Physics 1100 Lab Policies and General Information Contact Information

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Physics 1100 - Lab Policies and General Information
Contact Information

Lab Instructor: Jennifer DeBenedictis


Office Phone: (604) 599-2545

Office Number: (Richmond) 3260

(Note: Do not leave voice-mail at the above phone number; I won't receive it!)

General Information

Labs are due at the end of 2 hours unless otherwise stated. A schedule is posted on the door of your lab room; check it weekly. The labs usually, but don’t necessarily, run in numerical order.

You do not need a lab book; all work is done directly in the lab manual, and this is then submitted for marking. Only one lab manual is graded for each group of 2 or 3 students, and therefore all the students in the group receive the same mark. Tasks will rotate so all members of a group contribute equally. This is the responsibility of the group members.
The lab reports and lab exam (which is worth the equivalent of two lab reports) count for 25% of your physics course grade.

Pre-labs must be done by all students before coming to the lab. I will check everyone's lab manuals to see if the pre-lab is adequately done. If not, that student will lose all marks for the pre-lab (which can be between 10 to 30% of the lab's mark!), no exceptions.

The pre-lab handed in by the Recorder will be the one corrected to give the final mark for that lab, so make sure you and your partners discuss all aspects of the lab together and agree with the Recorder's answers. If you have disagreements, ask your lab instructor.

If you have taken this course before, and received a mark for the lab portion of the course of 70% or higher, you may be exempt from doing the labs again. You must speak to your lab instructor in person to arrange this. Your lab instructor will submit your previous lab mark.

Late Arrival Policy

Since the introductory discussion is usually very short, it’s important to be on time. If you’re late, you will not be allowed to join your partners but will be required to work alone that week. If no equipment is available, you will not be allowed to do the lab at that time.

Missed Lab Policy

The labs are considered part of the course requirements. Any student who misses a lab will receive an F grade for the entire course!

In the case of illness, a make-up for the missed lab may be arranged. Speak to your lab instructor as soon as possible to schedule the make-up lab; do not wait until the next lab period. A doctor’s note with phone number will be required.

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