Product Name: Garlic Plus Slimming pill with herbaceous ingredient imported from Yuhan. Product Introduction

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Product Name: Garlic Plus

Slimming pill with herbaceous ingredient imported from Yuhan.

Product Introduction

Garlic Plus is specially formulated with 60% of tobure allium sativium (lassun – garlic species from Yuhan) and 40% combination from other herbs to overcome the big tummy, excess fat and cellulites that experience by men and women.

Extensive research had been done to find out the wonderful benefit from our mother nature. Among the special herbs, Lassun play a big role in this product. The Lassun gives an extraordinary effect from the ordinary garlic where every 250 mg tubure alium sativium is equal with 1000 mg ordinary garlic. Apart from that, garlic plus also act as an active agent that burn, break and remove excess fat and balance the hydrochloric acid in our stomach. It will burn fat inside our boy especially fat that are seldom gather at stomach, thigh and arms. In addition, the product not only gives you external beauty but it also provides you with the external beauty. It can cure certain disease and after you had lost your weight you will not experience any side effect to your body. In other words, with discipline use the consumers will get are very satisfying results from Garlic Plus.

The advantages are the consumer will never get diarrhea the can causes the stomach intestine to bleed which may lead to stomach ulcers.

Brand introduction
A homegrown company, Sendayu Tinggi Corportion (M) Sdn. Bhd. has grown in leaps and bounds over the years to become one of the most sought-after brands supplement market with more than 2000 different product to offer.
Established in 1997, Sendayu Tinggi offers a broad spectrum of products across 6 distinct product sets such as aromatheraphy set, slimming set, natural beauty set, women set, honeymoon set and alternative set.
Sendayu Tinggi Corporation Sdn Bhd started to be one of the famous company in the late 1997 when Puan Rozita Ibrahim invent her own cosmetic products and promote them widely through the advertisements and the media mass.

Today, Puan Rozita has her own production plant and is a boss for 9 other companies she set up. Her company also produced their own television series, Anggun Ayu which is aired on TV3 and is now entering its 4th season. Rozita herself was nominated as finalist for the Women Icon Award 2007 (Anugerah Wanita Ikon 2007).

Company Introduction
Anggun Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2007 in Malaysia. The company provides aids for the business, trade information, manufacturing cosmetic products, and investment services among the ASEAN countries with its base at W.P Labuan, Malaysia. Anggun Corporation Sdn. Bhd is now planning to invest more in manufacturing sector in Labuan. Besides, more branches will be opened in Sabah and Sarawak in order to suit the requirements of the residents there.

Company Details:

Company's name:


Registered address:

No 3, Lorong Merinding, 87027 W.P Labuan

Type of Building:

Shop Lot

Phone Number:



Business type:

Manufacturing and investment services

E-mail address:

Fax number:


Product packaging:

Product ingredients and functionality:

  1. Garlic plus produce from compound of 60% of Tubure Alium Sativum.(Lassun are species of onion that come from Yunan).

  2. Lassun has many benefits from onions that,each Lassun contain 250 mg Tubure Alum Sativum are same with 1000 mg onions.

  3. Alicin : Help in kills bacteria at the stomach.

  4. Carminative : Help in digestion and release air that block the circulation of blood.

  5. Aperient : Help in smoothly of removing urea.

  6. Diaphoretic : Help in process of sweating.

  7. Antacid : Help in balance the acid hydrochloric nor gastric and sting pain in liver.

Product indication :

  1. Should avoid themselves from taking drink that contain alcoholic and bicarbonate.

  2. Should avoid from taking food that contain high fat such as fried rice,food that contain coconut milk,fast food such as pizza and chocolate.

  3. Avoid from taking drink that contain caffeine.Caffeine are substance that not good for our healthy that it will damage our nervous system.

  4. Avoid from take food and drinking that contain too much sugar such as donut,bicarbonate drink and so on.

  5. Food that take a time to digest such as beef cow,chicken meat and cuttelefish will cause difficulty in our digestive system.It will be cause constipation and hinder in process of diet.

