Psychology Department Contract for Off-Campus psyc 399 Placement

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Psychology Department

Contract for Off-Campus PSYC 399 Placement
You must make a contract with one of the human service agencies in the local area and offer to volunteer your services for 6 to 8 hours per week. Except in very unusual circumstances, you can earn up to but not more than 3 credits a semester. With prior approval, you may repeat this course once but not for a total of more than 6 credits.
Get a letter from the agency addressed to Dr. Erin Hardin, Director of Undergraduate Studies, in which your supervisor agrees to accept you as a worker, to provide supervision, and to complete an end-of-semester evaluation form. The letter must be obtained within the first two weeks of classes and submitted along with this Contract and Add Slip. This letter can be emailed to Dr. Hardin at Dr. Hardin will review and indicate approval or disapproval with reasons within 2 to 3 days.
You should not enroll in this course if you will be taking an overload. You should try to get enrolled before the Add Deadline, but we will provide a few days of grace knowing it takes time to work out all the arrangements.
Be aware that the majority of PSYC 399 placements require you to carry liability insurance, and some sites also require background checks. You should visit to review the university guidelines for service learning and information about purchasing discounted liability insurance.
In addition to responsibilities required by the placement, you will complete a detailed placement goals report, submit weekly progress reports, and write a final paper. The final paper is an APA-style research-literature based paper that includes library references and is due at the end of the semester. The paper should integrate your placement experience with the research literature. More details, including due dates and grading criteria, will be provided at the beginning of the semester in which you participate in the placement.
Any questions should be directed to Dr. Hardin. (974-3423)
I have read and understand the instructions for enrolling in an off-campus study internship- I will complete the steps outlined above.
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