Protection from contamination

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3697436-974.  Protection from contamination

A.  Bulk food and product modules shall be protected from contamination during display, customer self service, refilling and storage.

B.  Each product module shall have a tight fitting lid that is kept in a closed position at all times except during stocking and customer service.

C.  Containers supplied by customers shall not be used in a manner that contaminates bulk food.  Take home containers, including bags, cups and lids, provided for customer use shall be stored and dispensed in a sanitary manner.

D.  Pet food and nonfood items shall be separated by a barrier or open space from product modules and bulk food.

E.  Potentially hazardous food shall not be provided as bulk food for customer self service.

F.  Bulk food removed from a product module by a consumer but not ultimately purchased shall not be returned to the product module or offered for resale by the retailer. 36974

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