Product recommend consumption

  1. First week

2 capsules half an hour before the breakfast and dinner. (At the earlier stage, blood circulation occurs which the breakdown of fats and gas starts. This will make the slimming process more easier.

Second week

2 capsules half an hour before the breakfast and dinner

(After the processes of breakdown of fats and gas, your body will start to loss weight.)

  1. Keep away from children below 12 years old.

  1. For adult’s use only.

  1. If you have taken this slimming set, you do not need other health products as the ingredients in our products have all the nutrients that you require to have a healthy body.

  1. Consumer should drink the water more often to make the process of toxins elimination in body more easier besides prevent our body to be hot.

  1. For those who are in pregnancy, please do not consume this product.

  1. Through the consumption of this product, some individuals may experience the change of menstrual cycle. This process does not bring any bad effects. It is just for temporary and will return normal after a couple of time.

  1. For those who have gastric problem, high blood pressure or any other disease, please consume this product 15 to 30 minutes after diet.

  1. Consumers should avoid from taking the cold drinks.

  1. Caffeine drinks will slow down the process of weight losing. As we know, caffeine will damage our respiratory system too. Consumer should not have too much salty or sweet foods.

  1. Consumers are advised to be patient as the rate of losing weight depends on the metabolism rate, health status and type of obesity. If there are still no any significant changes occur within three months, you may increase the dose from 2 capsules to 3 capsules. However, our company will not responsible for the risk if our consumer try it.

  1. After obtain the ideal weight that you wish for, you can stop the consumption of our product.

Corporate Achievement

  1. Sabah

Beauty campaign with the suppliers

  1. Pulau Pinang

A meeting with all the Sendayu Tinggi suppliers at MS Garden Sungai Petani

  1. Perlis

A meeting with all the Sendayu Tinggi suppliers at MS Garden Sungai Petani

  1. Kelantan

A Sendayu Tinggi Roadshow with the Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Yayasan Murni Kelantan

  1. Perak

Promotion and introduction of the products

  1. Perak – Best suppliers award was given

  2. Selangor – Puan Rozita was awarded as Women Icon Award 2007


  1. Kedah - Introduction of latest products at Sendayu Tinggi Body and Skincare di Aseania Resort, Langkawi

  2. Selangor - Sendayu Tinggi Second Anniversary occasion at Sunway Lagoon Resort and Hotel (13.3.2004)

  3. Selangor - Beauty campaign Sendayu Tinggi Body and Skincare with the suppliers at Intelma Resort Shah Alam


  1. Kelantan – Discussion with the stokists Beauty campaign products Sendayu Tinggi

  2. Melaka - A meeting with all the Sendayu Tinggi suppliers at Hotel City Bayview

  3. Selangor – Sendayu Tinggi Family Day at Casa Rochado, Port Dickson (9-10 April 2004)


  1. Sabah – Opening of stall selling products Sendyu Tinggi at Sure Heboh Sabah

  2. Selangor - Zakat given at Senadayu Tinggi head office, Bukit Tinggi Klang Town


  1. Selangor - A meeting with all the Sendayu Tinggi stokis at Senadayu Tinggi head office, Bukit Tinggi Klang Town

-Zakat given at Felda Palong Negeri Sembilan

  1. Pulau Pinang – Promotion-Ekspo local entrepreneurs

  2. Selangor – Roadshow with Puan Rozita Ibrahim at Langkawi


  1. Melaka - A meeting with all the Sendayu Tinggi suppliers at Hotel Grand Continental


  1. Kedah - A meeting with all the Sendayu Tinggi suppliers

  2. Selangor – Staff Night at Puan Rozita’s home (14.8.2008)


  1. Kedah – Sendayu Tinggi Berbuka Puasa occasion with the suppliers

  2. Melaka – Programme for suppliers and customers

  3. Selangor - Beauty campaign Sendayu Tinggi Body and Skincare


  1. Pulau Pinang – Sendayu Tinggi Family Day

  2. Perlis – Ramah Mesra occasion with the suppliers and customers

  3. Perlis – Aidilfitri celebration


  1. Perlis – Family Day at Syaza Beauty House

  2. Kedah - Family Day at Syaza Beauty House

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