On Wednesdays Where: Gutenberg Library, 256 S. Mudd Topic

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Ge 169b/277 Mechanical involvement of fluids in faulting

Winter Quarter 2012

Instructors: Nadia Lapusta (Ge 169b) and Jean-Philippe Avouac (Ge 277)

When: 4:00-5:30 on Wednesdays

Where: Gutenberg Library, 256 S. Mudd
Topic: The seminar-style course will discuss the involvement of fluids in earthquake source and faulting processes.  The course will be based on reading, presenting, and discussing seminal and recent papers. 

Organization: We will have one meeting each weak, with two presentations. Each participant will be asked to study in depth one or two topics and give one or two presentations. The entire class will read at least one paper per each presented topic. During the week of Jan. 9, Jean-Philippe and Nadia will give an introductory presentation to the course. Presentations by students and postdocs will start the week of Jan. 16.

Presentations: By 1 pm on Fri, Jan. 13, please choose one of the topics suggested below for your in-depth study and send an e-mail with your topic selection to Nadia (lapusta@caltech.edu). The suggested references for each topic will be distributed in a separate document by Jan. 6. Either Jean-Philippe, or Nadia, or both will serve as faculty advisors for each presenter, depending on the topic. The speakers should meet with their faculty advisor(s) at least a week ahead of time to discuss their presentations and to make sure that the background information needed for the whole group.to follow the discussion is covered.
List of topics offered for discussion

    • Principles of mechanical coupling between fluids and deformation:
      - Poroelasticity
      - Dilatancy and compaction
      - Thermal pressurization of pore fluids during rapid slips

- Effective normal stress: when the concept brakes down

    • Related topics

- Structure and poroelastic properties of faults

- Hydrological effects of permanent and transient strain

- Potential role of fluids in modulating stable and unstable fault slip

- Evidence and mechanisms for elevated pore pressure in fault zones

- Nature and source of fluids in the crust
Agenda, readings and presentations will be posted at:


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