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FC 94/1

March 2000

Finance Committee

Ninety-fourth Session

Rome, 8 - 12 May 2000


  1. This document does not constitute an invitation to the session. While complete sets of documents cannot be provided, one copy of specific committee documents can be provided upon written request.

1. Adoption of Agenda and Timetable (docs. FC 94/1, FC 94/1 Add.1, FC 94/INF/1)

2. Election of Vice-Chairman


3. Programme and Budgetary Transfers in the 1998-1999 Biennium and Annual Report on Budgetary Performance to Member Nations (doc. FC 94/3)

4. Review of Support Costs:

a) Current Profile of FAO’s Field Programmes and Other Programmes Funded from Voluntary Contributions (doc. FC 94/4(a))

b) Current Reimbursement Rates for Support Costs on Field Programmes and Other Voluntary Contributions (doc. FC 94/4(b))

c) Methodology Used to Calculate the Cost of Supporting Field Programmes and Other Programmes Funded from Voluntary Contributions (doc. FC 94/4(c))

d) Proposed Principles for Support Cost Reimbursement Rates for Field Programmes and Other Programmes Funded from Voluntary Contributions (doc. FC 94/4(d))

5. Budgetary Transfers in the PWB 2000-2001 Arising out of the Conference Approval of the Budget at Lire 1875 (doc. FC 94/5)


6. Financial Position of the Organization

a) Financial Position of the Organization as at 29 February 2000 (doc. FC 94/6(a))

b) Financial Outturn of the 1998-1999 Biennium (doc. FC 94/6(b))

c) Report on Investments 1999

i) Regular Programme and Trust Funds (doc. FC 94/6c(i))

ii) Compensation Plan Reserve Fund (FC 94/6c(ii))

iii) Separation Payments Scheme (FC 94/6c(iii))

7. Progress Report on the Implementation of External Auditor’s Recommendations (doc. FC 94/7)

8. Programme of Work of the External Auditor - Biennium 2000-2001 (doc. FC 94/8)

9. Request to the External Auditor for Specific Reports concerning the Emergency Farm Reconstruction Project to be executed by FAO on behalf of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (doc. FC 94/9)


10. Annual Reports of the ICSC and UN Joint Staff Pension Board to the General Assembly, and Summary of the Decisions taken (doc. FC 94/10)

11. Changes in Salary Scales and Allowances (doc. FC 94/11)

12. Flexible Use of Education Grant Travel - Change in Staff Regulation 301.0334 (doc. FC 94/12)


13. 1999 Annual Activity Report of the Office of Inspector-General (doc. FC 94/13)

14. UN Joint Inspection Report

- Review of the Administrative Committee on Coordination and its Machinery (doc. CL 119/INF/11)


15. Report on WFP Chartered Flight KSV 3275 to Kosovo (doc. FC 94/15)


16. Working Methods of the Finance Committee

17. Date and Place of the Ninety-fifth Session

18. Any Other Matters

For reasons of economy, this document is produced in a limited number of copies. Delegates and observers are kindly requested to bring it to the meetings and to refrain from asking for additional copies, unless strictly indispensable.


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