Notice to remedy breach of covenant

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PLA Form 7

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Property Law Act 1974, section 124
The lessee of [here describe premises with reasonable certainty as for instance, “No 800 George Street, Brisbane”] (“the premises”).
With reference to the lease of the premises, dated the day of 20 , for a term of commencing on the of and the covenant by the lessee [here state concisely the nature of the covenant or convenants breach of which is complained of, as for instance “to repair”], and the breach by you of that covenant I give you notice and require you to remedy that breach by [here set out the remedy as, for instance, “by putting the premises in repair by doing and executing the repairs specified in the annexed Schedule to the premises within x days.”] ([Add if compensation is claimed) And I further require you to pay to me the sum of $

as compensation for the breach already committed.]

Dated this day of , 20 .

[NOTE: The lessor will be entitled to re-enter or forfeit the lease in the event of the lessee failing to comply with this notice within a reasonable time – see section 124 of the

Property Law Act 1974.]
[ADDITIONAL NOTE: If arrears of rent or other periodic payments are being claimed, it should be made clear the amounts involved and the periods to which they relate; eg base rent: March 1995 - $x..]

Yüklə 4.98 Kb.

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