (1-2): 153-161

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