Proposal for Completion of a 580

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Proposal for Completion of a 580

(may include ARTE, BUED, CSED, CUST, HMED, MAED, MUED, PETE, SCED, SSED, or TSED content)
EDCP 580 (3/12)C Problems in Education
Name: Student Number: ______________
Course: __EDCP 580 Section: ____ Number of Credits: ____
Catalogue Number: Session: __________

Purpose and Objectives of the Proposed Investigation:

Plan or Procedures for Completion (include what you will do, how, and planned date for each task):

Detail the Expected Outcome or Product of this Investigation (detail length of paper, format of project, etc., and planned date of completion):

Describe How the Outcome or Product Will Be Assessed (include relevant criteria):

I have discussed the details of this directed study with my program advisor and had it:

Approved as part of my program: (signature of student)
Approval of member of faculty: (signature of 580 supervisor)
Approval of EDCP Grad Advisor: (signature of Grad Advisor)

Student and 580 supervisor should each retain a copy of this proposal for their files. Please return this form to the graduate program assistant who will register you in this course.

Force registered by: Date:

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