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Institut International Andreï Tarkovski

(Paris – Florence - Moscou)
6, rond-point des Champs Elysées 75008 Paris - tel : 331 40750282 fax : 331 40750824

e-mail :

Membres fondateurs :

Larissa Tarkovski, Krzysztof Zanussi, Mstislav Rostropovitch, Robert Bresson.

Paris, November 25th 2003

Dear friends,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the founding of the

on Wednesday, December 10th 2003, 7 pm

at the FEMIS(Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Cinéma)

6, rue Francoeur 75018 Paris

Room: salle Jacques Demy (1er étage)

(métro : Lamarck ou Château rouge)
The objective of this new association will be to bring together people interested in the oeuvre of Andrey Tarkovsky; to contribute to the development of the activities run by the Andrey Tarkovsky International Institute, mainly the study and diffusion of his works; to allow for a more active search for funds in view of supporting these projects.
We count on your presence to approve the statutes, elect the board and decide on forthcoming events and actions.

The meeting will be followed by the screening of a self-portrait film by Andrey Tarkovsky:

TEMPO DI VIAGGIO (62 minutes)
We would ask you to confirm your presence to this meeting as soon as possible, otherwise to express us your personal support, or to send us your contact information by mail or at .

We look forward to seeing you at this event.

Andreï A. Tarkovski Charles H. de Brantes

President Director

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